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This story is a sequel to New Discoveries

It has been three months since Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo confessed their feelings for one another. For them, life has seemingly gone back to normal. However, everything changes when a new foal comes to Ponyville and ignites feelings within Sweetie Belle, feelings that she hadn't felt in a long time. Their love, loyalty and trust are put to the ultimate test as Sweetie Belle must face a shocking revelation: are her feelings for Scootaloo true or was it all just a phase that has run its course?

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Aww, I liked the first one. It was adorable.
This one just sounds sad though...
I guess I'll give it a shot, but I'm not sure that I want to read about Scootaloo getting rejected.
After all, she is the best Crusader.

Yay sequel! By the way are you going to have Babs show up later in the fic as a possible love interest for Scoots or Sweetie?

This sounds interesting so far, but I really like New Discoveries and I'm hoping everything that happened in it wasn't for nothing. That would kind of sour the whole experience.

Why is everything in italics?

Yay! The sequel is finally here! This chapter has definitely gotten me interested, but please fix the freakin' italics xD.


"[Last character tag will be added when they are revealed]"

ALRIGHT, WHO DIES? :unsuresweetie:

- - -

Also, yay. It's finally out. *claps*

That was epic! I do wonder what the great and awesome darkshadow051 has planned for us. Nothing too sad, I hope. :raritystarry:

I'll admit that this story will take a more serious route, but I'll try not to make it too sad [no promises, though]
IDK, mate. Only time will tell...
The reason it's in italics is because this chapter is a 'flashback' chapter, taking place right after 'New Discoveries' ended. The main story takes place three months later.
Hope you enjoy this story as much as its predecessor!
What are you talking about, mate? Nopony dies in this story rainbow dash. I'm not that kind of writer to do that cupcakes :derpytongue2:
Only time will tell, mate. Only time will tell!

2038666 Fair enough, though I would like to see some Babscoot or Belleseed but like you said only time will tell.

[Last character tag will be added when they are revealed]

And here comes Babs.

Maybe, maybe not. Only time will tell!

I'm hopeful for the young couple, but even if things don't work out, it would be great if somebody managed to get a cutie mark out of it! :scootangel::unsuresweetie:

Ohh, you and your cliff hangers. (Someone swung their hundred pound backpack and hit my head while I was reluctantly walking through the hallway. Can I has update? :scootangel::pinkiesick:)

I'm working on it as we speak, mate! Patience is a virtue! Hope you feel better, mate :derpytongue2:

Awww... but I want it naw! :applecry:

But, never fear, I'll be patient. :twistnerd:

First comment unless I should've have done it before I read! Oh well, a great chapter!

And Rarity enters denial. Great work, Applejack.:ajsleepy:

I swear, what's with family and having problems with gays?

My family HAS gays in it, i've told most of my family i'm bisexual. My mother had no problem with it at all.
my grandmother doesn't understand it, but she doesn't understand a lot of things.

can't blame her for trying, right?
I have no idea, mate

Way to completely devalue your sister's emotions, Rarity. :ajbemused:

I would say "at least she's trying," but assuming that's she's unhappy because she's with another filly takes a lot of bigoted leaps in logic.

I'm gonna say it was Pipsquek, at the the end, with HIS OLDER BROTHER!!!!

I'm gonna say Rumble because he has an older brother and has a character tab to be used once revealed, as said in the description.

Rumble for the win please.

greaaaat. Make a sweet lesbian story then introduce a guy. YAY LOVE TRIANGLE. feh. :unsuresweetie:

If it is rumble, you will ow many people cookies.

I too, will say Rumble.

Rumble is logical, although truthfully I only know him from some guy being him on a roleplay I was doing(game/life-story, let's stop there).

Rumble could only be the one I would think. Also, why are some people so judgmental of lesbians? They are humans and deserve the same treatment as the rest(I think I know some lesbians, we are still great friend nonetheless).

P.s: That second part= unnecessary but an answer I would love :/

Pipsqueak has an older brother? Where was I when this came about? :derpytongue2:
Quite frankly, I think the term "lesbian" is too strong a word for Sweetie/Scoots because of their ages [not to say that you're wrong in calling them that, but it just seems a little too extreme for my tastes].
I think some people are judgmental about gays in general [including lesbians] because it's out of the norm for them, much like adult men liking a show about talking, mythological, pastel-colored horses...

Only time will tell... :derpytongue2:

2180172 Since not a lot is known about Pipsquek, I was hoping you would work with his character a bit. Plus reading things in his accent is fun! :pinkiehappy:
Assuming it is Pipsquek.


i just don't want to see the whole "story has too much girly love, let's throw in a boy to be macho and make them be "normal" girls!"

what kind of writer do you take me for? :derpytongue2:
but seriously, I know what you mean and I can honestly say that that is not my intention.

Am I the only one that would like to see Pip/Rumble/whoever to end up with a herd with Scoots and Sweetie. Maybe not a long term herd, but one that gets things started for them, because ponies are herd creatures by nature and with the male:female ratio around, I can see there being herds of 3-6, maybe some larger ones of 8-10 around, depending on how the stallions and mares mix things up.

Rumble. That's who I kinda expected it the first place. :rainbowdetermined2: I shall have that cookeh!

So nervous! Love these stories though, seriously, they are so great :pinkiehappy: especially since I love me some "ScootaBelle"


I'm so sappy, I hope nothing comes between Scoots and Sweetie, but since this story has been so great so far I doubt that I'll be anything but totally pleased with wherever you take this. Plus I love your Rarity :raritystarry:

Thanks for writing this and New Discoveries! I'm gonna stop talking now....

that...is an interesting concept, actually...
thanks for the support, mate! Glad you're liking the story and the direction it is going :derpytongue2:

My guess is is the colt is a dude version of Nyx, or Dyx, if you will. Sweetie Bell realizes she can't be a lesbian anymore because she loves Dyx too much.

2224034 ... You are a bad person, and you should feel bad.

Now write "I will not make atrocious puns" one hundred times on the board.

Rumble's the only colt with a brother in the series that I am aware of.

"I don't always make puns, but when I do, I make sure to leave an impression." -Dos Equus

In all seriousness, though, was Rumble named in canon? I'm thinking it might have been in Family Appreciation Day, but I'm too much of a bad person lazy to fact check that right now.

2226890 Hurricane Fluttershy. Rainbow Dash asks Rumble where his brother (thunderlane) is.

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