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It's Rumbles' first day of school after moving from Cloudsdale to Ponyville. Everything should be going fine. However... at the local bullies' instigation he finds himself embroiled in a race with Ponyvilles pluckiest flightless Pegasus...

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:moustache: I remember Rumble from 'Hurricane Fluttershy'...he was friggin' adorable...his brother is still a douche. :moustache:

See, stories like this are the reason why I followed you in the first place.
And also your mature stories.
You never disappoint, my dear friend. Good job.

I like where this is going, keep it up :pinkiesmile:


Edit: Need more.

Great start, can't wait for more!

Add ALL the school foals!

You know what, you have interested me. You will now proceed to continue to write this so that it may grace my presence. On another note, great writing. I will certainly follow the progress of Rumble and his attempts to befriend Scootaloo.

MOAR NOW!!!!!!!

Awesome writing. Keep up the good work!:pinkiehappy:

Fake and gay

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! You did a great job! You even nailed Diamond Tiara's bitchiness! I salute you, my fellow writer!

Edit: I think in the next chapter, Rumble should meet Rainbow Dash. I thought of this after I went to look at your profile picture, and saw that Rumble had Wonderbolt colored covers!

There are only a shamefully small number of Rumble fics out there, so I wholeheartedly approve! :twilightsmile: And watching the Rumble - Scootaloo dynamics should be fun too!

Carry on then, I shall be eagerly waiting for new chapters.

I like this! So please make more!

This is good stuff. Update soon

loved it!:heart: keep it going!!!

I really liked this :twilightsmile: I can't wait to see what happens next.

Dagnabit boi! Update this already!

great chapter cant wait for the next one. :twilightsmile: :eeyup: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiesmile:

Coming real soon! I'm actually working on Chapter3 right now.

Grats on EQD!

Looks to be fun, can't wait to see where it goes.

You have granted my wish of seeing a fic with Scootaloo and Rumble since that episode aired xD
I must now wait for more.

Also, very glad to see more School Daze side stories <3

I really like how this is going.

You should really get on your editor about apostrophes though... I saw quite a few apostrophe errors.

But the actual writing is pretty good, so keep it up!

Cute. I don't read a lot of stories that aren't done from the main casts point of view. This ones enjoyable so far. :ajsmug:

I want certain things out of season 3.
I want the Cutie Mark Crusaders to get their cutie marks.
And I want Scootaloo to fly, dammit.

This isn't very well written; there are some typos and formatting issues in the narrative, suddenly switching back and froth from Rumble's point of view to an omniscient third person view, but that aside I did like the idea and overall tone of the story so it gets a like from me.

I like it! Must see more
<sub>I also want to see some Rumbaloo, but that's okay if not.</sub>

I appreciate this story for its originality, if nothing else.
There are a few typos here and there, and some places where you should have broken up sentences with an em dash or something - just pick up an editor if you can find one. Also, and I had to learn this the hard way, be careful switching Point Of Views on the reader. If you're telling the story about Rumble, then things he can't see or hear shouldn't be mentioned explicitly. If you are going to swap between him and his brother, make it consistent throughout the story or it will stick out too much.

Looking forward to new chapters!

Great Story, please make more chapters


First. Nice story you have here.

First comment? YESH! I NEVER GET FIRST COMMENT! Anyway. Amazing story so far. But the cover picture makes you think Scootaloo and Rumble like eachother, Still. Amazing story. Favorited. EDIT: I phailed by 2 minutes and 6 seconds. OH WELL

Hooray update. Go for it Thunderlane! You deserve a break, I wouldn't want Rainbow Dash as a boss ether. Though I thought that he and Cloudchaser were an item. I guess the twins are just his gal pals.

oh hey an update! Sweet. Love how this story is turning out so far and I really can't wait to see further progression in it. I especially can't wait to see how Scoots responds to being asked to the dance by Rumble (come on we all know it's going to happen)

awesome. nuff said.
update as soon as you can!:scootangel:

An update, an update!!!! YAY!!! Awwww, Thunderlane likes Blossomforth! I'm so happy to have a new chapter!

Mmm. So tasty.

That celery I mean. I don't usually go for this background / OC -stories but Rumble is (not) cute enough for me to hang around. :twilightblush:

Still I kinda find it weird that this got through to EQD. They're usually very strict about grammar and formatting, and for example switching the PoV around.

Flint Easthoof approves this fic and desires more. Make it so author monkey!

Why do I feel like there was no progression made in this chapter, compared to the last one?

Well the first chapter was kicking things off. This one -may- seem a little more filler-y, sorry, but I wanted to establish more how Flitter, Cloudchaser and Thunderlane are, as well as Rumbles new friends.
Next chapter will be longer and heavily focus on Rumble and Scootaloo

Thunderlane needs to tell Rainbow Dash what a bitch she is.

hell, ANYONE needs to.

this chapter is a bit boring compared to the first but i still look forward to more

Awesome stuff!
It would be beyond cute if Rumble somehow convinced Scoots to go to the dance and then Scoots taught him how to bust a move!
That's just me though. I'm lovin it so far!

This is How We Do It.

This should be interesting. I do like a cute bit of Rumbleloo. I'm looking forward to making heavy use of :rainbowkiss:.

I'm definitely liking this alot so far!

I'm enjoying the characterization here! Looking forward to more. Rumble is so cute. :twilightsmile:

Rumble the little pegasus, cute little guy. Voice just added to it.

Bitch Tiara is still a bitch, only she's becoming way better at pissing me off. I wonder how Rumble is going to smooth things over with Scoot though?


I shall fav this because I can't be arsed to constantly check the 'Read Later' dialogue!

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