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Although it left it, it knew that it was right, it made it down, because it didn't know what's up.


Angel receives a startling letter from a distant cousin. That's right, Bugs Bunny is coming to town.

Tagged Alternate Universe for violating MLP physics (and any physics). Repeatedly.
Bugs Bunny is anthropomorphic but the ponies aren't. Still doesn't qualify for anthro tag... I think.

Edited by: The wonderful and talented Word Worthy!

AN: ROBCakeran53 originally had this idea. To both of our knowledge this hasn't been done before so... flips tables You are currently reading trash I'm making for my writer's block. Comments with constructive criticism appreciated. Oh the nostalgia!

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Great Story! I cannot wait for Bugs Bunny to come! What's up Doc':pinkiesmile:
I give it :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: 5 smiles/5

:pinkiehappy: Nyeh, What's up Doc?
I've been waiting for a Bugs Bunny story to come up on here. Let the craziness begin!

Angel's address
Angel Bunny
1 Nature Lane
Edge of the Everfree

The question is... which one will put the other in their proper place?

One of them will have to play the straight man hare, after all...

TOONTOWN ! USA. :derpytongue2: I just deliver stuff.
:pinkiehappy: Rodger & Jesica Rabbit ?
:flutterrage: BUGS BUNNY !
:ajsmug: Who the hay it that?
:rainbowhuh: Who's that funny blob following him?
:twilightoops: Elmer Fudd?
:raritystarry: Eeek !
:moustache: Kill it with fire !
:coolphoto: Zee Magik iz here!

YES! YES! You earn a fave, like, and follow for this story alone! I want more Bugs Bunny!

I am interested. Tracking this story.

Missing word

It bigger than normal

Oh, this could be very, very good!:pinkiehappy:

5500924 Thanks for spotting the mistake! I can't edit it right now since I'm at work and just on my phone I'll fix that and quite a few others I spotted. Thanks again!

Yes! Please do more for this story! :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy::yay:

...sure, I'll bite. This looks pretty decent.

Wait a moment.

Pinkie. Bugs. Discord. In the same universe? This can only end hilariously. And possibly also badly. But hilariously badly.

Tagged Alternate Universe for violating MLP physics.

Which physics are you referring to, exactly? The ones where Twilight can survive having an anvil and then a piano dropped on her head? Or perhaps you mean the ones where Spike can blow Applejack up into a balloon with a bellows? And that's just how the "normal" ponies act. Let's not even discuss Pinkie Pie or Discord...

Because why the fuck not? Liked and faved, brassiere. Stay terribad.

Oh, this is gonna be perfect.

Ooh, this looks like a fun little fanfic to read. I'm following this.

Bugs obviously breaks MLP physics just with his ability to disguise himself.
Twilight's Solid Snake cosplay and Pinkie Pie's hay bale completely failed to work, Bugs can make disguises far less feasible work just cause Bugs.

Can't wait for Bugs and Pinkie to have a
"No I wan't it!"
"No I wan't it!"
"No I wan't it!"
"No you wan't it!"
"No you wan't it!"

Alright! Lets get this show on the road!

5503079 Oh, please. Disguises? All Twilight had to do was take off her crown and not a single pony in Manehattan could even tell she had wings!


LOL!!! This is so hilarious, despite being only the 1st chapter. I am definitely Faving this.

There was, quite a while ago, a story which pitted Discord against Bugs, Daffy, Road Runner, Wil E Coyote and others. It was never finished. This looks like a good point to ask the author, if they are still out there. How about giving this author permission to work on finishing that story? This is only the second story to cross the Looneyverse with MLP.
This is a match made in Heaven, uh that may be the wrong place, depends on which side of the action you’re on.
followed and up voted !!

5501867 Technically speaking neither of those instances violate physics, they're just examples of extreme biology.

An example of violated physics would be the trajectory, inexplicable explosion from the given velocity and the disproportionate result of said explosion from Maud Pie throwing a rock.

5503526 Obviously manehattan just has a thing against mutant scum.


This is only the second story to cross the Looneyverse with MLP.

Oh, I'm sure there are more out there. Such as this one.

Once in a while, you stumble upon something that you never knew you needed in your life.

This is one such instance. Adding to "Read Later." Do carry on.

Took me until now to realize this, but Bugs and Pinkie...together in the same universe...I'd say ship it, but having them in the same fic is already putting the MLP universe at risk.

"You know me, things are about to get real."

Don't you mean;


"It's been surreal!"

Considering how often he cross-dresses, I feel like Bugs would get along quite well with Rarity.

Think I'm gonna like this always loved the Loony Toons when I was younger, before they changed them...

lets just hope he doesn't get lost or whatever :duck:

Can't wait for the net chapter

I just did a Roadrunner Crossover myself... definitely following this

wow a bugs bunny crossover a BUGS SO CRAZY AND YET INSANE BUNNY CROSSOVER wow i am so amazaed and i am not saying this sarcastely i mean it i can't wait for the next chapter it will blow the FUN scale to extereme please make this i wanna see 2 of my favorite comedians bugs bunny and pinkie pie working together this is gonna be AWSOME

You are putting the universe at great risk just by writing this story....please continue.


Or am I?

*Mysterious wavy arms*

This is good. Funny. I love the looney tunes, they are always funny (even though they ARE corny.) you sir, get a like, a fav, and a follow. Something that I like to call the ol' LFF.

Should I be concerned if great white cracks are opening on the night sky?

You demon!!!! I thought this would be a pleasant little midnight read while I can't sleep.
And then you go at it like two rabbits in heat,
while my girl lays right next to me being asleep.
I was chocking back laughter and won the fight,
so my girlfriend could sleep soundly tonight.
So let me say this and listen close,
This shit was hilarious I need another dose.

Dragon san:moustache:


I hear the void between realities is nice this time of year.

Angel rubbed his paws together.
All going to plan.

I wonder if Bugs will end up entering Equestria through a golf hole...


My friend! Please... Finish story!... Lol :applecry:

Oh man, that was so good.

you're lookin pretty dead from this angle

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