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Discord is the nigh immortal spirit of chaos but the ponies around him are very mortal, and the mare he loves won't always be around

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Big Macintosh has been left alone to watch the farm while his family is out of town. It looks like its going to be a boring couple of weeks. But then, he undergoes a terrible transformation and only one pony can help him fix it.

(takes place before season 8)

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Falling in love with someone only for them to leave. And then meeting their counterpart who won't give you the time of day.

How could anyone possibly relate?

Well, Flash, you'd be surprised.

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Applejack has it all: family, friends, decent grades. Other than the magical rock that gives her super strength, life seems pretty normal. But what happens when one night she displays some new abilities, abilities that don't seem to be magic based?

New cover image by Gpizano (thanks for that!)
you can see her work here:
And here: (https://gogglespizano.deviantart.com)

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This story is a sequel to Mad With Power

(Edit: This story is currently being rewritten)

A thousand years ago Princess Luna banished the being called Daybreaker to the moon with the elements of Harmony. Now her young student Trixie Lulamoon and a group of unlikely companions must join together to face this menace once again.

Sequel to the story "Mad With Power." You don't have to read it to understand the story, but I'd appreciate it if you did anyway!:pinkiehappy:

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Discord has a very important question to ask Fluttershy, but just how to ask her? Its a good thing that he has another friend who just might have experience with this sort of thing! Can Big Mac help him out? Or will this just be an awkward mess?
Probably the later.

Just an excuse to try and write Discord.

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How might the tale of the two sisters happened if one minor detail had been changed?
Warning: this story make take minor liberties with characters' personalities

(This is my first story here, so any constructive criticism would be appreciated)

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