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Welcome to the "Only Unicorn Twilight" group, traveler.

This group is supposed to be the haven for all those who, for one reason or another, aren't fond of the alicorn Twilight, and want to browse through the stories on this site without being bothered by the ones that feature the infamous Twilicorn. Whether it's because it ruins the show for you, or because you're simply nostalgic about the good old unicorn Twilight, this group understands your plight and welcomes you with open arms.

If you find any stories that feature only the unicorn version of Twilight, then by all means please make sure to submit them here! This group is meant to catalog them all for easy browsing, and the more are here, the better.

Please note that this group is supposed to be possibly devoid of hatred. Any signs of hatred, pro- or anti-Twilicorn, will be deleted on sight. Let's just pretend that the winged version of Twilight doesn't exist, and concentrate on the one we all know and love.

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Does it count if Twilight reincarnates into a Unicorn?

<3 Glad to finally find this group!

The Changeling Doll has Alicorn Twilight.
Just thought I should mention it.
Congratulations! For its freshness, this group was listed in New Groups.

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