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This story is a sequel to Sleepless

Looking for forgiveness is hard, especially when you can't forgive yourself; Diamond Tiara knows about it well. After spending ten years in an asylum, she comes back to Ponyville to deal with her past. She doesn't expect to find an old friend there... And she certainly doesn't expect that her friend also has to deal with the consequences of her actions.

Pre-read by Bootsy Slickmane.

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Russian translation by repitter
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“How does it feel to be dead?”

“I have no idea,” Silver Spoon replied groggily. “After all, you don’t know that either, do you?”

Please don't let this be foreshadowing...

“Okay,” Pinkie said, her mane going back to its usual state. “I have to go! I’m preparing a ‘You’re not crazy anymore’ party for Diamond Tiara and–“

I feel special. :rainbowkiss:

Wait, that got a sequel? Damnit, now I have to go back...

Read later :ajbemused:

Ahh, here we go. The story that brings it all together. I think this is gonna be quite a ride, if the previous stories are anything to go by.

We'll see... :raritywink:

Yeah, I just couldn't resist... :twilightsmile:

Quick question, does this involve foalcon or rape or sex involving children of any kind? If so then you can't add it to my group... I kind of need to check because it's a rule. I only ask because there is a sex tag on this story, and there doesn't seem to be any real reason... then again I did skim.

No, though there may be references to some events from the past.

4981123 Well I suppose then technically it's fine, so long as those references (from other stories I presume) are not added to the group, tricky tricky.

So I liked this chapter, and I am glad there is a direct sequel to Sleepless. The only problem I can potentially see is that when the Mane 6 make their occasional appearance. Will they will also have moved forward with their own lives? I mean some of them have to have kids at this point. Maybe Rarity and Rainbow Dash only spend part of their time in Ponyville because of career choices. It just fleshes out the world even beyond the already well established setting you created.

Yeah, that's why I only added two of four stories from this series to the group – one of the other two doesn't deal with children, and the other is mature rated, so it doesn't belong there.

I guess it'll be addresed later in the story.

I love this series! Really exited to see it all come together!

Great chapter. Loved Diamond Tiara's interaction with her father and her sanity slippage.

A famous singer, a famous racer, and a famous serial killer walk into a bar with their friends. They sit down at a table and have a few drinks when a photographer comes up and takes a picture of the singer. He then runs off, shortly afterwards having the shit beat out of him by one of the singer's friends.
Fuck you, I thought it was funny.

I'd say it may become hilarious in hindsight... Or harsher in hindsight, depending of your point of view...

Soon she was at the table, munching a toast with apple jam and sipping a cup of black coffee.

Reading this line reminded me that my coffee machine broke today.
God damn it.

“Someone murdered, umm… a photographer,” Chocolate Donut said, still looking at Diamond Tiara. “His name was Featherweight…”

You were right, that joke I made in chapter 2 is hilarious/harsher in hindsight.
Diamond's seeing Curtain Call again.
Babs has been rejected by her family and inadvertently killed Carnation.
Can things possibly get any worse?... Why did I just say that?

Things can always get worse... (though, on the other hand, they can't get too bad, because then you get Fallout: Equestria: Project Horizons).


That was a nice 'welcome home' chapter. Good deeds do more harm than good in that part of the world.

Things are going to be hell from here on out. And already got an idea whose going to... that bar scene. Though, I guess you could have somepony completely new in mind, I think I got me a suspect. Though that would be odd as she may not have come in by the time that joke got told...

Great chapter.

Well, I guess it'll get clearer soon... Poor Featherweight, he didn't know what he was getting himself into...

definitely not enjoying this story. it is taking a tone that does not exist in equestria i think, least not to this degree. it feels less like a world of magic and more like the human world. to the point that magic seems to be nonexistent even.

even more so that there would be such a powreful presence of drug dealers and lowlives considering celestia. she is not the kind of pony to let things get that out of hand. she could not just wipe out their existence but she could easily make most mobs and gangs afraid to even glare at somepony.

also guns............ why is it always guns?

I prefer not to use magic as an easy solution. Well, even in the show most of the unicorns are capable only of levitation and some basic spells connected with their talent; also, since the previous part shifted from horror to dark slice of life, I felt that low-magic setting worked better (it also takes places in Manehattan, where, as seen in the show, there aren't many unicorns).

Actually, I approach magic differently in each part of the series: the first relied on maybe magic, maybe mundane though more on "mundane" side. The second uses the most magic and supernatural elements (it's actually the only one featuring Twilight Sparkle as a prominent character), though it deconstructs the "magic as a solution" idea in a way similar to Swarm of the Century. The third, as well as this one, are where I went with more realistic approach.

it is taking a tone that does not exist in equestria i think

Well, judging by the amount of times background ponies are jerks to the Mane 6... Also, it may be an effect of the fact that I tend to be rather cynical IRL.

5013013 meant less of using magic as a solution and more magic being present in a world of magic. and it can manifest in far more than just spells. potions exist as well and, i would argue, would likely be the equivalent of medicine too. likely even drugs would have magical connections too. put simply, having something mundane in a world of magic does not make sense though something could be mundanely magical i suppose.

it is likely not as crazy as harry potter where you teapcups could bit you if you misuse them but still more present.

“Only when I read about Berry, I realised how big consequences my deeds had…”

That's exactly what I said!
And what is Babs up to?
It can't end well, either way.

Will we see Lighting Dust again?

Whelp. Karma's a bitch.

And I am now applying all the stuff I have learned from Law and Order to try to figure out who killed Featherweight. I have one suspect, but I'm only 20% positive...

Maybe :ajsmug:

And who's your suspect? :raritywink:

I originally suspected Berry Pinch. She was so angry at Diamond Tiara's release that I thought she killed Featherweight in some (Drunken) attempt to frame the former mental patient.
But now I'm not so sure. Hell, it could have been Babs, for all we know. With her extremely short fuse and rather erratic behavior when she's angry... It wouldn't be too big of a long-shot...

Well, those two are good suspects... But not the only ones.

I'm still a bit confused how Octavia's foal is in jeopardy, when the last chapter said the bullet grazed her flank. That's, nowhere near the foal. The flank is her rear, the foal would in the belly section, under her. Plus, it grazed her, as in, didn't go it but skimmed the surface. She'd just have a sore rear for a while, unless I'm misunderstanding something.

It's not the wound that is a threat, rather shock and trauma caused by the fact that she was wounded and Jet Set was killed next to her.

(Reads the end of the chapter.)

......... Well fuck.

Move over, Lightning Dust.
Two new Most Wanted ponies in Equestria are taking your place real soon...

“D-did I kill her?”
Babs’ ears perked up. “Yes,” she said quickly. “I heard ya and I wanted to stop it, but ya were already attackin’ her…”

Wait... The blood spatter was BEFORE Diamond got up and counterattacked so...

...Dammit, Babs. This'll come back to hit her so hard it'll make her wish she was Cherry Berry :facehoof:

Babs generally gathers bad karma since Manehattan Blues... Also, travelling with mentally unstable Diamond? Way to go...

Maybe she didn't say her last word yet...

Is it good "damn" or bad "damn"? :derpytongue2:

....... yeaaah story rubs me every wrong way and just seems off. they would ahve found them already.

Well, that'd be slightly anticlimactic... And it's not easy to see anything during the blizzard, not to mention finding someone...

I can't say that I don't completely disagree with Curtain Call and Silver Spoon's plan.

Hear me out, hear me out. Throughout this entire story Babs has been the one causing the most trouble. Diamond on the other hoof, is just a sad, scared young mare who wants to be left alone.

Let's face facts here for a second, if this story and Manehatten Blues are any indication, Babs' bodycount is higher than Diamond's ever was.

Whereas Diamond has stopped murdering (I'm calling self-defense for Cherry Berry.), Babs hasn't. Her mindset always seems to be "look out for number one". Survival at all costs.

And Scoots is right, the moment Babs starts seeing Diamond as a liability... Who knows what could happen?


Let's face facts here for a second, if this story and Manehatten Blues are any indication, Babs' bodycount is higher than Diamond's ever was.

Yeah, if I recally correctly, Diamond killed 7 ponies. Babs' bodycount is currently 8 or 9, depending if we count Carnation.

And yeah, Curtain Call is getting smarter. Maybe she learns from Babs? Also, trivia: Curtain Call appeared in person only once, in Sleepless. The rest of her appearances are DT's hallucinations...

Lest I missed it, Diamond wasn't very surprised when she heard that Babs killed Cherry Berry, not herself (Diamond.) All of a sudden we go from Diamond thinking she killed Cherry to her (or, Curtain Call and Silver Spoon) knowing it was Babs, with no reaction from Diamond.

Or maybe Diamond overlooked that point. I dunno.

I still really like Curtain Call as a character, though :twilightblush:

I guess she was more concerned with the fact that her hallucinations are getting more real. Though indeed, her reaction is rather calm...

Well I've caught up finally. And holy shit on a shingle. Diamonds condition, the guards. And it looks like besides the eventuality of her snapping, that the law is aware of the self defense and seems mostly after Babs.

I was wondering if the self defense thing would be found out or if it'd be a tragic misunderstanding. In any case, dayum. I really have few (good) words for how...impressive their situation is.

Looking forward to the next chapters!

Nice way to bring Lightning Dust back into the story.

And now a potential lead appears in Featherweight's photos...


“Watch out for Gilda,”

Well shit.

*Patiently waiting for the Diamond v. Babs scene that I hope is inevitable* :scootangel:

Dayum. Good chapter, also kudos to Diamond. She's really holding up well considering the circumstances.

“I’ll snap your neck one day, bitch,”

I hope so. I really hope so.

“Manehattan, three years ago. I had nothing to do with what was going on there at that time, by the way. I ran away from there after my friends disappeared and then pigs shot my cousin. She was on the news. Never seen her, though.”

Well that's fantastic.... Those friends are the ones that Babs killed, aren't they?

And now another lead in the murder investigation, this story sure has a lot of plotlines going on...

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