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"I don't understand it, but I will."


I've been stuck in this world for just over a year now. In that time I've run into mythical monsters, physics-defying ponies, and actual, real magic.

Oh yeah, and the rulers control the sun and moon.

But that doesn't matter, because I know the cutest pony that ever lived.

(Featured on 6/7/24-6/10/24). Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!)

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JPT2 #1 · 2 weeks ago · · ·

It was adorable! :heart:

I need more of this kind of fluff in my life.

My feeeels! :raritydespair:

As a writer & reader of far grittier tales, coming to read this overwhelmingly positive and wholesome one-shot was so very uplifting, and precisely what I needed today.
Thank you for bringing this adorable little story into existence! :heart:

cute story, fluttershy is for pets

Like I said, there's nothing going on between us. Nothing at all.

I don't believe you! :trollestia:

Fluttermew !😚

100% Fluff, would pet again.

Great stuff. I feel like Fluttershy doesn't get nearly enough of this kind of characterization outside of Fluttercord stories. It often feels like Fluterrape really mangled the audience's perception of the character.

Fluttershy giggled a bit at that. (Dang it! Why is she so adorable?).

Asked every brony ever. That was an adorable story. Thank you for writing it. :yay:

Yeah I want more


I haven't read this yet but I will add it to my list. Looks interesting. Flutters is pretty dang adorable.

Forget fire-breathing dragons and grumpy unicorns, the real wonder of this bizarre world I'm stuck in is Clover. Yep, Clover's a cat-horse. Think the grace of a feline with the neigh of a pony, all wrapped up in the most adorable package you've ever seen. Sure, the whole sun and moon thing is a little unsettling, but who needs a normal day-night cycle when you have a purring, whinnying cuddle buddy like Clover by your side? This place might be bonkers, but at least I have the cutest companion and academic help to navigate it with.

"Y-y-y-y-you-you think I'm c-c-c-cute?"

Well, yes both he (and I do). Much in the same way people are generally of the opinion that water is wet...

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