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Greetings, my name is W. D. Arceaion former <Redacted> of <Redacted>. I was a Human till I accidentally shattered myself across Time and Space.

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Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game also Know as a DMMO-RPG It's a type of game that allows you to immerse yourself as if you were in it, there were many DMMO's but the most popular and famous was the game Heroes of Heaven. However after twelve years the time has come for it to end the servers to be shut down. However some endings are merely beginnings waiting to be born, my beginning was much the same. I am Shadow Nebula, the Fire Fox of Equestria and this is the story of my guild.

This story is a group project so big thanks to Prysmkitsune, Sanguine Blade, Vaguely Demented, JohnrId03 and The Cynical One for the help they are giving me on this story.

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For most bronies going to Equestria would be a dream come, I'm not most bronies. I went to a game convention simply for fun dressed as my SWTOR Bounty Hunter character and end up here for my efforts, even worse I'm stuck with two fillies that I'm going to have to raise as leaders. Tahla'ada Vadugilyr!

Warning: I'm using Legends Star Wars Lore not Cannon Star Wars Lore.

*Rating and Tags will be changed as needed
*This is a Star Wars the Old Republic displaced story, I don't own SWTOR or Star Wars but the Character is mine so don't bloody steal it ya filthy sinners.
*some words in this story are written in Mando'a, the language spoken by Mandalorians.

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There once was a pony who could forge magic, not magic items but but Magic Cores. This is the story of the Magic Smith.

This was a one shot but popular demand asked for more so I will be posting more. This was simply an idea that popped into my head and I had fun writing it. I hope you enjoy.

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This story is a sequel to Returning Home

With the defeat of the Changeling Queen Chrysalis and the Swarm, Twilight departs for the long forgotten Harmony Empire however when they arrive not everything is as it seems. Darkness is rising and the wind whispers of a great evil that is soon to come, the clock ticks down to the final hour as old wounds cut deeper. Their only hope lies in a long buried secret that will change the course of the future and reveal the dark past of how Equestria came to be.

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I use to be an average guy, had a job and worked through college but one day that all changed. Now I'm reborn in new world with the body and memories of Chara Dreemurr. Over all not a bad deal, there's only one problem. The one who did this to me is trying to destroy me because I won't be a puppet. Now I have a choice, fight or become another enslaved puppet to this monster.

Tags will be added as necessary.
Story Cover Image changes to reflect the state of the story so expect it to change often.

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Twilight Sparkle, Element of Magic, Hero of Equestria and first casualty in the Changeling war. When she passed she became the rallying cry for the Equestrians in the short lived war. When Chrysalis attempts a surprise attack on Canterlot a mysterious figure in armor appears and slays Chrysalis in front of the princesses. Now it's time they learn that anyone can change.

For better or worse.

Big thanks to Nightcloak for the huge help in editing this train wreck of a story.

This Story was featured on 7/28/2018
Thank you to everyone who has read this. I never thought this would happen and am honored beyond words.

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Twilight Sparkle, Element of Magic and Hero of Equestria was thought lost in the event known as the Canterlot Catastrophe. But when a recon unit lead by Princess Celestia and Luna to see is anything can be salvaged from the castle finds traces of a survivor that leads them to her everything changes. However no one can live through what she has and truly survive intact, what will she do when she is saved? Will she even be the same pony, or something... else?

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The world is a cruel place. Everything was going perfectly for Celestia. She was happy, married, and Equestria was thriving. Funny how everything can be stolen so quickly, how the world can crush your joy and leave you with nothing. Now Celestia wanders broken and alone in a city of ghost.

This is a one shot so there will be no squeal or any thing... Well I might do one if you all really want. This was simply an idea that poped into my head and I had fun writing it. I hope you enjoy.

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My name is Orion direct decedent of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad the greatest leader of the Assassins and Ezio Auditore da Firenze the Assassin that restored our order. Being a decedent of the family the Templar's hate most also makes my life a living hell. Doesn't help that I'm the last Assassin on earth, (thank the Templar's for that) and also have both Altaïr and Ezio's Apples of Eden. After running in to a gaming convention to escape my Templar pursuers and almost dying I find myself in a new world. Now free from the Templar's wrath I might finally be able to find peace and maybe, just maybe rebuild the Brotherhood.

Big shout out to JohnrId03 for assisting me in the creation & development of these characters.

* Warning there are BIG spoilers in the comments so be careful if you read them.
*Big side note you will have to have played or watched the Assassin's Creed games up to Assassin's Creed: Revelations to actualy understand parts of the story.

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