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This story is a sequel to Spike's Trick or Treat

The along await squeal to Spike Trick or Treat. You don't have to read it, but if you want to know how it all started, then here the link.

It has been ten years since Spike and the Crusaders marriages, and life couldn't be better.

Beside Spike being the heir to the Equestrian throne, he and his wives are the only intersperses couple to have children. And to top it all off He and Sweetie Bell are famous musicians. Life couldn't be better for them, and there five children. One day Spike receive a letter from the princess Celestia, asking him, and his family to come for Hearthwarming Eve, to not only see her, but princess Luna, Candance, and Twilight. . .sadly Prince Blueblood will be there.

How will there handle it...you have to read and find out.

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Comment posted by GloomyFace deleted Feb 23rd, 2014

Right in the feels. :yay:::moustache::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2::ajsmug:

Man I am really happy you made this. You created some of the best "Spike kids" I've seen. They all had personality and character that made me want to hear more and more about them. But you still kept the adults just as interesting and kept me wanting to see what they were up to as well. All i can say is great job, and i hope these isn't the last we see of these great family you created.:moustache:

Aaawwwwwwwww. I was hoping Bluedick would stay true and get himself put in a bodycast for 6 months.

damit Tia why did you need to disgrace the dragon race with Bule balls 20 bucks says he needs to be put down from a greed rapage in under a month if his ass done't get torn open by a gay dragon

Love it !!!!


Adolf needs a Hitler moustache... just saying

:pinkiesad2:its only a 1-shot. oh well ::pinkiehappy: im glad this story is finally out, i hope we will get to see more of spikes family.

Nice new story. I like the fact that Blue Balls, Diamond Tiaranium and Silver Spooner got what they deserved. Although, I'm curious as to if you're going to do a sequel to this?

4001534 Nah this was the ending.

I think you messed up slightly with the numbers in the snow war scene but other than that this story is brilliant and I'm glad I just spent the last several hours reading it's predecessor. Great Story

You turned shining's two kids, cloud sparkle and evasive lulamoon, into one stallion, named heart shield, or you forgot to mention him when you mentioned the others.

4031594 I forgot to mention him. My bad

:rainbowlaugh: Man. I just busted out laughing at what happened to Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, and Blueblood. They got what they had coming to them.

This was the greatest example of addition by subtraction that I have witnessed. Just completely awesome!!! Having Blueblood, Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon not only be stripped of their royal ranks, but to be transformed into other species---I have to say that this was possibly the greatest and most effective punishment created. And it's definitely something that Celestia would do. Her thing is to make offenders see the error of their ways, not to just lock them up. Great job!! Also like the implication that basically all of the mane 6 and Spike are considered royalty---whether they have a crown (The Princesses, Flash, Shining Armor) or not (Spike, his wives, the Mane 6 and their respective families).

I have to say though, I kinda like the image of Silver Spoon as a griffin. I think that even though she's as rotten hearted as DT and Blueblood, I do think she is downright sexy as a griffin, especially if she has majestic wings to go with that silver coat. Personally, I think she's probably the only out of the three that seems that eventually she will turn around and possibly could become part of the royal family again---though let her stay as a griffin when that time comes (there could be a point where she has the chance to turn back into a pony, but I think she would stay as a griffin.)

I love the premises of everyone here in this. Enjoyed that this was roughly 10 years later, and that all were truly happy with their lives. And it definitely looks like the lineage will continue at some point, though the story is over. I was rightfully surprised that all of Spike's kids had crushes of their own, and the variety is nice: two colts, one filly, one dragon, and one dragoness.

Also enjoyed how the week together with family occured---except with the appearance of Blueblood, but that just happens with family--and loved it that despite the conflict, Spike was the obviously better dragon at that climax, though it helps that he basically has all of royalty backing him up.

I'm also quite pleased that we had a quality appearance for all people in the mane 6, even when it was just a cameo. I appreciated the continuity with this:
--- Trixie, Twilight, and Flash were in a open relationship, now Flash's married to both of them, and has kids by each wife (Cloud and Elusive)
--- Shining and Cadence are still running the Crystal Empire, the love is still strong between them, and on top of that they have a son, Heart Shield
--- Rarity and Thunderlane are happily married (no hard feelings); Thunderlane's a Wonderbolt, and Rarity manages a chain of highly lucrative boutiques and shops with a well known friend in Coco Pommel. Nice cameo of Rainbow Dash as Thunder's boss.
--- Celestia and Luna as the loving grandma and fun-loving aunt that all of Spike's kids, and basically all the kids love to have.
--- even know that apparently there was enough sex and love from Pinkie and Fluttershy to make Discord behave himself, which is saying something.
--- Spike and wives all have successful lives and enterprises while living in a manor in the town of Applewood, and it's great distance shows why it's rare that Spike can see his family. (that's from the first story.)

You've done a excellent job with this, and once again I enjoy how the continuity from Spike's Trick-or-Treat to this is well maintained and enhanced.

Definite 5 out 5 :pinkiehappy: with this!!

loved the story and oh the tortures I thought of for those three would have made the demons of tartarus quack in fear:pinkiecrazy:. Great story all the way through:twilightsmile:

4104537 Can't like with this phone sad face . But I like your comment.


No worries. :twilightsmile:

I upvoted your comment since you were unable at the time to upvote mine. and Thanks for the comment!

4435094 Thanks friend!
Also: I agree that Silver Sky (Spoon but griffin x3) will probibly be the only one to change for the better. Mabey Diamond Twinkle (Tiara but Dog) if she accepts her fate.

"I DEMAND THY SEQUEL AND I DEMAND IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Seriously please make more sequels to dis these have been such great stories and when i'm older i'm going to learn how to animate and if its alright and if i'm allowed,I would like to make this a little animation/show/series and of the related.Also if needed ill help proof read and edit(If wanted ill just tell you where the general location of the error is and you can fix it,Helps improve skills or so far it has.)

Another sequel please, I wanna know what happened to silver spoon diamond tiara and blueblood did they ever learn or did blueblood end up as dinner to a certain dragons family, or diamond become pregnant with puppies or silver get her butt kicked by Gilda.

Awwww, and I was hoping for a sequel... Oh well, your story not mine.

4031702 hope there is a seaqual to this story

A fitting punishment. You should never hate anything for circumstances beyond their control.

A really good oneshot sequel by the way. Which is a real shame, since a good story will always leave you wanting more. You should still be happy with yourself for this though.

Best and cutest sequel EVER :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:


I'm happy something like this would never happen in the series, because if it did, I would stop watching immediately.

I'm sorry, but to me, this just comes across as another Blueblood-bashing fest, in addition to prop up A Spike Gary Stu. The way he acts, especially the way Celestia acts, I can't find any enjoyment in this. That wasn't Celestia, that was a puppet to shill Spike and beat down anyone who doesn't fall to their knees and suck his c*ck. Where did all the swearing come from? Where was the Celestia who refused to fight her sister and begged her for peace? Now she's destroying lives without blinking, like some smug tyrant?

And all of this because Spike felt insulted?

There could've been potential in this, but it was sacrified on the altar of glorifying Spike without any real reason. It would've been interesting to see them try to work out how to get along (and this Spike isn't a saint, he's a violent jerk as the prequel showed), but no. Just another cruel Celestia abusing her powers in the service of God Spike.

So, I'm going to stay away from any further installments, I think. I can't read these stories for very long. I hate every character in here.

My apologies. Despite how harsh this sounds, it's really not directed at you, the author. It's just... So many things at once that I can't stand. I'm just one guy, though, and you've got hundreds of upvotes. Stories like this have an audience. What does one guy count compared to that?

So, no matter the tone against the story itself, cheers to you, and don't ever feel like you need to stop writing.

7401754 Sorry about that forgot to put Alternate Universe. But your right .

But if you don't like it, then more power to you. not a lot of people like it.

As for me Bashing Blueblood. well I could of had gone with a much darker tone but I wanted to do something diffident. Spike and Blueblood talking things out would be a good idea. . .at the time but again, I hate the types that think there better then everyone because there have money or power. Also it doesn't help not knowing much in Blue Blood character.

Will I make another story don't know. Will Blueblood return and is sorry . . .maybe.

I understand. Just one last thing I want to point out, then I'll leave you be:

I hate the types that think there better then everyone because there have money or power.

That fits Celestia and Spike just as much. Spike thinks he deserves to be vengeful and violent because he's strong and Celestia destroys Blueblood's and Diamond's life because they insulted HER son, who she actually says is better than them just for being that. They're incredibly hypocritical and abuse their power at every turn. If you ever return to this universe, maybe take another look at how their behaviour fits the very thing others get punished so horribly for.

Prince Flash Sentry,


“Hello all.” The room went silent.

my first thought FUCK!!!

“Stay the hell away from my kids!”


Celestia pulling a prank on Discord

pulling a prank on the master of chaos. LOVE IT!!!


This is a good sequel.... but it has many errors....

And the pacing on some parts feels a bit too fast to my liking....

Overall though... this is a decent read:eeyup:
So, have a like:twilightsmile:

It was nice to see the punishment of Blueblood, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon

no offence the other story was much better this really wasn't and the punishment really seemed unjust for them in all honesty really if i was blueblood id be pissed if someone attacked my kid even if he's a brat but spike children went overboard on the snowball fight really it feel like spike kids got off scott free in some ways and the do need to learn to control their emotions and not attack people i agree abit more with another review feeling it was going to close to spike and didn't bring intrest like the other did sure he got the win in the last one but he went through more but here it seemed like blueblood and the other two got the shit end and really seemed more bias their royal status being taken from them by vote of spikes family it really should've been done by other means as they had more bias its well written but has more problems than it should've had

Gave it another read through. There really are a lot of little errors here, I agree thins seem a little lopsided as far as punishments go, also agree it feels rushed (but, then again, most one-shots/ one chapter stories feel that way to me). The story should probably be reworked or redone. There's a lot that's just glazed over, with such a big time skip between the stories it would probably been a good idea to address some of the changes and why they happened in a few chapters.

I still think the story itself, as it is here, is good enough to deserve my Fav, but why settle for deserving when you can't potentially make it a story that demands praise and Faves. This could have been that, it just needed a little extra work and care.

Ce *clap* Les *clap* Ti *clap* A *clap* Is *clap* the *clap* best!

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