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Maple Sunrise


Huzzah! · 9:38pm Jun 4th, 2013

Filliessss and Gentlecoltsss, I'm back xD. Shall be working on Berry's Test once more as I plan out another fic for all the ElectroRock lovers out there XD

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Fanfictions written.

Crossovers :
Freedom Fighters : Equestria
Berry's Test

Fiction based on songs :

Shipping fics :
The love of a Pegasus and a Unicorn

Human in Equestria :
Sanity Zero

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Thank you so much for the Fave of To Change a Heart! It means a bunch to me that you would!:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the favorite on Families!

:pinkiehappy: More berry's test :yay:

Hey! Thanks for the favorite! :yay: You wouldn't mind voting it up if you liked it, would you? :scootangel: *bighug*

Definitely let me know your thoughts! I love feedback! :heart:

Thanks for the fav

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