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I like crossovers


This story is a sequel to Knowledge is Power

Three years have passed since Twilight Sparkle disappeared into Apochrypha, followed by her friends. Will Equestria have changed in their absence? Will Apochrypha have changed them?

An unknown future awaits, but whether it will be bright or dark is something known only to those who have the gall to claim they are a higher being, and even that might not be enough to foretell everything.

All the while, something from the distant past returns.

Cover art provided by https://www.fimfiction.net/user/866/Cold+in+Gardez

My little pony is owned by Hasbro

Elder scrolls is owned by Bethesda Softworks

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Ooh... This looks interesting...

Hermaeus Mora didn't strike her as a lair.


"How many times must I tell you, you don't need to what for me to raise the moon."

wait for me to raise the moon

This must have been how so much cloud got through before the pegasi could divert the flow.

I love seeing how Celestia has handled everything that the mane 6 usually would, though makes me wonder what happened to Tirek, given the time frame he should have popped up.

thx fixed. Look at the character tags

Intrersting, I wonder if Tirek's slow build up of power got delayed by the shake up caused.

" Nice work, Aunty Luna," said Cadance, her and Shining Armour entering Luna's chamber behind them.

"Nice work Aunty Luna," said Cadence, she and Shining Armour entering Luna's chamber behind them.

The two elderly Princess's joined them happily.


It had taken a while, and a little counciling, but Cadance had finally gotten passed how she felt towards Shining for his roll in Twilight's predicament. He had trodded on eggshells for most of the time, but as of now, they were back to the loving newly weds to be they were. Though they had yet to take the final step.

counseling. past. role. trod

" So how was Ponyville?" Asked Luna from the couch across from where they were sat, her and Celestia sharing said couch.

"So, how was Ponyville?" Asked Luna from the couch across from where they sat, she and Celestia sharing said couch.

There were several small grammatical errors. I poked a few, but there are more dealing with tenses and too many words.

I do so love a good timeskip. I am excited to see how the story will continue thus far. Looks like the Girls get a "Story Time"

I have always had a hard time with grammer and I have as of yet, not been able to find a PR. Could always use help

combining their Clear Skies Thu'um....that it took seven Shouting as one to disperse the storm is telling...

I'd be happy to edit, I made a list of some corrections for this chapter, but it's really too long for a comment. (The most common fix was "no apostrophe in plurals".) Toss me a PM if you're interested, there's a bookshelf of stories I edit(ed) on my profile page.

Edit: Also, most of your paragraphs that open with a quote have an unnecessary space after the quote.

yes, it was telling just how strong that magic is...

I can't make promises of being always available, but you can poke me for it if you like. I will be looking for spelling, grammar, context, but not content or pacing.

My Ipad does that and won't stop.

From what I'm able to find on Google, that might be a "feature" of Smart Punctuation, you could try turning it off. (Settings > General > Keyboard, there's a switch labeled Smart Punctuation.)

And here we go!

This really could do with an editor you know, just to knock the rough edges off.

Egad, this came outta nowhere. Was just about to turn of my PC, when bam! a sequel popped up under "Knowledge is Power."

... I was just gonna start reading it again, shuddup...

Holy hot-shit, the girls except Spike, that nerd all got the Voice of dergens, can't wait to see how they utilize it!

Looking to the source, Celestia, Luna, and Cadance all gasped as Twilight and her friends stood just a few feet away, facing the dark storm. Seeing the long lost ponies was almost enough to make them forget about the current predicament, until another lightning strike illuminated them. The looks they wore were unsettling.

"Alright girls," said Twilight, pure murder in her eyes as she looked at the storm. "Again."

I didn't expected so soon a sequel... and it have an amazing beggining. Those paragraphs really piqued my curiosity, what they had lived? What did they learnt? What is that makes them unsettling? At the end of the previous history Hermaeus Mora "wired" them the Oghma Infinium.... already in follow, keep the amazing work

Well I guess I could drop anchor here but I should read the previous 100,000 word story that I have no time to read this month so I'm going in blind into this story rip me if I miss something.

thanks to old Herma-Mora, they real question is 'what DIDNT they learn?' no one hordes knowledge like the Prince of Fate, and only rarely do his secrets get released to Mortal kind...and always, such knowledge has its price.

there is a tale told of a particular scholar who decided to document all the Planes of Oblivion. he saw many wonders and terrors on this journey, from the unearthly beauty of Moonshadow to the horrors of Quagmire, the despair of Coldharbour to the devastation of the Ashlands...but when finally he came to Appocrapha, he never left. there r those who say that he wanders that dark realm still...seeking ever more forbidden secrets, amoung the endless stacks of books...

I was a little disappointed that Spike didn't get to use the Thu'um.


Before their eyes, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Spike inhaled deeply and opened their mouths wide:

Yes, he does:moustache:

I take it that next chapters will be a flashback that reveal how they rescue Durnehviir from Soul Cairn. It must be an adventure worth a best seller.

'Derpy, when this is over, if I survive, I'm going to dunk your head in the rainbow fountain.'

Why am I not surprised by this? :rainbowhuh:

oh my great way to start, and why do I have feel they all change

who bright idea was it to put derpy in charge???

"With a little ingenuity, the cloud workers were able to devise a changeling system," explained Spitfire, still in a slight panic.

I'm guessing that that was supposed to say channeling system, not changeling system?

Yeah the sequel more please let nocturnal and good daedra and aedra to equestria please and more please

I with you let the overall good or nice ones find a way or somehow the girls befriend them, thought I think the mad god would get along with discord

Let daedra and aedra to go to equestria please cause is Will be epic and awesome

It's already been explained why the Aedra can't, and the other Daedra shouldn't. (All Mora really wants is information, making him one of the more benevolent ones as far as Equestria is concerned. Azura is the only other one unlikely to really be a huge problem for Equus.)

I hope we have thief guild in this story Nightingale, nocturnal

The Aedra expended too much of their divine power in the creation of Nirni (yes I'm using the Ta'agra name for Nirn) and can't leave the mortal realm, hell they can barely even sway it's function's to the same level as their Daedra brotheren

Unless they combind equestria world and burn and the same time

I’d argue Meridia might be fine as well.

Did Cold in Gardez really make the cover art? I had no idea he did cover art for other people.

It was where I got the link

"And in return, after you have completed my request... you have my permission to witness the matrimonial ceremony of Princess Cadance and Captain Shining Armour... before you return to Apocrypha."

So Hermaeus Mora perfectly understand that if Equus fall down, one way or another, he would lose his new source of knowledge hunting. Plus his uncontrollable magical influence might have some impact on Equestria's magic if he deal with things directly. Still, it is nice of him to give his employees some break.

Hermaeus Mora wants to document the occasion.

Now I can see Hermaeus in their bedroom during the honeymoon while hiding in the closet to documenting and narrating it like he's working for the BBC.

Equus is his sandbox, and he doesn't want any of the other Princes to play in his sandbox.

Omg more please i want to know the fate of changeling Will thorax be a king of changeling

"When Chrysalis turned them into her minions... she left out the ability to feed," explained Rarity, taking up the spotlight as Twilight seemed in need of a break. "That is how she ensured their loyalty, unless she fed them love herself, they would starve."

Nasty AF :rainbowderp:

"They have been starving," confirmed Twilight. "For three years."

Yikes :twilightoops:

So the changelings are starving, Yikes!:twilightoops:

"When Chrysalis turned them into her minions... she left out the ability to feed," explained Rarity, taking up the spotlight as Twilight seemed in need of a break. "That is how she ensured their loyalty, unless she fed them love herself, they would starve."

This is so much better than the currently canon Changeling cannibalism in the show after Chrysalis was dethroned

Ok can't everyone please stop dislike me for once i know you'll pissed of about my comment but doesn't mean have to dislike comment of you tell me why

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