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This story is a sequel to Sleepless

Bat pony district of Canterlot. It's not a place shown on postcards. In the caves under the town, everything looks different. Life, death, morality... Everything is different, except one thing. Crime.

Canterlot. It’s not Manehattan or Detrot, where poor, little ponies commit their little crimes. In Canterlot, crimes are so big, they go unnoticed. Ponies can’t comprehend them; just like an ant can’t comprehend a pony passing by.

But somepony made a mistake. Small crime; a broken body on the pavement.

Scootaloo and Archer both saw many things in their lives. But this trip will take them to places they wished they didn't know.

Pre-read by Bootsy Slickmane.

Russian translation by repitter:
Google Docs

A part of the Sleepless Continuity. Check the link for the rest of stories, TVTropes page, and other trivia.

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 40 )

Looks like Equestria has a new killer on its hooves...
The question is, who is it?

Old characters reappear, the cruel past returning with it.

What awaits the two pegasi, what will they uncover? And will they regret it when they do?

I'm so happy to see this universe continue. You ended Diamond's journey, but there are still other stories to be told. And I'm eager to see what comes next.

I'm beginning to wonder just how many stories the Sleepless Continuity will have. Not that I'm complaining.

What happened to Sweetie Belle in the last story? I can't seem to remember. I think she was thrown in jail for murder or something. So I take it this story is a sequel to Children of Equestria? I thought you said this series was done?

Uh, why would Sweetie be jailed? Iirc she never killed anyone, Rumble did. All she did was cheat on Button with Rumble. And we never actually saw the fallout from that whole affair anyways, it ended with Scoots arresting Rumble.

That's because I couldn't remember what happened? Thanks for reminding me by the way.

Rumble was jailed, but Sweetie is free. It's going to be adressed later.

This story happens five years after Children of Equestria. It's not really connected to Diamond Tiara's part of the story (though Diamond will appear). Generally, I plan it to be a continuation of an arc started in Thirsty, which wasn't adressed that much in the further stories.

Okay... Maybe Diamond's journey isn't completely over...

And the number of familiar faces appearing in this story already are giving me all kinds of nostalgia.

This chapter made Stellar Dust seem absolutely adorable to me.


Mit dir kann ich die Pferde stehlen

What language is that? German? I'm not sure...

Yeah. It's quite a fitting idiom, since it means "I could be stealing horses with you" (meaning "I can trust you completely"). Schwalbe's name also comes from German (she didn't even speak English in Thirsty).

Things are heating up. This mystery's getting deeper and I'm loving it!

At first Scootaloo thought they were scrunchies or strange socks, but then Schwalbe pushed the back of the strap. A ten-inch blade slid from it with an audible swish.

I can't tell if this is a subtle reference to First Bat's Problems, with the socks, or an Assassin's Creed reference, with the hoof-blades.

“Possibly Keter-class object inside,” she read. “Psychically hazardous effect. Any trespasser may die or become mentally and physically injured. Risk of falling stones or slipping on the wet rocks.”

If this a reference to the SCP Foundation, then you have just become 20% cooler.

Well, it's a bit of both (also, such blades make sense especially for someone who can fly). And I wondered whether that thing from Thirsty would be classified as Keter or Euclid, but eventually decided on Keter since it's clearly dangerous.

Curtain Call's back! And she's not the hallucination of a psychosis-filled brain! And her living with Diamond could be either a really good thing or a really bad thing... Probably the latter.

And it looks like Archer poked around a bit too much and got the attention of the wrong pony. She'll live, right?

Because she was doing so well, until she took an arrow bolt to the- *Gets shot by crossbow*... Ow.

Fun fact, it's the first Curtain Call's appearance in person since Sleepless...

And yeah, Archer will live, though it may take some time before she gets better.

Seems like these murders are just a tiny piece of a much, much bigger problem.
A bigger problem that is right under Canterlot...

aeeso masef dathm ttrib koiew hhlya bmrie iltbe onlpm yhlgn ilote eimgg wounv ihieu needt vrcse nsteo hpdtu huv

I can't tell if this is an anagram, some language I've never heard of, or if it really is just a bunch of gibberish. Knowing you, it could be any of those three...

So this "Group" of bat ponies want to release the eldritch Lovecraftian abomination that's under Canterlot?

More or less. Though the group doesn't only consist of bat ponies.

This definitely keeps building up a plotline quite well. Onward!

Nice to see Nightcap again now working WITH Coco:pinkiehappy:
meh small world:applejackunsure:

Yeah. She earned her happy ending, unlike some characters.

tio een hhd msk aee eys eff ymo eyi ile udg nll fgt odl hru hnt y

The decoded message is staring me right in the face, I just know it! But I still can't figure it out!

Yeah, this one is much easier – the matrix is square instead of rectangular.

Drowned in the toilet...
That's as undignified as it gets.

And Twilight's explanation about the creature is so Lovecraftian, which makes sense of course.
*Looks at chapter title.*
And whatever's down there, it's weird and pissed off.

Well, that death kinda matched her job... Also, I'm not sure if that thing is pissed (or can it be pissed at all), but it's surely hungry.

This was a very detailed finale! :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy: Have congratulatory cake. *gives 'special' cake* Bravo Samey90! Bravo!:yay:

(if you made another story in this universe...i wouldn't blame you for the AWESOMENESS):scootangel:

I frickin love this. Fits with the rest of the series perfectly. Also promises another one. Can't get enough! Onward!

What is Schwalbe's sentence?

Long enough for Boysenberry to think she can mock Schwalbe freely. Though given how prisons in fiction usually are, she may have a problem soon.

Well what's next for this universe?

Currently, not much. But if I come up with something, I'll write it.

Schwalbe smirked grimly. “One day, indeed. And on that day, you’d better sleep with one eye open...”
...gripping your pillow tight:yay:

A terrifying end to a horrifying series...

I get the feeling that this creature was responsible for more than is explicitly shown in your writing...

It's kinda out of its home planet and there are those ponies up there it doesn't really care about, but they keep trying to give it sacrifices or control it. Oh, and it's still hungry.

“I’ve read his story,” Diamond Tiara said. “But I wonder...” She lowered her head. “Why look for monsters underground when there are lots of them here?” Ooooo. 'You stop looking for the monsters under your bed, when realize they were inside your head all along...' :pinkiecrazy:

Dusk Dancer took off immediately, but then Hoity Toity bumped into her, knocking her down. “Going to meet your partner?” he asked.
“I wanted to save her, you idiot!” Dusk Dancer exclaimed, kicking him in the face unceremoniously. She took off and flew through the door. In the garden, Black Marble, Lyra, and even Minuette were trying to stop the escaping bat pony with their magic. Several other ponies were running around, trying to calm down their screaming foals.

God damn it you stupid Ponies! Stop being fucking rascist!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

schwalbe reminds me of Rorschach

That was kinda my inspiration, yeah.

Comment posted by Franso deleted Sep 6th, 2018

Any news from the literary front?

SCP Foundation have a very simple test to this:

The Locked Box Test is an informal guideline used to determine an object's most appropriate Object Class. It goes like this:
If you lock it in a box, leave it alone, and nothing bad will happen, then it's probably Safe.
If you lock it in a box, leave it alone, and you're not entirely sure what will happen, then it's probably Euclid.
If you lock it in a box, leave it alone, and it easily escapes, then it's probably Keter.
If it is the box, then it's probably Thaumiel.

Note that as a special consideration, something that is autonomous, alive, and/or sapient is almost always at least Euclid-class.

I have foung a Spidermare poster :-)
Here it is:

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