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Hello! My name is Stratocaster, pegasus, musician, and author extraordinaire! Feel free to browse my work, leave plenty of feedback, and chat with me at any time! :D I hope you enjoy! *waves*


Little is known about Fluttershy's past. Aside from her days in flight camp with Rainbow Dash, her friends know almost nothing about her foalhood. But it's on a lonely night when Twilight Sparkle finds a gentle yellow pegasus crying by herself, and learns the shocking truth about Fluttershy's parents.

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Well, here goes my first tearjerker. :raritycry: Enjoy!

Also, I apologize for the fact that my previous stories didn't have spaced or indented paragraphs. The reason for that is becaus I've been typing the chapters on Microsoft Word and copying them to here, becuase I felt more comfortable doing that than using the actual site. :derpyderp1: But now I've seen the error of my ways, and now I've made a new year's resolution: don't be a silly filly! Stratocaster out! :moustache:

I haz a sad nao. :fluttercry:

Commence read: NAO!

Like. Tracking.

Of all the stories I've read this a first, very interested and can't wait to read more:twilightsmile:

*Takes off sunglasses*

Mother of God...

Tracking!!!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

HNNNNNNGGGG So cute :fluttercry:

*has a heart attack*:fluttercry:

HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG (heart atack) to much cutnes, ceep on writing

*Reads description*
What, was My Little Fluttershy already taken?

*Reads story*
I... I don't even. I have no idea what's up. Equestria and Earth both exist, humans are a thing, foal on the doorstep, what? I suppose the second chapter is where you'll show your colors.

1921076 That's why I included the alternate universe category.

1921219 I know, but without any setup, no explanation, it only serves to make you look like a hack. Until Twilight went to see Fluttershy, there wasn't any clue that humans exist. And yes, I know there's the human category, but that's no excuse.

1921232 Thanks for the critique, but don't worry. All will be revealed in due time. :moustache:

All I can say is.... HHHHHNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG.:fluttershysad::heart:

love it just needs to make more since but still awesome:fluttershysad:

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! I think I AM going to have a heart attack!:heart::heart::heart: :twilightsheepish: :trollestia: :scootangel:

it would be nice to have Fluttershy... or Luna .... or all ponies from Equestria

SOOOOOOO CCCUUUTTTEEE!!!!!! Cuteness overload... I think I mite die :fluttercry:

1921232 funnly it makes sence to me its like kingdom hearts begging you choose a weapon and then you fight your first heartless first you dont know what it is ontill later when it tells what it is and a nother example is in most movies you dont know about you dont know who the ememy is untill later or and in mystey books you dont know how the killer is

1950044 Never comment again, okay?

this was....confusing lol but well written

1954344 Trust me, it'll start making more sense later on.

1950080 Hey, come on, man, just roll with it.

1954958 Read his comment. Read it. Can you read it? I can't read it. I know it's the internet, but for god's sake, this isn't 4chan.

1954986 iknowit'snot4chanbutidon'tcareifpeopledon'tusespacingorpunctuationorgoodgrammarsorgoodspeeling. Oopsie :derpytongue2:

Just give it a chance people...there is a reason why certain stories start out with multiple chapters. Because no one is patient lol.

ooo, second chapter gone now... odd...... :twilightoops:

1957433 Weird. I got an e-mail because of it. So it was actually existent? Cool.

Yes, either he had too much backlash from commenters or something wen't wrong?1958108

1959728 Sorry about that. I took the second chapter back because I forgot to add a part to it. :twilightblush:

DOH! Well it was still good so far. 1960973

Okay, for real this time. :raritywink:

awesome, I'm really loving this story and can't wait to read more:derpytongue2:

OMG OMG OMG I JUST WANT TO HUG HER:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

hngggggggggggg.:fluttershyouch: so adorable.

I'm so glad I have this faved.
Wait the Santa pony was real?:rainbowhuh:

Why not? Magic world = Magic Santa? Makes sense to me! :pinkiehappy: MOAR! :flutterrage: 2001354

aww this story is so cute!

I'll admit that last part of the chapter with the wagon is kind of weird. I guess it's kind of like entering...the 'Twilight' Zone! Huh? Huh? Anybody?
Okay, bad pun

Last part is weird... maybe have Twi show a reaction :rainbowwild:

Cute story, but I wish there was some more insight towards the fact that some ponies co-exsist with humans. But good story overall, really enjoyed it.

Oh, and you made a little mistake in the first paragraph, "Luke stood outside nervously outside his house." :derpyderp1: Huh? don´t you mean, ¨Luke stood outside his house nervously¨ ? Or maybe, " Luke stood outside nervously¨ ?

I think the last part was Great keep up the good work:twilightsmile:

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