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Ink Magic

I am Ink Magic, I serve Princess Luna as a simple scribe, tasked with writing all happenings within Equestria. I am also a loyal member of the New Lunar Republic!


Updates · 10:37pm Aug 15th, 2014

Hey, ponyfolk. Sorry I haven't been updating. I've been reading Fallout: Equestria lately (as well as side stories) and being a tad busy when I'm not. And school's starting soon, my first year of high school. I'm gonna be quite busy with homework, so I might forget about FimFiction. I'm not dead, just at school. Anyways, I'll be continuing Raising Chaos (and trying to update near the end of every week...hopefully) and I'll be tweaking Equestria's Future Guardians before I start uploading more

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About Me

I'm just a humble scribe to the princesses. I am told that I write well for my age (fifteen, in case your wondering). I LOVE LOVE LOVE stories about Discord. And I ship Disletia (shhhh! Don't tell the Princess!) I greatly enjoy playing Xbox (I have an Xbox 360) and the games I most enjoy are Call of Duty games (though I only have MW 2 and 3, I'm saving up to buy Ghosts, MW 1 and whatever others there are, and every other CoD game I can find). I also like (LOVE) Marvel and if anyone says girls can't like video games/comic books/etc etc, I shall rant about it until their ear falls off.

My Humble Writings

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