• Published 20th May 2019
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Fire Fox - Arceaion

When the DMMORPG Heroes of Heaven shut down some players stayed to the bitter sweet end vowing to see there world die this is the story of those who stayed.

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Chapter 2: Ponies and Magic

Shadow Nebula sat on the throne on the ninth floor and sighed. "Aurora, I'm bored." He said with a sigh.

Aurora turned to look at him, her head tilted in thought. "We could go train our magic again father." She offered however Shadow frowned and shook his head.

"It's been a month Aurora; I've adjusted to my magic. Even worse is that there's nothing around." He said with a yawn.

Aurora nodded. "We've already walked through all the floors and meet with the NPC's." She said in thought. "I honestly don't know what we could do."

Shadow sighed and rose from the throne. "This world is so boring." He said tiredly before his ears perked up. "Hey Aurora, what do you think about starting a form of court for the people who live here?"

Aurora tilted her head in thought before smiling and nodded. "I think the people would appreciate it a lot." She replied happily.

Shadow nodded walked toward the exit of the shrine. "I have some business with Artificius later but how about I grab Arial and Ecx and we can have a picnic on the eight floors?" He asked Causing Aurora to smile and run after him.

"Yeah, let's go!" She exclaimed happily.

Shadow chuckled. "Calm down Aurora, I need to-" A sudden ping went off as the Message system activated.

{"My Emperor, someone has entered the First Floor of the temple, however they appear to be sentient."} Occhi said calmly.

Shadow frowned. "What do they look like?" He asked.

{"They look like some sort of equine, from their stature and size I think they're ponies and they're absolutely adorable!" She squealed.

Shadow frowned. "Focus Occhi, what else can you tell me?" He asked in a patient tone.

{"They have different colored coats, ones blue with a darker blue mane and tale, the other is a purplish gray and has a purple mane and tale with whitish gray stripes running through them."} Occhi said calmly.

Shadows eyes widened as he gasped. "Impossible, then again everything that's happened thus far has been thought impossible as well." He muttered under his breath before his eyes narrowed. "Occhi this is very important, do they have a symbol on their flank, it should appear as a picture."

{"I can't tell form where I am, I'll move to get a better view."} Occhi replied before the faint sound of wind was heard. {"Yes, they have a mark on their flanks but... oh there may be a problem."} Occhi said sadly.

Shadow began to move quickly motioning for Aurora to follow him as he quickly exited the Throne Room and walk through the shrine. "What's wrong Occhi?" He asked in deep concern.

{"The ponies are bleeding heavily and there are a lot of injuries on them."} Occhi said calmly. {Emperor, there is a second group and they appear to be Griffons, they're heading straight for the ponies!"}

The fur on Shadows face paled. "Protect those ponies Occhi, I'm on my way!" He said quickly before cutting the connection and reconnecting with Ecx. "Ecx, You are needed on the First floor and move quickly, prepare for combat scenarios as well." He said before sending another message.

{What's up Nebura?"} Artificius asked as the connection established.

{"I'll explain more when you get there but I know where we are and we have a problem, I need you on the first floor now, I'm on my way as we speak."} Shadow said as a portal opened and he stepped through to the first floor, as he stepped through he reached into his inventory and pulled out his sword. "Sorry fellas, but I'm going to ask you to leave my Shrine now, you're not welcome." He said calmly.

'Run, find some place safe to leave her!' That was all injured Twilight Velvet thought as she and her Husband, Night Light, thought as they ran; behind them the screeched of the griffons could be heard as they drew closer.

"Were not going to make it Velvet!" Night light huffed tiredly as he ran beside her.

"Then we fight." Velvet said her voice wavering from exhaustion but determined.

Night Light shook his head. "No, there's nothing around for miles and ev- what's that!?" He asked as he and Velvet slowed and gawked at the mountain that stood before them.

The mountain was the size of the Canterhorn, the mountain on which Canterlot was built, but the biome it held was something neither pony had ever seen. Massive trees covered the mountain and the underbrush was thick with moss and stones, an ancient stone path was carved into the mountain a d flanked by strange statues.

Twilight Velvet began to walk forward however Night Light grabbed her withers "We don't know what's up there Velvet!" He exclaimed however the screeches of the griffons caused him to jump and look back nervously.

Velvet frowned and looked down at a small bundle of blankets held close to her barrel. "I'll take my chances for her sake." She said as she ran for the path and started up the mountain, Night light hesitated for a moment before following his wife.

The two ponies followed the path up the mountain their wounds dripping with blood that left a trail behind them, half way up the mountain the bundle of blanket began to squirm and the sound of a child crying was heard. Twilight velvet paused and pulled the child away from her chest revealing a tiny unicorn filly; quickly she began to shush the child. "Quiet Twilight, It's not safe yet." She said as she began to continue forward. The Two ponies continued up the mountain and after and hour of climbing the reached the end of path, before them stood a massive shrine, like the biome the style of the temple was strange to the ponies however they didn't stop and quickly ran through the overgrown courtyard and up the steps of the temple. As they entered they froze at the sight before them, by a simple glace it was obvious that the inside of the temple was much larger than the outside.

The two ponies stood in a grand entrance hall with cavernous ceilings and decorated with hundreds of ornate shrines. This was a place of worship; however unlike many shrines or temples that were dedicated to a single deity this shrine seemed to hold a place for all gods, all were represented. As Night Light and Twilight Velvet entered the halls of worship a pervading sense of dread fell upon them, a sense of finality to their actions and as they walked farther in they felt a desire to pray to these ancient gods before facing what lay ahead.

Night Light gulped as he looked around. "Velvet, we're not getting away. The griffons are going to kill us." He said afraid.

Velvet looked down at the filly in her arms. "Then we hide her here and pray that she will be safe." Velvet said however a chuckle from the entrance was heard causing the two ponies to turn their eyes wide in fear as a group of griffons entered and approached them.

"A little late for that." The griffon said with a grin. "Looks like we'll be eating well tonight boys!" He yelled behind receiving cheers and laughs from the group.

Night Light backed away in fear however Twilight Velvet simply pulled the filly closer as her horn hit up. "You will not hurt my filly!" She growled earning a chuckle form the Griffons as the approached. Twilight Velvet's horn glowed brighter and then a figure fell between the two groups. Causing them to freeze.

Slowly the figure rose, standing on two legs was a frail looking woman with black wings that slowly shed feathers as if they were leaves falling from a tree. The figure was distinctly female, with long stringy blond hair. She wore loose fitting white clothes that were reminiscent of those worn by a Pierrot clown and covering her eyes was a dark red cloth that had multiple ruins glow faintly. Were it not for her tired and worn appearance she would appear as if she were an angel from the old legends.

As the figure stood fully up she seemed to glare at the griffons with a look of pure disdain despite her eyes being covered after a moment she spoke and both groups froze at her words. "Violence is forbidden on the first floor of the Yusei No Jinja, the ground is declared sacred; the final spot for both adventures and others to pray to their gods and goddesses before facing the true challenges ahead. No combat my take place in these halls of worship." The angels’ voice was calm and cold however it held an other-worldly melody to it.

The Griffons growled as they felt a desire to apologize however the pushed through it as their claws itched for blood. "Stand aside creature, or we will rip you apart and eat you as well." the leader said arrogantly as he stepped forward however just as he was a few feet from the dark winged angel two portal opened and permitted two beings to step out. The first to step out was another bipedal creature similar to the Angel however she didn't have wings.

The woman was tall and lanky with a sharp but rounded chin, a mouth that was drawn into a crazed smile and sharp eagle like eyes. In total she appeared to be a fairly beautiful woman that went insane. Her hair was neglected, sitting as long bangs that always cover one eye and fell around her neck, it was cut at ragged angles, as if it was burned at random times or cut carelessly to get it out of the way. The women wore a white lab coat that has a wide rim around the neck, the coat move on its own as if caught in a slight breeze. Under the lab coat was a black turtleneck and a pair of brown pants that had been poorly redesigned to act as cargo pants, on her feet was a pair of sturdy leather boots. There was also has a medium sized leather bag with a strap going over her shoulder, a couple of daggers are attached along the strap.

Despite some what intimidating appearance of the women it was the second presence that made the two groups of invaders tremble in fear. The creature was unlike anything they had seen before and as he stepped through his hand entered a void of reality signaling a pocket dimension and drew from it a strange sword. "Sorry fellas, but I'm going to ask you to leave my Shrine now, you're not welcome." The figure said calmly as his form crossed fully through the portal.

The Man had a tapered, shrewd-looking vulpine face with a speckling of downward-curved whiskers just behind the nose; his muzzle was decorated with rust orange fur on the upper jaw and head and with silver fur on his lower jaw, atop his head was a pair of large adept fox ears. The man had a humanoid shape like the others and wore a heavy set of Samurai armor. Nine swishing rust orange and moonlight silver fox’s tails extend behind him and curling around his body, and instead of some form of foot covering the man wore nothing revealing two legs that were crooked into high knees with hocks and long feet, like those of a fox. While most of the man’s body was covered by rust orange colored fur the 'gloves', chest fur and tips of his tails were a moonlight silver.

Calmly the two arrivals walked forward and stood in front of the angel. "I would kindly ask you to leave now; as the Emperor said, you’re not welcome." The women said calmly as the griffons slowly backed away.

The Lead griffon growled and charged forward screeching as he moved for the kill however the strange fox man’s eyes glowed as he reached out faster than the eyes could track and grabbed him form the air before his paw like hands sparked with electricity as a spell was spoken. "[Elemental Arc: Lightning]" He said in an authoritative voice and the griffon screeched as lightning was shot into his body through the foxes hands and fried him. "You were warned, the First floor of the Shrine of Ascendancy is not to be desecrated with blood or conflict, this is a place of prayer and meditation. This floor is for those who travel to the shrine prepare to face the trials ahead or where they may remain free to pursue their beliefs and seek enlightenment uninterrupted and without persecution." The Fox calmly walked forward dragging the griffon by the throat with little effort, as he reached the doors of the shrine he threw the griffon out and sent him tumbling down the stairs of the temple.

"Leave now, or we will make you." The women said causing the griffons to turn and flee as fast as they could. The women sighed and turned to the two ponies that huddled behind them, one cowering in terror while the other stood with narrowed eyes and glowing horn. "You have no need to fear, those who would harm you are gone." The women said as he approached. "I am Artificius, the Alchemist for Shoten Shita Guntai." She said in a calming tone.

The Fox slowly walked forward as well and bowed. "I am the leader of Shoten Shita Guntai, Shadow Nebula." The fox said as he rose.

The Stallion that was behind the mare didn't move and the mare that was standing fell to the floor. "I'm Twilight Velvet and that's my husband Night Light." She said as she lay on the floor of the shrine a puddle of blood slowly collecting around her.

Artificius frowned as she walked forward and pulled out several herbs. "I will try to treat your injuries however I don't know how much I can assist." She said as she walked over to Night Light and felt for a pulse only to find nothing. She sighed and moved to Velvet. "Your Husband has passed; I assume it's from blood loss." She said causing tears to fall form the mares’ eyes. Slowly the mare released her hold on the bundle in her for hooves and handed it to Artificius.

"Her name is Twilight Sparkle, please take care of her." She asked as she closed her eyes. Artificius's eyes widened as she quickly set the bundle down and began to work on the mare however no matter what she did Twilight velvet was too injured to be healed and passed away.

Artificius looked to Shadow Nebula in panic. "What do we do?!" She asked in fear however both their eyes were drawn to the sound of crying only to find Occhi holding the bundle open revealing a tiny unicorn filly with purple fur and mane with a magenta stripe through it. Artificius turned to Shadow in fear. "Nebura, that's the Twilight Sparkle, as in MLP Equestria Element of Magic Twilight Sparkle!"

Shadow Nebula nodded slowly. "We're in Equestria and have just been charged with watching over one of the most important ponies in the history of this world." Shadow sat down just as a portal opened to reveal several human Shrine maidens in kimonos and Aurora exit through and look around. "We just fucked this world’s time line so bad!" Shadow said with a groan.

Author's Note:

So as you can see I have big plans for this story. I want to say that the update schedule for the story is going to be erratic and random so please don't ask when new updates are available, this is a big project and it takes me around a month to write a single chapter for it. Not only that but it's extremely taxing due to the amount of pressure this story has on it. This is a team project that I'm writing so any mistakes will reflect on not just me but the entire group, I don't want to make any major errors.

Anyway that's enough rambling and fretting from me, I hope you enjoyed the story and I will see you in the next chapter when it's released.