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Flawed minds trapped within impotent shells, functioning in an all too corrupted system; how could we possibly comprehend the heights of our own ignorance... when our very souls are left to rot?

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Kacperek (Casper) · 9:23pm Nov 22nd, 2020

June 2020 - 22nd November 2020
I am already missing you, buddy.
Only the memories remain now. Good, beautiful memories.
Rest in peace.

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Other Magnificent Stories:

Because I can't have more than 4 fave boxes it seems.

Iron Hearts: Book 1 - Planetfall by SFaccountant
Crossover with Warhammer 40k universe; a fantastic series filled to the brim with EXPLOSIONS and dark humor.

Emerald Gleaner: Viral Unicorn by Legionary
HiE Prototype crossover with some great worldbuilding.

The Moon's Apprentice by Forthwith
Alternate universe where Twilight becomes a secret student of banished Luna.

Asylum by Daemon of Decay
Twilight's stuck in a nuthouse; was her whole life merely a delusion?

Our Last Goodbye by RagingSemi
A romance that outlasts the universe itself.

The Return of Princess Nightmare Moon by Aegis Shield
NMM&OC and BB&TS romance with a pinch of comedy.

Take Two by LordBrony2040
Twilight from a far future travels in time, merging her mind with her younger self.

Winter's Child by Softy8088
Twilight is pregnant with [REDACTED]'s child.

Hard Reset by Eakin
Twilight versus time-loops! (first part of the trilogy)

Biblical Monsters by Horse Voice
Twilight finds herself on Earth in the company of two lighthouse keepers...

Machinations of a Trickster by Deviance
Human mage in Equestria.

I Dream of Luna by getmeouttahere
A delightfully crazy "Anon in Equestria" comedy with some romance.

From The Gates by Dirty Bit
Crossover with Fullmetal Alchemist.

The Road Not Taken by levarien
Twilight and her personal guard travel 20 years into the past due to a great misunderstanding.

Bearded Lust 2: The Re-Beardening by Arcainum
Suffice to say that my brain turned into marshmallow after reading this.

Morphogenetic Impregnation by HoovesLikeJagger
A short story that made me literally cry from laughter.

Guilty as Charged by The Equestrian Gentlecolt

Fixing Up Miss Smartypants by Arkensaw Pinkerton
So much shipping! And boy it is good!

The Grey Factor by Japko

Faith and Doubt by defender2222

Time Enough at Last by PainbowSlash
A fine and amusing clopedy! [.txt version link]

Dear Sweetie Belle by JadeRing

Oats and Strawberries by QTMarx

Que Sera, Sera by Ponydora Prancypants

Hail to the King by Qwapdo
A human winds up in Equestria in the body of King Sombra; comedy ensues.

Variables by OtterMatt
Twilight conducts a social experiment which results in some unintended consequences.

The Monster in the Twilight by Georg

Solitary Locust by the parasprite

Crisis on Two Equestrias by RainbowDoubleDash
Trixieverse clashes with Canonverse!

The Never-Was and Wouldn't-Be by Obselescence

A Ghost Story by Elemist
HiE with a twist: the human arrives in Equestria as a ghost.

Oh to be Old Again by Minalkra
Human—trapped in a body of a colt—in Equestria.

My Secret Life as an Evil Insect Overlord by LordBrony2040
A human is reborn in Equestria as a changeling prince(ss).

The Incandescent Brilliance by KitsuneRisu
An experiment gone wrong.

Drawn With the Night by Dan_s Comments

The Mare at the End of the World by Rytel
Twilight is the greatest [REDACTED] in the entire world!

One Horn Too Many by WiseFireCracker
Two humans appear in Equestria as goat-horned ponies.

Consequences of Unoriginality by Andoriol
A human shows up in Equestria as an alicorn Gary Sue. Oh snap!

Twifly II by Gojira123

Legacy by NFire
Crossover with Keith Laumer's Bolo-verse.

Only the Good Die Young by Sharp Spark
Apple Bloom the immortal filly.

Misunderstandings by The Rogue Wolf

A Change in Three Parts by GaPJaxie

Xenophobia by CompleteIndifference
Two exterminators land in Equestria through a wormhole and unwittingly bring a xenomorph queen along with them.

Stardust by Arad
Twilight finds herself on Earth battling aliens; XCOM crossover.

Nuptial Flight by ArmadilloEater
Chrysalis & Dazzlings clopfic involving impregnation and tough love.

What Hath Joined Together by Bad_Seed_72

The Life and Times of Deepthroat Cockslut by Hardcover

Of Xenos and War by Snake Staff
Twilight works for the Imperium of Man to get her revenge; WH 40k crossover.

Home is Where Your Curse is by SFaccountant
Ranma's ponified misadventures in Equestria.


Having a horn and a pair of wings doesn't make you an alicorn.

Sometimes, the answers to the most difficult questions are just too simple to comprehend.

The Things by Peter Watts
This short story, based on John Carpenter's "The Thing" movie from 1982, is a really interesting example of how two beings can perceive the world in vastly different ways. Here, the action is told from the thing's point of view. I sincerely recommend it!

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