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A young man who has searched every convention he has gone to for the infamous Merchant in hopes of being displaced but now he is given a chance to be the hero he's wanted to be when he is asked to be a power ranger. Will he save Equestria or will Equestria fall?

For those who will question and or complain about my choices on which kind of power rangers I'm using its a mix, I like gokaiger but I am more familiar with super megaforce so I'm mixing both together and will change some other things.

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... Well, you already have Strike One against the story. It's Merchant. Strike Two is that you spelled save as safe in the short description.

Not a good start.

Thank you for letting me know that I made those mistakes, i’m still new to writing and I sometimes overlook small mistakes like that I think you for the criticism but please try to not be so rude next time.

Ok so far. I wonder who will join the team?

The badly grammar'd title isn't a strike by itself? Because it really should be The Greatest Treasure instead of what it currently is.

I'd say it's semantics, but the title is literally the first thing you see when reading a story, even before the cover. It boggles me how many people just straight up get this sort of thing wrong so often.

This shall be fun. Also Zed should be Zedd, he has 2 d's in his name. Wonder if Roger knows about what happened to Silverback? Could be a good way to get Goldar to just revolt against Lord Zedd over honor. After all who orders you to kill your own brother to show loyalty? That's messed up and dishonorable.

Really? Huh I did not know either of those thank you for pointing them out.

Anytime. Yeah the Silverback thing happened in the Comics as part of Goldar's origin story. I think in the Lost Chronicles Book for Annuals and such. We also get to see the origins for the others of Rita's crew. Baboo I think was a prince after poisoning the then king of his planet, a tyrant I think and gaining the throne. Unrelated the guy too I think. Squatt was given up as an offering to Rita as a baby by his parents cause reasons and were killed as a result when it was meant to keep them alive or something. There was more to it I think.

Finster was an artist who made those statues of clay monsters, spooking the rest of his kind or something. There was an incident with his wife where she was accidentally killed and he joined Rita to bring her back through living clay statue with her memories, usually resulting in her being destroyed again because apparently the idea of couples therapy isn't a thing to him which would help fix a lot of stuff.

Rita's mother was a guardian of something I think and the Dragon Coin belonged to her which means Rita was the rightful heir to it, explaining why she had it but at some point it was taken and put on planet Rutabaga I believe they spelled it with the Rutabagians watching over it til Rita under false pretenses of being reformed stole it back for evil. Zordon was actually her godfather and promised her mother, dying from a battle wound, when Rita was still a baby, he'd protect her from her father Master Vile, which he apparently failed at given Rita became evil in the first place. Not sure what exactly happened there, still a mystery.

Also Roger is definitely behind depending on WHEN he left cause Goldar Maximus got destroyed by the Beast Morpher, Dinocharge, MMPR and Dino Thunder Rangers after getting cloned by Ryjack along with a few other revived villains. Making that his first official defeat that doesn't involve retreating.

Wow I should try to read the comics they sound better and better, as for when Rodger was displaced, in terms of the show he only saw up to season 1 of beast morpher, and hadn’t gotten around to watching the original version yet

Ah then he doesn't know of Evox's true identity and the threat he truly poses. As if taking out an Ultrazord, one hit human size wasn't bad enough.

And they are great.

Interesting concept, but I feel like everything is a little to fast pace if ya know what I mean, I know your not the best writer but can you try to slow down the sequence of events a little bit, if it's not to much trouble.

Nice Chapter!
I like how you left what happened in the other Equestria out to use at another time :)
A surprise for the bad guys is always great for laughs
the whole Power Rangers are a blast from the past to me
I love it
you could take some more time to describe things because this story is moving a little fast
and perhaps try to write more about the Gender reversal roles more not only the bad policy regarding them.
But tis a nice world and perspective of things...
try broading your perspective more and tis would be perfect :)

Say have you seen the stuff about Zenkaiger yet? Something tells me if that bleeds through it'll really be crazy. Possible Megazord Rangers from screenshots and unconfirmed but theorized right now but would be metal, combine to form a giant Ranger Triforia Power style. Also new info about Zedd in the comics, images of him and another are hinting heavily that he may be Eltarian and a member of Zordon's team if he wasn't the leader himself who fell somehow leading to his current appearance as Goldar and Silverback were surprised when they first met him wondering what happened to him implying he didn't always look like the muscular system.

You do know that the morphing sequences are instant. it's just a flash of light and they transform. the sequences in the show are made for the viewers as a representation of how they could look they take just an instant in real time. The Saban company and some of the creators of the Sentai Seasons said this so you do not need to describe the morphing sequences as often.

I apologize if I was unclear, the morphin sequences only happened when he is not on his world, because it is slowed down slightly

Oh I'm only mentioning this to let you know that you don't have to put in the morphing sequence every time they morph that's all

She then turns and grabbing and to one of the rocks and send a storm of them sending my back again.

"She flipped it around with Rock Throw," Edward looked on.

I then saw Eevee craned her head back and a ball of light formed over her open Maw. She then sent a beam of white light at me.

"She is very strong if she mastered Flash Cannon to that degree," Edward noted. "I say she's stronger than a normal level fifty, on par with a level sixty to sixty-five."

She then turns and grabbing on to one of the rocks and send a storm of them back in my direction.

"She flipped it around with Rock Throw," Edward looked on.

I then saw Eevee craned her head back and a ball of light formed over her open Maw. She then sent a beam of white light at me.

"She is very strong if she mastered Flash Cannon to the degree," Edward noted. "I say she's stronger than a normal level fifty, on par with a level sixty to sixty-five."

you copy this part twice

Thanks for pointing that out, somehow both me and my editor missed that.

I have implied that there is a third person in Primevals and Conduits and Hearth's Warming Tales reveals more of the third.... whom happens to be known to the Rangers of Earth... as Billy Cranston.

Love it cant wait for the next chapter.

“Discord I’ve come to bargain!”

Discord immediately turns to me put a Griffin hand to his chest. “Excuse me?! Do I look like a giant flaming headed creature voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch? No; so don’t be pulling any of those references around me Mr. whoever you are.”

This really is a funny bit of conversation here

I Am Loving This Story So Far


I agree with this person that there should be more chapters

Wanna do a crossover with my Soundblaster character?

it's too fast-paced slowdown.

Interesting, though you didn't describe what the monster looks like at all.

He jinxed it. XD Well, finally caught up on this one. Time to fave and track.

What story was this chapter crossovered with? Also, this story belongs in the displaced group, don't know why it was taken off from that group.

Optimus prime G1’s story conversion carnage unfortunately has not yet been posted as he wants to get a few chapters written before it’s posted, but with this link you’ll be able to find it as soon as he does.

im not even halfway through this chapter and this intro got me, but I still prefer this one tho

True. The original MMPR theme is the best; but the Gokaiger fits the overall theme of the story. I'd guess the last chapter would end with the use of the Gokaiger ending theme (whatever version is current)

Another great chapter.^^

Thank you, I hope my work will continue to be as good or get better over time and my readers continue to enjoy my stories. Would anyone like Roger to crossover with any of my other displaced?

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