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The villains seem to finally have the heroes in their sights. It seems that the Legion of Doom will come out on top. Until Spike makes a split-second decision to save his friends and home, but it comes with a hefty price. Now Twilight and her friends must find a way to cope with in the wake of this tragedy.

The Ending Of The End Rewrite.

Cover art is by the amazing BiggerNate91

Rated T for moderate descriptions of injuries, blood, character death, sporadic mild language, and dark nightmares.

Other Characters include:

Princess Celestia and Luna
Starlight Glimmer
Big Mac
Luster Dawn
Cobalt Blitz (OC)

Chapters (11)
Comments ( 332 )

Oh dang that was sad it's really hard to see spike to die like that 😔 not just only the Main 6 ember thorax but most of the creatures seen the Fallen Hero 😢

Good start. When reading this, I could hear this remix in my head nonstop. https://soundcloud.com/user-241123070/heroic-fall-epic-ost-mix

what will the other chapters explore? where will this story go?

Me (Melee): *comforts Discord*

Nice concept, I made a similar story, but you showed Spike no mercy. I hope you read it. Also I wonder how Starlight will feel about losing one of her friends. Hopefully you aren’t too hard on Discord.

I’m not crying.
Yes you ar-
No I’m not.
You are-
I have no idea what you’re talking about, I am not crying.

Why Spike?! Why?! I hope there will be a chapter where Spike will be brought back to life!

The idea is good but it just stopped at the horror of Spike's death. I think it would have been good to add scenes of comfort in which the characters support one another. The bloody depictions weren't really needed in my opinion. I also recommend not using meta names like "Mane 6" in the story itself, as the girls never called themselves like this in canon.

I guess somebody doesn't like the song

I hardly ever cry, but this was too much to bear.

Hmmm. I made this picture on Derpibooru a while back, and someone in the comments of said picture wrote a short story very similar to this concept. Any relation?

I don't think so. I didn't even know about that pic until you brought it up.

Am I the guy you’re talking about?

Not quite. I was referring to this story in the comment section of the picture I linked.

I plan to have the Girls, Ember, and Thorax comforting one another after the next chapter.

Great job... you made me cry, XD... I am glad this didn't happen in canon though, that would make everyone, even the Spike haters, bawl their eyes out.

I think it should've, no I don't hate Spike, but I think it would've been nice to see him prove his worth in this way.

I'm having troubles with the next chapter.

WARNING: For those who don't want spoliers, don't continue.

I've managed to get all the Mane 6's funeral speeches written down, but I'm having trouble with the structure of Applejack's funeral speech. I've decided to include the time he worked endlessly for her after she saved him and how he was honest when he told his friends that he was just glad they were safe. I would also like some help writing Starlight's funeral speech, because I'm having a bit of writers block on that.

You need help with Starlight’s speech huh. Well I could help with that if you want.

Sure, but put a spoiler over it please? I don't want anything revealed to anyone else.

Okay then.

(Warning: Don't continue if you don't want spoilers)

Perhaps have her say stuff like how he was always there for her, and how he was always willing to help her and even after her many screw ups he still accepted her for who she was, and never stopped considering her as a friend.

Thank you for the suggestions. Your points work perfectly.

Cool, so when is chapter 2 coming out? Hopefully soon.

I'm hoping it's finished by the 21st, but we'll see.

"C'mon," Rainbow Dash said. "Let's get a plan together and save-"

Before Rainbow Dash could say anything more, her friends and she heard an ear-splitting explosion. They turned around only to find a huge, white beam of light shoot towards the sky. All six ponies felt their hearts sink and fresh tears welled up in their eyes as they knew full well that they were too late to save their friend.

Omg, I am literally picturing their faces and it’s so bad.

“I did it,” Spike thought as the magic beam began to fade. “I saved my friends and Equestria . I did the best I could, and I triumphed. I may be dying, but if the girls are safe that’s all that matters to me. ”

Spike is that definition of a “ride or die”.

“I...love...you,” Spike wheezed out, his message barely audible to the ponies around him. No sooner did he say his last word, then did the numbness finally spread all the way up his body. His eyes slowly fluttered shut as his last breath left his nose. He did it, he finally told Rarity how he truly felt about her, he had saved Equestria, and his friends were out of harm’s way. He was now at peace as the last of his senses faded away. According to Spike, he couldn’t have asked for it to turn out a better way.

I feel like rarity is going to be so traumatized.

Ember and Thorax felt tears welling up in their eyes as they saw the dragon that had helped them get into the position they were in now.

I didn’t even know ember could cry tears.

“Celestia! Luna!” screamed Thorax, trying his best not to break down and start sobbing right then and there.

Thorax, it don’t matter if you a king, you can break down if you want to.

“Deactivate the forcefield, now,” Celestia ordered, starting to feel nausoeous from the grusome sight of Spike's body.

Why was it up?

Equestria hadn’t lost its greatest hero that day, it had lost its savior that day.

What’s the difference?

You may have forgotten the Yaks, or Buffalos?

And Discord is absent? Then again. He did started this whole mess by forming the Legion Of Doom! 😤

I hope you learned your lesson discord you fucking bastard

Where are Big Mac and the CMC? Aren't they Spike's best friends?

Yeah and what about pee wee ( the Phoenix that Spike protected ) and little heartstrong?

I am so glad you gave Starlight a major role, her friendship with Spike is sort of overlooked a lot, so thank you for including her. Also wow you actually used my idea for Starlight’s speech. I’m honored, thank you for that. Now also I have some things to address, where is Discord? I think he would’ve showed up to the funeral, though you probably have something planned for him later. I really hope you aren’t too hard on the guy, he never meant for any of this to happen, I’m sure the guilt he carries is punishment enough.

Here lies Prince Spike Savior of Equestria Aged 13 in pony years May he forever be remembered

That young huh, eh I guess that’s fair, he is whatever age you want him to be, but for me he is likely 14 or higher because he was allowed to participate in the Gauntlet Of Fire, and he was allowed to work at the School Of Friendship with EEA approval, also it’s confirmed he’s 7-10 years younger than Twilight in Pony years. I could be wrong but that is only my opinion.

If you think about it he's probably hiding because you know who's going to blame him for what he did and what he cost so maybe he'll come out of hide and tell everybody is gone then probably he'll say something to him but it's just a guess

10631434 The author doing that, as much as we would like to see that happen, would dishonor and negate Spike's sacrifice.

Sometimes, in stories like this, as much as it hurts, the dead must STAY dead.

Or, as it says in the Bible, "No greater love hath any man (or dragon, in this case) than this, that he lay down his life for his friends".

Now we'll get to see what happens to the Legion of Doom™.


Tell that to the every Variant of Dragon Balls ( Earth, Namekian, Black Star, or Super Versions.).

Or Necromancy from probably Discord or even Twilight, IF they were that desperate enough. :twilightoops:

10641122 I tend to ingore those, as I absolutely despise anything Dragonball related.

As to that, no.
Just... no.
For one, as much as she wants him back, I very much doubt that Twi would do that.
And I don't think Discord would, either.

As I said earlier, to bring Spike back after he gave his life to save those he loved would not only dishonor his sacrifice, but cheapen it, as well.


Okay. You don't like Dragon Ball?! But, despise it??!! Jeez!!! Okay! :applejackunsure:

As for the rest of your Comment on about the Necromancy 'Option'. I did say 'probably', earlier. So, I also agree that Twilight, and even Discord wouldn't do that reckless. And as you said. Don't dishonor Spike's Heroic Sacrifice.

Just want to put in some Crazy What If Scenarios.

10641172 Okay, maybe "despise" was more than a bit strong.
I'm just NOT all that much into anime and I tend to react pretty... strongly... to it in most cases.
Trust me, though, I don't get as vitriolic about it, and it's variations, as I do to anything and everything Power Rangers.
Can-NOT stand that show!
Sorry if I came on a bit strongly about it.

Thinking back, yeah, you DID say that.
Indeed, and there's nothing wrong with that.

I have to wonder what's going to happen to the Legion of doom after this, though.
Guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Unless I somehow missed that being mentioned in this chapter, that is.


Your Opinion. And I'm actually a Fan for DB/DBZ/DB GT/DB Super/DB FighterZ/Xenoverse 1 and 2. While I agree that DB Heroes is a bit Silly.

And while I also Love Power Rangers. It can get Confusing with the MANY DIFFERENT Teams??!! And So much Dinosaurs, Samurai, Ninja Ranger Types??!! 😵

At least S.P.D is the only Space Police/Cop Theme Power Rangers or Mystic Force with Magic/Warlock/Witches.

As for the Legion Of Doom. I hope they screwed themselves, and get a Worst Punishment! Way Worse Than Death itself!!! :pinkiecrazy:

I'm more concerned with Discord. He is Guilt Ridden like Everypony/Everyone. BUT, he indirectly caused Spike's Death by freeing and forming the Legion Of Doom in the first place. :twilightangry2:

So the main 6 and Starlight along with ember and thorax made it back to the castle of friendship and all of them are still moaning and crying until 3 days later they had a funeral for him and there was a lot of familiar faces there to say their piece and everything everybody was very emotional after the ceremony was done the unveiled the statue of him for his bravery and sacrifice it will be a long time for anybody to recover but they will never forget Spike who save them all

Just a little quick one here I noticed the absence of the Yaks and the Buffaloes and little hearts strong should be there because she was pretty close to spike from the last episode and I'm surprised smolder friends did not comfort her they should I mean it's cool that garble was there for her but the other young 6 should be with her as well

That's what friends and famiy do for each other.

should be family.

Update: as of 1/22, Big Mac, the CMC, and Peewee are now included in the funeral chapter. I apologize for not including them the first time, I had a memory blank.

10642109 Thanks.
And that's your right, just as it's mine to NOT like 'em.

And yeah, that's what gets me about PR, other than that I just outright don't like the series.
Saban (or WHOEVER the heck owns 'em right now) has reached the point that they're running out of ideas for it, and it's starting to pull a "Simpsons".
As in, it's been around WAY too long and just needs to go bye-bye for good.
My opinion, you understand.

As to the Legion of Doom's punishment, agreed.
And as I've heard it said, sometimes there are WAY worse things in life than death.
But as I said, we'll see what happens to them in the story.
And soon, I hope.

Yeah, me, too.
I hope Flutters and the girls can help him with his guilt, or he MAY end up doing something drastic.


Don't forget Big Mac, CMC, and even Pee Wee the Phoenix.


Edit: Never mind. You added them in. Thanks! :eeyup:

"Good afternoon, Mares, Gentlecolts, Fillies, Colts, Dragons, Griffons, Hippogriffs, Changelings, and Kirins," Celestia started before wiping away a tear.

Damn, is all of equestria here? Also, isn’t colt and gentlecolts the same thing?

Unfortunately, the blast also sent shards of the bell into Spike's little body, the magic blast burned most of his abdomen to a crisp and, according to the autopsies, his ability to taste and smell were lost almost instantly due to his sinuses being fried beyond repair. The magic was also powerful enough to destroy his immune system and his internal organs were so badly damaged, they were almost unrecognisable."


She made her way back to her shocked friends, even though it felt good pouring her heart out in that speech, she still felt weary of the catastrophic results that unfolded after that horrendous battle three days earlier.

I’m shocked, too. I didn’t even think she’d make it up there.

"Then there was the time you spent your day off at Sweet Apple Acres staying with me when you heard from Applejack that I had a cold. You refused to leave my side and I remember you even sang me a lullaby to help put me to sleep. All those kind things you've done lead all three of us to eventually grow a crush on you for your kindness. We just wish we could've told you sooner," Apple Bloom confessed, feeling a small amount of relief after getting her confession off her chest.

Wait, the others aren’t gonna react to this or did they already know?

Once the filles were back to their seats, Big Mac turned around and faced Spike. The usually stoic stallion had felt sad when he thought Sugar Belle, but it was nothing compared to what he felt now.

Is there an error here?

"Spike," he began. "It's gonna be really different now that you're gone. I'm still trying to comprehend how you decided that you wanted to go out like that, just to keep us out of harm's way. Guys' night won't be the same without you. Discord's been feeling really, really guilty about what happened. I convinced him to come, but he's too emotionally distraught to even speak." The crimson stallion sighed heavily. Like his other close friends, Spike's death had done a number to him emotionally.

Damn, you know it’s serious, then.

There's also something else I need to get off my back. Ever since you helped reform my brother, Garble, I started getting this weird feeling whenever I was around you, my heart would feel so light and fluttery and my face would always heat up a bit. I also got this feeling when I began thinking of you. I asked my friends why I felt this way and they told me I, like the Cutie Mark Crusaders, had fallen for you. At first, I didn't believe them, but as time went on, I realized they were right. I love you, Spike, more than anything. I wanted to tell you this after the battle with the Legion of Doom, but I guess fate had other plans in mind," she paused as she leaned into the coffin, closed her eyes, and planted a kiss on the dead center of the sleeping adolesent's forehead. "Sleep tight, cutie pie."

Are you kidding me? This man, spike had his own harem.

After Thorax sat back down, Ember made her way next to the deceased Spike.

Calling it now, this girl ember about to lose it.

Ember began to tear up and it felt harder and harder to keep her composture. "This isn't fair. You didn't deserve to go out like that. When I think about it more, you deserve the title of Dragon Lord more than I do. You got to the Bloodstone Sceptor first, but you handed it to me out of pure kindness." Ember started feeling really bad, "What did I do for you in return? Nothing. I never considered ever asking you if I could help you out with anything important. You always came to me if I needed help." Ember could take no more, and became the third creature that day to break down and cry at the funeral. All that guilt that suddenly reared its ugly head to her during her speech. She realized all her mistakes, and she could now do nothing to fix them.

Called it.

"You've given me your heart so many times, Spike. I regret that I have just this one time to give you mine," Rarity said. She walked away after casting one last look at her knight in shining scales.

Not gonna lie, I was not expecting that.

Now, it was Twilight's turn. She felt the most crushed out of everyone there. She had hatched Spike and had spent everyday of his short life with him. He was always considered to be her "Number One Assistant". Overtime, however, the two grew closer and the lavendar Alicorn slowly began to consider Spike as, not just a friend, but as her son.

Yup, she gonna take it hard.

She began to cry. "To top it all off, I realized that my friends and I have almost never considered taking you on our missions. You've always been stuck at the castle or the library cleaning up the place so it looks nice for us when we get back." By now, Twilight was now sobbing. All her past mistakes that she had done without even realizing them hit her full-on. "I'm a horrible, mother," she whispered through her tears.

Again, called it.

Once Twilight was carried back, Celestia, Luna, and Cadence gently closed the top of the coffin, lifted it off the stand, and began to slowly lower the golden box into its final station six feet underground.

What, they ain’t gonna say nothing?

Before the Princesses were able to get it even a foot under, however, Ember, Garble and his posse, Smolder, and all the other dragons stood up, walked to the hole in the ground, formed a line on either side of it, turned 180 degrees to face the crowd, looked up, and breathed fire at the sky for a solid 30 seconds. The fire altered colors as it was emmitted, changing from purple to green and green to purple. Everyone watched in awe as the dragons put on their fire show to honor Spike.

Once the dragons sat back down, a Phoenix came flying overhead followed by another 200 more. The Phonix squawked orders at the other Phoenixes and they began to make a shape while flying in the sky. Within 30 seconds, the shape was complete, and everyone realized that the Phonixes had made Spike's head in the sky while flying in place. Then the Phoenix in the lead broke off and flew down toward the coffin hovering no more that two feet above Spike. It didn't take a genius to figure out that was Peewee. Peewee looked down sadly at his owner lying in his final resting bed before looking up to the sky and letting out a mournful squawk to the clouds. The other Phoenixes followed suite and squawked toward the sky, mourning the Dragon who had saved Peewee from certain death. After finishing his mournful squawking, Peewee landed in the coffin, wrapped his wings around Spike head, and nuzzled his cheek lovingly. The he flew back up to join the other Phoenixes in the sky. They all cast one last look at the open coffin before flying back to the Everfree Forest

Ok, this is probably the cleanest funeral I’ve ever seen.

After what seemed like forever, the hole was refilled and the tragic event was almost over. The princesses went over to the object that was obscured by the white sheet and they slowly pulled the white sheet away. Once it was off the object was revealed to be a statue of Spike. He was wearing body armor and holding a sword in his right hand while looking up at the sky with a determined expression. There was a plaque on the front of the base of the statue with letters carved into it.

Ok, now he has two statues and I can’t decide which one is better.

Here lies Prince Spike Savior of Equestria Aged 13 in pony years May he forever be remembered

Oh snap, they got man as prince spike. Nice to know they recognize my man. I wonder what would have happened if they had put “princess spike”?

"Twilight," Fluttershy began in a serious tone, her usual soft tone had vanished. "I know you miss Spike more than all of us combined, but I want to get something straight right now. None of this was your fault, you could've done nothing to prevent this. I too felt like this could've been prevented, but then I realized he did it for all of us. He gave up his future, his dreams just to ensure that Equestria was safe again. If it were you in that casket and Spike was here, he would've wanted to be there for us and would've wanted to know that we were able to fully cope with loss before being able to move on. If you want to remember Spike the most, take lessons from what he did so you won't be able to make the same mistakes in the future. I know it's tough for all of us now, but we'll find a way through this, I promise."

Wait, what mistake did she make? Shouldn’t she be telling all this to discord? Because, I’m guessing he’s still there.

"Hey, Twilight, Celestia," Garble asked. "If it isn't too much to ask, can my buddies and I stay with Smolder in her dorm room? I want to be there for her to help guide her through this."

Dang, the dorms that big?

As everyone headed back home, they were all filled with new hope. Spike's death was a true tragedy, but in that tragedy, lessons were learned and in a way, they had all come out stronger because of it.

Did they?

(Hopefully this comment gives everyone a break from the feels. I tried my best to make as many funny comments as I could.)

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