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Greetings, my name is W. D. Arceaion, former <Redacted> of <Redacted>. I was a Human till I accidentally shattered myself across Time and Space.


This story is a sequel to Returning Home

With the defeat of the Changeling Queen Chrysalis and the Swarm, Twilight departs for the long forgotten Harmony Empire however when they arrive not everything is as it seems. Darkness is rising and the wind whispers of a great evil that is soon to come, the clock ticks down to the final hour as old wounds cut deeper. Their only hope lies in a long buried secret that will change the course of the future and reveal the dark past of how Equestria came to be.

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I could be naïve for thinking this but it sounds like the two queens are neutral.

Also has the Empire just been semi-dormant for the past 6+ millennia?

i like it. nice set up. i look forward to seeing where this goes. keep up the good work!

The Empire has been active but those who knew of it thought it was merely a legend. With it being confirmed that it's real means trouble for a lot of kingdoms. There is a reason as to why it simply seemed to stop doing anything but I won't be saying as it will give away far too much of what is to come.

All I can say is that if one looks between the lines them you can see what's been going on with them as well as to the name of the story.

I have a really big theory since you used Kerrigan in the prequel and you refer to something that is of some thing more dark can we expect Amon the corrupted xel’naga as like some rare species that was thought extinct

That would really seem interesting

"Prepare my Chariot, I wish to greet the new Empress their personally."

Could business be picking up already? This sequel is gonna interesting

You can expect rare and different species but the Kerrigan thing was kind of a one off. This isn't really a displaced story or a cross over but I may or may not have plans for something similar to the xel’naga. :trollestia:

I loved the first one so I know I will love this one as well
Who is this other changling queen, I have an Idea but i won't jump to conclusions

Yes (I might know what your gonna do but I won’t spoil)

Also it wouldn’t be bad to maybe do a Starcraft cross over I’ve seen some good ones on this so I mean yeah but you don’t have to I’m just giving you an idea for a new story as you have done some cross overs (I think)

Holy 🦆 I just read the discription of this again and I realized that part of it is a mention to another story’s chapter

I don't think it mentions another story...oh, yeah it does reference the prequel a bit.

Lot of night or dark names for the imperials. A subtle protest against Celestia or coincidence?

The Eternal Empire... I hope it does better than the one with same name in galaxy far far away)

Every time I reread returning home the prequel to this story I just think of legends never die song in my head

makes one wonder, chrysalis had to of known of the harmony empire then.. if the other queens knew

Looking forward to this.

Hopefully Twilight doesn’t suddenly attempt a stab from changeling PTSD. Besides that I welcome the new Harmony empire and hope to some sort of deity that nothing goes wrong and everyone is happy. Nope no bad things ever. Can’t wait to read this bad boy!

nah chrysalis was incompetent

aww is this another dead story. oh wait it was published Thursday nevermind. wow I’m actually not too late

"Your Majesty, it is an Honor to meet you. I am Ebony Moon, I am honored to server under you as Commander of the Dusk Guard." A Pegasus Stallion said said calmly. He wore plain heavy black armor and a red cape signifying his as a captain.

Serve under

"That may be true but she's still the apprentice of the Masters." Said another of the warriors that appeared to be a nine tailed fox. "Forgive my rudeness your Majesty, I am Victory Moon Captain of the Imperial Guard."

Victory Moon, Captain of The Imperial Guard

"The Harmony Empire is the only place on Equus that contains a non-bias history meaning that history is written as it was not as it is believed to be. As a result the Empire has many enemies who wish to destroy these secrets and prevent the truth coming out. Unfortunately for them the Empire is vary protective of the knowledge contained with in the archives." Twilight said with a smile. "In ancient times they were known as the only kingdom to not only defeat the Holy Romane Legions but to also as the destroyers of the Kingdom of Alicornia."

Very protective, non biased

Lunar Celesteal smiled and bowed her head. "We will not fail in your trust. We are called upon when the Dusk guard is unable handle a situation and also act as consultants or special guards. As a Knight of Dawn we are also given a rank within the nobility of the Empire."

Dusk Guard

I've been waiting for this, glad it's back in action.

This is good, I like this.

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