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Thunderlane has a date with Blossomforth, and that left Rumble all on his lonesome. Luckily, Flitter and Cloudchaser were nice enough to offer to foalsit him for the night.

Being bored out of his mind, Rumble issues a challenge. Cloudchaser will let him watch a scary movie, if she loses to him in Jenga...

Inspired by this wonderful art by: Xieril

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Cute story, nice to see one featuring these characters without clop.

Finally! Its about time I got to see these four as friends rather than deviant sexual partners in some sick erotic show of lust and insanity. Thank you!

You made them feel like a small family and it worked very well (though you could improve this greatly if you just rounded up all the little mistakes and edited them...), anyway well done, I hope to see more honest works from you in the future! :pinkiehappy:

3377472 Okay, everything should be fixed.

It was really late when I uploaded this and went to bed almost immediately after. Had I known it would take as long as it did to pass moderation, I would've given it a once-over. :twilightsheepish:

Nice story, I'm a huge fan of Flitter and Cloudchaser. I don't find myself saying this often, but you've written one of the few sub-2k stories that I've enjoyed.

This was cute, great job. :twilightsmile:

That punch line

Jenga takes too long to set up. Cute story. Thumbs up.

Oh well done! :pinkiehappy:
Just make sure you give it the once over before you submit it next time. :trollestia:

Aww.. I loved it! What a sweet little story, involving my absolute favorite pegasi sisters.

I love how you built the tension, making an ordinary game of Jenga into something epic. Props.

Cloudchaser's cheeks burned, as she whipper her head around.

I believe you meant "whipped?" I make the same mistake all the time.

3381467 Cripe, thought I got that one. :facehoof:

I'm glad the tension got built up properly. I wrote this much faster than I thought I could and I was trying my best not to make it feel tacked on. :ajbemused:

Thunderlane and Blossomforth?
Decent but great couple.

The story in a nutshell.


*Grins and applauds* Bravo!:pinkiehappy:

A fine read, have a like! The tension was really palpable and Rumble's point of view proved that Jenga can be srs bsns. I'm curious, would Cloudchaser ultimately win if Thunderlane hadn't scared her? I need to know!

Huehehe that was fun >:3

why you should never play jenga with engineers.

This is probably the best fanfic invlving Flitter and Cloudchaser I have read so far.

Jenga is an evil game.

Why there aren't more E rated stories like these I'll never know. Thanks for the short.

He was sure to get his insurance money now.

OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST LINE IN THIS FIC :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
As the others said, I'm glad this story has nothing to do with clop and is a cute story about the twins and Rumble :twilightsmile:

omg soo funny and cute I love small and short fics like this

This was a cute story.


Damn, even Flitter sided against Cloudchaser.

He wasn't about to let this mare ruin his very career.

That meme tho-

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