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On a train at night, anything can happen. Especially, when it happens in Manehattan.

A stream of consciousness, inspired by the song Elektrichka by Kino. May or may not be set in the same universe as Manehattan Blues.
🇺🇦Russian translation🇺🇦 by FoxcubRandy, edited by ColdSky.

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That's one to describe one whole story very well, no doubt about it.

Whoa. That was both about everything and nothing at the same time. A brief snippet of Manehattan through a thoughtful perspective. I really liked the style of this one.

Man, was this awesome. Especially since I'm in it. :ajsmug:

How do you pronounce the title? Also, you should really link to Manehatten Blues. Please PM me your response.

This is EXACTLY what I see/go through on the train everyday! (Well, except for the mugging...)

I always have a soft spot for these stream of consciousness-style stories. And this was an excellent one.

Цой жив?

жив, жив. Стиви Уандер его видел.

Interesting take on a story, and on Manehatten in general. Just seeing it through a thoughtful perspective of one of it's youngest residents.

It's like Gertrude Stein, but actually comprehensible!

Enjoyable. The length really played well here, since I don't think I could have gotten through more than 2500 words like that.

Yeah, it was mainly an experiment.

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