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Sleepless Continuity · 9:15pm Dec 26th, 2014

This blog serves as a list of stories belonging to the Sleepless Continuity, as well as other things connected with it, so I don't have to list them in the description of each story. Feel free to ignore it when it shows in your feed. The contents of this blog may change.

List of stories in chronological order:

The core story of the series. Follows Diamond Tiara as she struggles with insomnia and the dark side of her mind.

One-shot, set three years after Sleepless. Follows Berry Punch in the aftermath of the previous story. Told from Dr. Stable's point of view.

One-shot, set six years after Sleepless. Stream-of-consciousness depiction of a Manehattan underground ride. Provides introduction for the next story and reading it is completely optional.

Manehattan Blues
(No link since it's mature). Multichapter story, set six/seven years after Sleepless. Depicts Babs Seed's life in Manehattan and her gradual fall towards crime.

Children of Equestria
The final story ending Diamond Tiara and Babs Seed's arc of the series. Set ten years after Sleepless.

Ongoing Scootaloo and Archer investigate the murder of a bat filly in Canterlot.

Other stuff:
Insomnia by Bootsy Slickmane – a story that started the whole continuity.
The Continuity's TVTropes page.
Review of Sleepless by Cromegas Flare.

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Wow, a TVTropes page? Moving up in the world.

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