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Hello! My name is Stratocaster, pegasus, musician, and author extraordinaire! Feel free to browse my work, leave plenty of feedback, and chat with me at any time! :D I hope you enjoy! *waves*


As a newly initiated Crusader, Rumble has become determined to prove that he can be anything, no matter what his future cutie mark says. But what will the mysterious addition of a horn say? It seems that Rumble's epiphany has brought out his true form as an alicorn, the first ever male one. And to the princesses, this can only mean one thing: Rumble must become Prince of Equestria! Now the scrappy young colt is thrown into a life of royalty and must carry out the duties of a magical dignitary. Can Rumble handle the stresses of being the first Equestrian prince?...Well? Can he?!

Based on an idea by: blue-hart

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You have my curiosity piqued. Go on.

However, I must recommend finding yourself someone to help edit your work before publishing. There's a few awkward bumps in here.

Perhaps this would bring out what him Rumble.

Keep it up!

This is a pretty good story. And, I love the concept.

I cannot wait to see where this story goes from here.

Nice to see that you were the one who pick up the story idea, will be looking forward to what you will come up with this. Your writing seem to have improved, but it's still a little wonky in your writing at times but the story still hold up and the humorist tone you are taking is the better way to go at it in my opinion, still it could use some smoothing out to work it better. Like the idea that he gets to become an alicorn before he gets his cutie mark. At the moment I think Rumble is still in shock at what happen and is instinctively reticent at anything, before he actually realizes that his dreams at being an athlete might be dashed away for him and will have to contemplate it a bit later. He has shown a talent a to lead ponies, as mis guided as it was. Still, I wonder how him magic training will go for him? Probably going to be Twilight sense he is already know her at least by name or acquaintance so it would be easier to get him ease into the role. Still, it might be a struggle to get him to at least try it. Wonder who are his friends in Ponyville?


YAY you finally post this story! it was so good i loved it!, it's a little wonky but not in a bad way pleas update soon!

When is the next chapter coming? It’s been three months since the first chapter was uploaded.

Sorry, I haven't used this site in a while for personal reasons. I should have the next chapter ready in the next few days.

This was a nice read, keep it up

Yeah... I'm gonna keep an eye out for this one. Just to see where this is going to go.

so cute and cool i need more!

When’s the next chapter coming it’s been almost 2 months since this has been updated.

Sorry, I'll try to update it as soon as I can.

Still fun to read so far

Whens Rumble gonna learn magic its been 3 chapters and he still dosent know how to use magic i really hope in the next chapter he learns magic.

Wait, what did that soldier say!?XD

Oh god, this is hilarious, keeping an eye on this one.

When’s the next chapter coming it’s been 7 months.

.............. I ship it.

Nice chapter, sorry for missing it for so long. Well it was a very funny chapter, really looks like Rumble has a talent with magic, wildly out of control type but talent none the less. I hope there will be an over arching plot to this story.

When can we see Rumble interact with Flurry? I would find it to be interesting

This has been absolutely hilarious!!!
I can't wait to read more!

Please update soon

I feel like Fleur de Tree might be pushing the 'E' rating a little.

Other than that, I find this story very random, but also very very funny. Is good.

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