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After a quite terrifying encounter in the Ursa Majors cave with Twilight Sparkle and her friends, Rarity awakens the day after feeling not too well, and steadily getting worse as the day drags on not realizing her body slowly succumbing to the effects of Vampirism.

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What is it with vamponies these days anyway?
Are these the internet-generated remedy for the sparkly ones?

another story? TO ARMS!

1006626 Tis not the sparkly ones, Tis the release of Dawnguard, the first dlc for Skyrim. It's about badass vampires and vampire hunters.

I remember reading this a long time ago. I do not recall it being updated after the first or second chapter. I'll be sure to fave and watch for future updates.

This was one of the first stories I read... Last July? No idea you wrote it.

When will you be putting chapter 2 up? I see the gdoc is locked.

"It felt like she was chewing glass. Dirty glass."

Either I'm an idiot or you had a brain fart here.

Have you read Totallynotabrony's "the Adventures of vampire Cheelry" or some of his other sagas. He also has a vampire rarity story intertwined with his dream series.

They were pretty halarious.

I'm not endorsing, I was just curious. :raritywink:

This was actually pretty good, usually my flags get waved whenever anyone mentions the word 'vampire' in their description, but as the guy up there noted, I've been playing Dawnguard recently xD.

You handled the vampirism rather well. Rarity's confusion, the effects taking their toll on her body, her reactions to said effects, it was all paced and described well. You have my kudos for writing an MLP Vampire fic that didn't automatically suck (bad pun intended :twilightblush:)

This was on EQD many, many, many moons ago, and had a second chapter. I hope this time around is different and the story continues :twilightsmile:
Favorited and liked.

1006626 not to mention out of those a many feature rarity as one

If I had to hazard a guess, I would say this story started the vampony trend. I doubt you could find a decent vampony story which came before it.

Pic source please. Gotta catch em all.

so many vampony stories of late


It was the first on EQD I think, swiftly followed by like, 3 people with their own vampire ideas
Yup. For those that actually recognize this story it will finally get a proper ending.

brilliant, a bit insane one might say, but still brilliant :duck:

Yep, I remember this unfinished fic on EQD. I thought it was pretty good and I'm glad it's being continued.

I :heart: you man. I remember this story and so BADLY wishing for it to be finished. It had/has great promise, and essentially began the vampony craze.

This feels like a repost.
Hope you finish it though.


I remember reading this back on EQD, you were the original author, right?

Yes but that doesn't mean that the story is the exact same, I've toyed with it a few times through my own editing, especially the ending (which went through a lot). Honesty I'm surprised people even remember it.

I was wondering if it was going to be the same one. Turns out, yes. Very nice to finally get closure, I hate it when I look back and find unfinished stories I enjoyed.

Well, at least she didn't drain Twilight lethally. Of course, now there's the question of contagion...

In any case, definitely looking forward to more.

This is well written, but I felt you played the scene when she bit Twilight too much like a clop-fic:rainbowhuh:. No offence:twilightsheepish:. Other then that this rocks!:pinkiehappy:

There was supposed to be a morbid sensuality to that scene on purpose, yes.
Closure will be coming to this story. I've put it off far too long.

I remember this one. I am glad that it is starting up again. How long ago was this on EqD? It feels like it has been a long time...

I love this chapter! Your vampire Twilight is pretty awesome!

Aren't you guys forgetting something? Like saving your friend from a crazy doctor who put her in chains and wants to kill her? :twilightangry2: Mailing the princess? :flutterrage:
That guy is pulling everything he said out of his ass for all you know, and he actually admitted everything he knows is hundreds of years old anyway. I gotta say, if someone told me they intend to kill my best friend because "it's the only way" without backing it up with anything or trying any other options, I'd be a lot more proactive not letting that happen especially if the only alternate solution proposed is a fairy tale that makes absolutely no sense in light of the presented explanation. Even if that solution is obviously flawed because how the fuck does a virus cause you to grow fangs, which only highlights how this guy does not know what he's talking about.

OHHH!! please continue?

a vampire with as much power as twilight would be a very bad thing to run into. and since i'm assuming there are no vampire hunters in ponyville, i'm guessing that they're in for a tough adventure.

Porphyric Hemophilia....well played....

O hell yes man!!!!
you have just made my day!!!!

again man, u have yet to disappoint
i hope u shall continue this story of awesome epicness!!!

What, it's not continued yet? NOO!!!!! Awesome story by the way, I'm loving every second so far.

Working on the next 2 chapters right now! Sorry! Editing is driving me nuts here

Editing, the cruelest thing since writers block.

great story!
i can't help but see that you said that you were working on the two next chapters, dated to 4 weeks ago, how's the status right now?

I like this....I shall be watching :pinkiehappy:

“Dig up any graves recently?”
“Experiment with any black magic?”
“Not in that library, nope.”
“Perform untested alchemy of any kind?”
“Not sure what that is, so, no.”

Is this a reference to Magic.mov?

Great chapter and I look forward to the one.

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No, You don't say that Spike will have to choose Rarity or Twilight?!! Burn the Jo'sun! BURN!

1256515 writers block the second cruelest thing since procrastination.

College student majoring in procrastination. I now that feeling.

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