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After wandering into the old Castle in the Everfree Forest in pursuit of an odd looking hare Fluttershy finds herself trapped inside, and her will being imposed on by the remnants of the powerful being of hate known as the Nightmare...

Audio reading here by Lotus Moon

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Can I have my gummy x madame le flour in this one?

I came, I read, and then I came.

Ummm...a little rushed, and not sure where this plot is going.

I'd recommend an actual prologue, as there was very little buildup to the actual transformation.

You definatly have me looking forward to part two.:pinkiehappy:

Ooh, this is an awesome concept. Surprised I haven't seen it yet, really. However, you did rush it a little bit. Even so, pretty good work.

Nice, but do a flashback or something for setup. Otherwise, good work.:yay:

It gave me shivers,... I found it disturbing,... and it is in the "Dark" category.
It's perfect.


I mean that is... if you don't mind... :fluttershysad:


I like this. Where are you planning on taking it, I wonder~

Oh man I don't even. This was possibly the shortest thing I've ever written as a quickfic idea I had when I saw this picture. That you guys actually dig it is unreal, especially since I have no real intent to continue it.
I mean, it's not difficult TO keep going but....eh. IDK :V


I have been searching high and low for a good corruption fic - and you have perfect timing. Thumbs up, and a fave!

Do it! Do now! You FOOL! DO IT NOW! :flutterrage:

i am not Fluttershy! I am NIGHTMARE SHY!!! and you're going to LOVE ME!! ... i mean... if you dont mind, that is...

I am going to read this, and if I think it is good, I am going to ask for more of these for the other mane 6... maybe as a Character Study of what would happen if they transformed and their reactions to it??

I enjoyed it. Your choice if you want to continue it, I would keep reading if you did.

You know what I need? I need a sequel... that's what I need.

What was the point of that?:trixieshiftleft:

Mmmm..... Short, but it has potential. Yo 470191, please add more to this fanfic! I would really like to see this continued!

This is interesting... IDK if Nightmare-Fluttershy (Nightmareshy? Nightheart? Trueheart? hmm.....) is a good thing or a bad thing... is it that NNM simply wants to have a body to call home, or is it something more nefarious? Most interesting...

Yeah I'd definitely invoke a call for the sequel here... either another chapter for this to settle the question of what Nightheart truly will do and become... or other takes on what might happen if Dash, Twi, Pinkie, and the others transformed... or both!

The real question is... can NNM overwrite the personalities of those that embody an element of harmony or not? Discord can do it... but he's different from NNM, and of course NNM got blasted by the elements. That might have effected her/it's abilities and personality. So many questions to ponder so little time...

If you were to make a sequel, it would make me a very happy EpicGuy. :pinkiehappy:

I'm interested to see what the rest of the Mane 6- or even Celestia- might have to say about her appearence. :trixieshiftright:

This is a good story. You should do something like this for the other 5.

It is a good story. I would like to see more of it.

I'm going to cause eternal night... That is, if you don't mind...

Wut? It's complete?

Impressive! I hope that someday you write more of this dark fluttershy, it really holds great promise.

This is a really good read. A sequel, perhaps?

Short but it has more than enough in it to make me wish for this story to continue.

Comment posted by Sylevette Hooves deleted May 21st, 2013

This story could really be something... Felt more like an intro than a short story. Keep this up. I know you didn't have intentions on continuing it, but this was an excellent piece which could (with work) become a great story.

I feel like this is unfinished, but that's probably just because it could lead into so many different situations. I think this calls for a follow-up.

This story could really go somewhere...

This didn't accomplish much, tbh. It felt more like an entry into the Writeoff Association minific contest than anything.

This could have been an entire story.....

Can we please have another chapter in which Twilight panics, while Fluttershy goes about being herself, but confident?


Very nice. Short, but the kind of thing that could inspire many people to make their own sequels. *hint hint*

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