This story is a sequel to The Order

Despite receiving a harsh reprimand from Captain Ironhoof for his "little stunt," Flash Sentry still struggles with his forbidden feelings for Princess Twilight Sparkle. Maintaining a professional stance while adhering to the law of the land proves an even more difficult task, especially when his one act of defiance only seems to awaken the seething rebellion within him.

When Flash is assigned to escort Twilight to the Crystal Empire at Princess Celestia's insistence, tensions on all sides only seem to escalate.

Full list of character tags: Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, Twilight Sparkle, Flash Sentry, Shining Armor, Discord, Prince Blueblood, OC, Other.

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Rated Teen for some language, mild violence, and thematic elements. Sex tag is for sexual references in dialogue and implied sexual situations.

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Poor Greyhoof. He's going to get caught in the middle of this, and it's not even slightly his fault.

....Okay, I read through the first two chapters, and was very pleased to see the same level of quality and intrigue in both the story and the interactions between the characters. Right off the bat, I knew this was going to be good... Then I read this third chapter.

... Yeah, suffice it to say, you have my attention. :pinkiehappy: Favourited and tracking!

YES YES YES! the best story i've read in months and months has a sequel!

YAY!!Its up!Finally!Continue this!All "The Order" lovers unite!

Congrats on getting 600 followers!:pinkiehappy: (I'm probably late with this)

:yay: :pinkiehappy:

As if my own story wasn't progressing slowly enough that blog post today made me totally stop anything even close to being creative -- after all, I had to read this when it went up. And I like it. Fave for following along and because I'm sure that it will be spectacular... more than it already is:twilightsmile:

:yay: :pinkiehappy:

*eyes the tragedy tag* Changes of any kind particularly of the nature that are coming will always bring about tragedy when there are forces to resist it; but hopefully the castes will fall, Equestria as an equalist nation will arise and a happy ending is had for our protagonist.

However if Iron Hoof still somehow get's his wedding, I have the perfect gift for him, the golden crown of Viserys Targaryen, which all men tremble to behold! :pinkiecrazy:

Very much like this. Hope we can get some more clear explanation as to why this :"order: exists at all. Just seems to antithetical to ponies.

Also great to see Flash Sentry. I hate it when people hate on him. I mean, yeah, I hated his human character because he was shallow and void of personalty, but who's to say that the pony version of him isn't a good guy? World needs more FlashLight.

You just keep finding new and exciting ways to be awesome, Seedy! :ajsmug:

Hmmmm me thinks Celestia tried an equalist approach and after grave personal losses gave up of her own accord just for peace.

That makes me fear for Flash Sentries life, and that Twilight will have parallel experiences to Celestia.

But hopefully unlike Celestia, Twilight will press on, even if she is robbed of her happiness by the coming revolution she can still make sure no one else has to endure that kind of loss. Of not being with the pony they want simply because they weren't of the same caste.

So for once I agree with Discord, we need more Chaos, sure a stronger order will emerge from the chaos but I'm pretty sure the stronger order will have room for chaos of a more amusing sort than the one that's coming.

Also while reading this chapter I thought more on the last one, I'm not so sure Ironhoof's getting Twilight was ever guaranteed even back in the original story, as I bet their royal majesties have the choice in the matter (so long as their Unicorn of course). Ironhoof can feel the challenge presented even if Flash has no chance in the traditional way of things.

Just one hint: a sad story can't, by definition, be a tragedy. And vice versa. One of these tags has to go.

An interesting follow-up, taking large strides in the foreshadowing, eh?
I like how Celestia and Twilight seem to be discussing different ponies at their 'meeting', and how Flash's internal monologue reminds us of his heavy-set opinion against the natural order and his empathy for Greyhoof's standing as an aging stallion with a much-too-big workload.
I'm looking forward to seeing what Discord has to say about Celestia's past and perhaps shed light on the events leading up to the creation of the 'order' you've got here.:coolphoto:

Eagerly awaiting the next chapter(s)!:pinkiehappy:


I don't want to read it! :raritydespair:
Guess I gotta read it... :raritycry:


I didn't expect the sequel to come out yet. But I'm gonna wait until the story is fully finished before I start reading. That way I don't run into any cliffhangers that leave me upset until the next chapter comes.


Um, how so? Per the site FAQ, a Tragedy is a story in which a character initiates their own downfall. Couldn't that be a sad thing, or in a sad universe?

Not trying to argue... I'm just confused. :derpyderp2:

3700933 Apologies if I sounded harsh; it was not my intention.
This one is a toughie to get, but I'll try my best to explain:

Tragedy: You have character X endure several arduous tasks and many complications as he tries to accomplish Y. Some of the moments of the story are sad. Some are happy. Some are plain adventurous. But this being a tragedy, our hero, X, won't be able to accomplish Y.

Sad: You have character X, who is miserable, depressed and has had many bad things happen to his/her life. This story will detail in brutal agony everything that X is going through and that's all there is to it. There's no space for happiness here. The point of the story is to picture how melancholic X is and to make us readers feel bad for X.

TL;DR: Tragedies can have very sad moments (especially the tragedic event iself). Sadfics are there only to portray that; sadness.

There's a good read about it here (just don't mind Wanderer D's frustration; it is not targeted at you).

If it's as good as The Order, I can't wait to read this! Love the cover art, too; I think it conveys the situation very well. :yay:

God im so happy this is FINALLY out,.Thanks Bad if you haven't already this another story called "Gift of The Mash" it is a Harth's Warming Eve/Christmas story and it was really good and what happens is obvious if you are as not a dumb ass (excuse my language)and do know stories very well like you do now

I can't decide whether to get invested in this. After all, it has a tragedy and a sad tag and to me that only means this'll all end in tears. On the other hand, I loved the first story and this sequel looks to be a promising tale.

Very excited for this sequel! I have my fingers crossed for a new chapters every time I log on! :pinkiehappy:

3700859 Wrong,a story can be both sad and tragic at the same time.it's just how you look at it that makes it seem as though it wouldn't be logical.(I'm just saying so don't get mad).:pinkiehappy:

Aw so far so good,Sounds normal for a story by such as thou Bad_Seed72.:pinkiehappy:

I had a good laugh over Discord almost revealing to Celestia that there is more to Flash and Twilight then she yet realizes. Thanks for this sequel, I love it already. Do you have a general schedule you'll update the story with? Not rushing you, but I would love to know whether to expect like once a week, once a month, whenever you happen to finish, or whatever. Thanks!:heart:


Oh? Really?

Just because you're saying doesn't mean it's true, y'know?

3701528 dude i positive i know what i'm talking about i've done plenty of learning and what not on how things work in story's and everything related so shut up and face the fact a story can be both tragic and sad
oh..and you better get better with your grammar there if you're going to type something then learn how to do it right

3701571 Yeah, because that "argument" is so convincing. The bad writing is just the cherry on top.

And my grammar is the one at fault here. Sure. :rainbowlaugh:

3701580 who said this was an argument?i sure as hell didn't that's for sure

3701585 Hence the quotation marks.

3701604 3701604 "Hint,Hint"in a way you are right yes but not every tragedy has to be sad so yeah face the facts."Hint,Hint" i know what i'm talking about and stop trying to show that that is how the story should be made if Bad wants the damn story tags to be tragic and sad and what not then let it be so.it is his story let him decide how it is made i understand where you're getting at but still if he wants help im sure he'll ask

:heart: the sequel is here and i love every second of it :heart:
btw you should indicate on the summary that this is a sequel for those that haven't read the first story

Edit: never mind I see you already did

Well i'm off i'm going to go do something fun since i have already read the story and go out to hang with my friends :P

3701649 What the fuck are you even talking about? First you tell me that tragedies can be sadfics. Now you're telling me that they can't?! Make up your mind, would you kindly.

Bats can use the tags he wants, yes, but I'm doing him a favor by politely pointing out that he is wrong and by politely telling him why he's wrong, overall increasing his knowledge. Is that so bad? Is liking his work--enough to the point of me caring about it and him--and helping him improve his craft by granting him knowledge such a bad thing?

Even if Bats uses the tags he wants, his story will either be one or another, irregardless of his (or, what seems to be the case, your) wishes. A sadfic can't be a tragedy. A tragedy can't be a sadfic. Period. It would do you good to read the link I posted in a previous comment of mine, in case you didn't.

If you're trying to convince me (and Bats) otherwise, I suggest you start explaining yourself with something more than "trust me, I know what I'm talking about" and "face the facts, I'm right".

Anywho, I don't get why you're so upset by this. This childish tantrum will do nothing to sediment your point further; it'll only serve to make you look like an immature fool. I suggest you change your attitude post haste.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I loved every word of this. Keep it coming please!

I'm very interested to see more of Celestia's development. She's enforcing an unjust system, but when she interacts with Twilight and Night Watch, she seems just like the kind princess we all know.

I also wonder how this caste system affected the dynamic between the Elements of Harmony in this universe (assuming it's the same Mane Six from the show). Twilight being a princess means she must have learned all about friendship in spite of this obstacle…

3701679 well if you would pay attention you would understand what i'm getting at some tragedy's can be sad and other don't have to be it's as simple as that so shut up and move on with you life

3701689 I did pay attention. Still, you're not making a lick of sense and, to top it off, not backing your claim. Not to mention still being very immature.

Tragedies can have sad moments. They can't be sadfics.

To quote Wanderer D himself:

Yes, it is nothing more than a conceptual detail. A detail that dictates a whole freaking genre of literature.

Again i said that,i said that a tragic can be sad and or not sad it can go either way and if i was immature then you would be to for arguing with whom you think is a child who knows i could be twice your age so stfu and quit arguing like a little kid

Speaking of why am i still arguing over something like this when i could be outside enjoying the afternoon?
Guess i still have that child side in me


It would do you good to actually use the reply feature. It's there for a reason, y'know?

You're not making sense. Your replies are choppy and lack any logical relevance (not to mention proper punctuation). Your incoherence makes this more entertaining and amusing than actually productive, I'll concede.

I am 24 years old and, honestly, I don't think that age dictates intelligence. I know people who are younger than me and are much more intelligent. Likewise, but reversed, for people older than me. I personally don't think I'm all that smart, but I at least have the decency to back up my claims with factual knowledge, not with "it is so because I said so".

I never said that I thought you were a child as in younger than me. As I stated above, age--up to a certain point--has little link to knowledge and intelligence. Not to mention that, contrary to what you think, arguments are not a childish thing to do. If done properly, at least both parties will end up learning something (which, to me, sounds like a win-win situation). I tried to fulfill my part, but it seems like you're adamant in remaining ignorant. I don't use this term derogatorily, mind you. It is the statement of a fact.

Still, I sincerely hope you have a pleasant afternoon.
No, I'm not being sarcastic.


Actually, GABA is correct.

3701841 Ok i have my thoughts he as his whatever this all just stupid arguing over the dumbest thing hmm well i'. done this is boring imma go hang out with my friends instead of arguing over this bye

3701859 Odin knows I could've been the bigger man. I failed. Totes worth it, though.

So Celly in her quest of maintaining order installed the Caste System as "Natural Order"? ... Natural Order is BULLSHIT! ... sorry for that ...

... Beyond that stupidity I have to say your fics are very good, I will wait for the next chapter

Greyhoof the best damn butler in the world.

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