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The Kitsune Race has long been a myth. Stories about there act of mischievous, pranks, and at times lust. Now the leader of the Kitsune Race wants to meet with the princesses of Equestria to negotiate peace, trade, and an alliance among ponies and foxes.

How will the foxes content with pony lifestyle?

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This story is a sequel to Spike's Trick or Treat

The along await squeal to Spike Trick or Treat. You don't have to read it, but if you want to know how it all started, then here the link.

It has been ten years since Spike and the Crusaders marriages, and life couldn't be better.

Beside Spike being the heir to the Equestrian throne, he and his wives are the only intersperses couple to have children. And to top it all off He and Sweetie Bell are famous musicians. Life couldn't be better for them, and there five children. One day Spike receive a letter from the princess Celestia, asking him, and his family to come for Hearthwarming Eve, to not only see her, but princess Luna, Candance, and Twilight. . .sadly Prince Blueblood will be there.

How will there handle it...you have to read and find out.

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