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After Scootaloo finds out Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle are going to be away for the first day of summer she has to find her own fun. At Sugarcube Corner she meets another young pegasus named Rumble who's in a similar predicament. They agree to race but after a close finish they can't agree on who actually won the race.

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Sounds cute, I'll have to give it a read when I can.

Read it. Cute. Godspeed and goodluck.
(I didn't see much mistakes! Good job.)

It's 'Apple Bloom' and 'Sweetie Belle'. Not 'Applebloom' and 'Sweetie Bell'.

Other than that, nicely done. *faved*

Please continue this. This is cute. I haven't seen a whole lot of Scootaloo fics that didn't involve Rainbow Dash somehow.

Ah, the start of a sunmer romance. How cute.

please continue this, if you don't fluttershy will cry:fluttercry:

That was cute... I didn't even realize until a good minute afterwards that is was marked complete :pinkiegasp: . It makes such a good start to introduce a colt into the mix, well it's a cute concept that would be nice to see expanded on later. Hmm, must make a note to look up Rumble, as he seems to be at least a background pony. I memory is a bit shot at the moment if he has done anything of note...

Wait. 68 days? Wasn't it 69?

He's from Hurricane Fluttershy. The colt that said that his brother came down with the Feather Flu.

So much friendshipping I think my heart stopped a few times. This had a lot of potential to be an extended fiction too. The setup was great, conflict was well planned out and was a excellent read overall. Only thing couting against such a good story are minor spelling errors and the fact it ended before it really began.

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