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After getting hit by a mysterious weather phenomenon Rainbow Dash awakens in the Ponyville General with minor cuts and bruises. Initially relieved with her seemingly superficial wounds she's ready to get back out of there. Discovering something important missing a split-second later the blue mare sets out to visit Twilight for some help...

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It was fairly good. It definitely deserves a thumbs up, that's for sure. :ajsmug:

Curious as why the picture seemed to be a TwiDash picture. It's misleading... :raritycry:


Friendshipping, not romance shipping.

good job lad happie story is happie story.

Well, Theres one Thing i Want to Know.
What Now?
Will RD Get Back to her normal Size?:rainbowhuh:




Friendshipping is sometimes the best shipping
She'll just have to stay a slightly bigger pony

This was good. It managed to build drama, yet have a happy resolution. I think it was well paced and had good character beats in it. I will recommend this. :twilightsmile:

That was cute. Not perfect (a little OOC and hard to believe) but fun. That said, from the title I was expecting Dash's mane and tail to be the victims.:rainbowderp:

Dat picture...

Was totally convinced :moustache: was tying their tails together. :rainbowlaugh::twilightblush:


Now that is clever!

First time I read the title I thought it would be about Rainbow Dash as Balder from Norse mythology.

Thumbs up for an adorable story. There are a few things that seem a bit off, but they don't distract from the overall story. A few punctuation details here and there, but that's a given when you get a certain length, and re-reading stories eight million times before posting is not fun at all (speaking from experience).
What was off about it: only mention of healing magic, when it's already established that Twilight's mastered growth magic (giving Spike the 'stache). Twilight seems to give up quite quickly, without looking for alternate approaches, which is what she's infamous for. She's the type who, when she can't break down the wall, just walks in through the front door when no one's looking, so to speak. It'd been reasonable for her to just have feathers grow back one at a time, since they grow so slowly the size difference from dfferent timing wouldn't matter. Or to get some other overly contrived plan, the possibilities are endless.

But then, that would have been a different story, and this one's good as is. Nice work.

The grammar mistakes are distracting from the story. You should do a little bit of editing. It's not much and it's not that noticeable, but once you see it you can't not see it.

If RD was never able to fly again, I don't think I could have faved it. I WOULD have still upvoted it though.
As-is, though, it deserves both a fave and an upvote.

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