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Darkness: 1st place in /fic/'s "What Lies Beneath" minific competition. Luna searches for the force that will grant her the power to overshadow her sister, but soon discovers that the Darkness is not hers to master. The same is not true for the Darkness.

A Deal to Last a Lifetime: 3rd place in /fic/'s "The Price of a Dream" minific competition. Scootaloo getting to live with her idol is only a signature on a blank cheque away. According to Section 50, Clause 153, Subclause 3, the price of gaining a dream is losing another, but none can match up to that... right?

Spikes and Stones: 3rd place in /fic/'s "My First New Years Alone" competition. A dragon must consume a wyrmstone before they can truly reach their potential, and the best way to do so is to rip it from the heart of a golem. Such is easier said than done, as a young and brash Spike quickly learns, but with time and experience not even a stone-hewn monolith can survive the trial of fang and fire.

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Hee hee!

Gonna go edit the Nocturnes post now!


Author Interviewer

Good to see you posting some writing here at long last! :D

Figured I had pissed away enough time as-is. Are you just noting that I've posted new stuff, or are you thinking about reading these old buggers?

Author Interviewer

I'll read at least one to put in my review journals, so that I'll have reviewed something of yours. :) It's been long enough that none of the titles ring any bells, so I can rediscover these once again!

Sounds like a plan. If you decide to do Spikes and Stones, bear in mind that it's a story that references itself a lot due to the time-hopping between young and mature Spike, so one can't just read a paragraph and then discard it from memory, as it will come up again to add context to the scene.

Author Interviewer

Owait, I actually remember that one all of a sudden. @_@ That one was really good, as I recall.

Are you going to be adding more things to this compilation, or is it just these three?

I'll have a look through my old fics and see if there's anything else I could post but am too lazy to fix into something worthy of being a standalone story.

Author Interviewer

You should fix more things and post more stories! :V

Also we should stop babbling on your fic. c.c

Not like anyone is talking in this. DOA, unfortunately, but to be expected. Maybe mixing the chit-chat with some reviews would alleviate the issue?

Author Interviewer

Not if it's not on your account I can't. :V

I can link you to the Gdocs, but it was more a joke than anything.

Finally getting around to reading the rest of those Luna fics! This one does a really nice job of creating a scene and delivering its single punch effectively; it feels a bit like one of Asimov's short-shorts in that regard (though obviously not in tone or writing style). I could see writing a few more similarly-structured vignettes and using them in combination as a single story, if you were even inclined to expand upon this. Personally, I'm not sure this would fit well as a scene within a traditional narrative; I think it works better as a stand-alone, and being matched with several thematically similar stand-alones would give it that sense of narrative completeness without turning it into some drag-out slog.

In any event, though, this was very nice as a glimpse of a powerful moment, which is exactly what it was supposed to be. Nice work!


And I'm actually doing something similar, with a bunch of vignettes that interlink to form a greater whole, although it's for a different profile and indulges more... personal interests. Still, now that you've planted the idea in my head, I could see myself writing a few more additions to this one.

Might I interest you in the other shorts here? I've been told they're at least a decent way to kill some time, if nothing else.

Did you happen to enjoy my small contribution, by the by? I'm always looking for critique to improve my craft.

Author Interviewer

Aw man, you REALLY need to clean this up and post it on its own! It's so good, I've always loved it. :D

Which one, exactly? But I appreciate the praise nevertheless ^_^

Author Interviewer

Spikes and Stones, of course!

Ah, much obliged ^_^
Who knows, maybe I'll make it into a proper stand-alone story one of these days...

4437957 I would vote for that, this version of it is quite good but I would love to see it expanded a bit.

Heh, I would too. And thanks for the watch and favourite!

Not only did Scootaloo lose her dream about flight in getting Rainbow Dash to adopt her, but she lost her fosterparents who took her in when her parents died and now cannot propel herself on her scooter anymore. The lesson for us is that when makes contracts with supernatural entities, they always profit at our expense.

Naw, you just need to make sure to read the legalese and have a lawyer present at all times whilst signing the document.

Alright, so now that I've finally read this, I can say that even though the first story was kind of a dud, I was impressed by the other two. Not bad. I'll have to find a way to write short stories this well.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it ^_^

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