While locked away in Tartarus, Lord Tirek finds that his ultimate desire has been fulfilled.

Thanks to Holo, ValorlordV5, Sir Rustbucket, and Sage Runner for editing.

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Rated Teen for thematic elements and graphic depictions of violence.

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Guess My Name

Your names Tirek motherfucker, Now where's my prize, I guessed it right, so I get a prize...... right?


Yup! You get the toaster. :twilightsmile:

There is no way to improve on that very last sentence. None.

It's not easy to write a story with only one charcter, and you did it marvelously :pinkiesmile: I espicasly like how you ended it off. Very chilly and fitting for a tradgy story.

That just gave me a perfect idea for a Skyrim crossover for Tireks role in it fits just perfectly!

Damn, you did get it to 3000 words. Exactly! :rainbowlaugh:


Thanks! You can give Sir Rustbucket a nod for helping me with that one. :ajsmug:


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. :pinkiehappy:


Aw, c'mon! You can make more than just toast with it... Like... Waffles! And Pop Tarts! And if you ever feel down, just bring it with you in the bathtub! :scootangel:


Is everything a Skyrim crossover with you? :rainbowhuh:


I told you I could do it! :rainbowlaugh:


I've been trying to make a Skyrim crossover for a long time. But shit in my life keeps getting in the way, I believe I have the worst case of writers block than anyone who had experienced it.


Ahh, I see. Best of luck powering through that!

You took Tirek and expanded more on his character in your own way, loved it! :twilightsmile: This story took a glimpse into Tirek's mind, emotionally and physically on how he felt towards his own brother and the world. Anyway, great job!


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the story and this little slice of insanity. :moustache:

Well it's better then my old toaster.... because my old toaster was evil and wanted to burn the whole world down.... and sounded like Jace Hall

That was terrible...as in Tirek's situation, not the story. The story made Tartarus even worse than I imagined....dammit, it's hard to give feed back on a story about Hell without sounding insulting.

Manes #18 · Jul 8th, 2014 · · 1 ·

*Sees story. Clicks on it and sees the author who made it*

Yep. This is going to be good.

Somehow, I think the best mental reading voice for this is the voice Tirek had early on in the episode before he started really gaining power. The one with just enough raspiness and energy.

Also, damn...that was just one day?:rainbowderp:

Just about have some sympathy for ya Tirek, but you're getting just what your pride deserves: a good butt-whoopin! :rainbowdetermined2:
Excellent work, Bad! Creeped me out and DEFINITELY made me not wanna go to Tartarus :twilightsheepish:

A perfect execution for an unredeemable villain. Such wondrous chains Pride makes! I applaude your work! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Dum, Dum da dum* Lets see, what to read....hmmmm, Babs has a new story out and...its Tirek centered? OH god, one of my fave writers on this site just wrote a Tirek story! EEEE!

*Reads* and it was awesome as expected. Thank you you wonderful lady you!


I understand what you mean. :twilightsmile: Thanks.


Awww, thanks! :twilightsheepish: Hope you enjoy the story!


That's kinda what I was thinking too.

Hell is brutal.

4659381 4659438

Thanks my friends! :moustache:

Damn.... just... damn. Tragedy is one of the tags I don't tend to read if it's by itself.

But damn.

4659062 4659092
Oh, I didn't do much. I just gave you a suggestion that I believed would maintain the flow and mood of your story straight through the finish line. Of course, I'm thrilled that you agreed with the suggestion, Bad, and that people (ponies) liked it so much. Thanks much!

Bad :V

Bad good

Bad good good good good good

Heh, he didn't even last one day. Non-sociopaths really shouldn't try world domination. They just don't have the stomach for either success or failure. You can only manage it if you truly feel no empathy at all.

Rather reminds me of Itachi's demonstration of Magyeko Sharingan the first time when he had Kakashi in the mental prison and was stabbing him a bazillion times for what seemed forever... but it was only a minute.

The plan isn't enough. No plan is ever enough.

Megalomaniac bastard centaur deserves this.

This story was really good Bad :pinkiehappy: you made Tartarus sound absolutely terrifying. Thanks for writing this!

Excellent story! Just a thought for all of us. Just how long IS a day in Tartarus? No answer to this is expected just a thought.

Loved that last part.

And that pic reminds me of this song:

Ganon and Tirek are quite similar!


What a freaking pussy! I bet I could go at least a whole week! Hell, I could manage Hell pretty well. I'm insane enough to do the job.

I am sorry, but Tirek...damn it, son! You freaking wimp! One day! You went nuts in just ONE day! You disappoint me, money-horse...


Thanks. That means a lot that you enjoyed something you don't normally read! :pinkiehappy:


You're welcome my friend! :twilightsmile:


Thanx para :heart:


He certainly does.


Yeah, I would suck at being a tyrant. :rainbowlaugh:


You're welcome! Glad you liked it. :moustache:


Thank you! An interesting thought indeed.


Yes they are. :moustache:

4664050 Ah I was hoping to meet Satan :( Well back to the lost land for me!


I don't know whether to feel sorry for the soul that will never find redemption, or just nod my head and say 'he deserved it'...

Ugh...moral conflicts :applecry:

4663619 Tartarus isn't just the Underworld you know, in Greek mythos, there was Asphodel. The field were the regular Joe's went upon death, to wander for eternity or until they chose rebirth. Elysium and the Isles of the Blessed, for those who had been good and righteous (see, Perseus, Jason, etc.) and the Isles for those who lived so through three lifetimes. The Fields of Punishment, where the monstrous mortals were tortured for eternity (although some think men like Hitler get their souls sewn into Hades garments.) Then Tartarus is for those beings who... Kronos, Hyperion, Kampe, titans and monsters the likes of which are more horrendous than any human could ever be. That place is designed to be Hell for Demons. To make the likes of Tirek go mad, any human... that place is literally poisonous to mortals and even most monsters, insanity, spirits of curses and plagues, rivers of fire, the starting point for the River's Styx and Lethe. Even the bravest of Demigods,and Gods! Dare only to venture there in times of the greatest of crises'.

very nice read. gotta say the title of the story and chapter hooked me into reading it. very nice choice :ajsmug:


I don't know whether to feel sorry for the soul that will never find redemption, or just nod my head and say 'he deserved it'...
Ugh...moral conflicts :applecry:

Ugh...moral conflicts :applecry:

moral conflicts



That is all. Equestria is ours.


Wow, j-just WOW.

I have no words, you write Tartarus ever so perfectly, I mean you sound it like the REAL Hell. I love the ending I love the beginning-heck I love EVERYTHING,

I feel both on sides of feeling sorry or saying he deserved it. You wrote Tirek in both a different and familiar light. For this entire fic, I give you a full fav and like.

Keep writing Babs-Oh and you got yourself a new follower.

May you live on and have more followers as you write down masterpieces of the masterpieces

4664050 I would be best tyrant. *Alondro blows up Tibet... because it's fun!*


4665483 So what you are saying...

...is that it is a bad route to take if you're making a pizza delivery?

Damn. That sucks.

4666618 No one can write Hell perfectly. Hell is what you personally think of it. At least in my opinion.

For e, Hell is a place where Justin Beiber sings non-stop. Every. Freaking. Day. And. Night|.

Clicked for the title.:moustache:

Read cuz its Bad Seed:eeyup:

Liked for the tragedy pull-off:rainbowdetermined2:

Faved for the chronicling of a good fic:yay:
~Dash The Stampede

I like to think this is how Porky Minch feels in a certain game...

Well written.

4663619 With what 4665483 said, you could probably go about five minutes before going batshit insane.

4671591 I doubt it. I am already insane, so that saves time getting to that stage. :) :D

Sorry for unfollowing you. It's nothing personal, I just must have accidently clicked on the follow button while visiting your page once, and only noticed when your post started appearing in my feed.

As bad as I feel for Tirek going insane - well, more insane than he already was - well... he's corrupt to his very core. He's a bad guy, and bad guys do bad things.

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