• Published 20th May 2019
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Fire Fox - Arceaion

When the DMMORPG Heroes of Heaven shut down some players stayed to the bitter sweet end vowing to see there world die this is the story of those who stayed.

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Chapter 4: Interlude - Of Monster and Ponies

Celestia watched sadly as thousands of ponies made their way to the palace. It had taken several years but at last the time had come, today was the day the Noble Houses would fall, or at least some of them. Despite the actions of the Nobles and their attempts to cover things up Celestia had learned that of the thirteen only seven still truly served the people of Equestria and those seven would be chosen to remain in service to the crown. Celestia sighed as she turned away from the balcony and entered her room where on a mannequin her regalia hung, long ago the regalia would have stood as a testament to her achievement but now all it did was remind her of her failures.

A sudden knock at the door drew her form her thoughts and she turned to the door where a guard respectfully entered and bowed. "Princess, it's time." He said.

Celestia nodded as her magic wrapped around the regalia and with a heavy heard placed it on her being before exiting her room and walking toward the throne room. As she walked memories of the founders of each house flashed through her mind and she felt the ghost of their soul screaming for the justice that was deserved. They would never have allowed these crimes to go unpunished and as she stood before the throne room doors she swore to them she would insure justice was given its due. No matter what her ponies may think of her after.

In the courtyard of the castle several magic screens appeared showing the throne room as Celestia walked down it, thousands of ponies quieting as she took her throne and looked into the screens before opening her mouth and speaking.

"When Equestria was founded two thousand year ago I and My sister ruled together, but even then we could not manage everything so we decided to select ponies to aid us." She explained calmly. "After my sister was corrupted by the Nightmare and I used the Elements on her turning her into a shell of her former self I was forced to grant further power to these ponies and from them rose the Nobility, Ponies tasked with duties that we could not constantly manage."

"These Ponies names were, Princess Platinum the first of House Blueblood, Shinning Pants the first of House Pants, Wise Gold the first of House Gold, Terrell Card the first of House Card, Clover Sunrise the first of House Sunrise, Cuchulain Wolfhelm the first of House Wolfhelm, Specra Wingshadow the first of House Wingshadow, Honored Imperia the first of House Imperia, Fire Ruby the first of House Ruby, War Blood the first of House Blood, Leonard Van Helsing the first of House Helsing, Fleur de Rossignol the first of House Fluer, Bastion Valor the first of House Valor." Once Celestia was done listing off the names she sighed and took a deep breath. "Today, I bring the heads of these once great Families to the light form what they've become." She said her eyes hardening as she looked away from the screen and slowly it panned out showing the whole room.

"Bring them out." She said and the throne room doors were slowly opened showing the heads of each noble house in chains. Some calmly walked forward their heads held high while others were pushed by guards as they yelled angrily however once they stood before the throne golden chains latched onto each of them and prevented them from moving.

"To day we being the crimes of the Noble families to the light, to day your sins will be judged." She said calmly though every pony could hear the sadness. "We will first start with Prince Ivory Blueblood the twenty-second."

"What is the meaning of this aunty!?" Blueblood yelled in fear. "Have you truly lost your mind or did you finally decide to show your true colors!?"

Celestia sighed sadly. "Prince Ivory Blueblood the twenty-second; you are convicted of treason to the duel crown of Equestria, grand larceny to the crown, and 1087 accounts of illegal activity ranging from murder to petty theft. How do you plead?"

Blueblood stood in shock before screaming. "How dare you thing I would do such things, I’ll have you kno-aaaaaaaaaahHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Blueblood was cut off as he screamed in agony.

Celestia sighed. "These chains are enchanted with a truth spell; as long as you are bound you cannot lie." She explained as she turned to the next pony. "Next we have lord Fancy Pants..." Celestia smiled as she lit her horn and the chains around his hooves were broken. "Fancy Pants, you have maintained your families legacy with great care insuring that you have both fulfilled your duties as a purveyor of the highest grade armor and protection for our guards. Furthermore you have remained a loyal confidant and adviser protecting the right of the common pony. No matter how much digging I did I found no links to any activities that warrant your removal, it fills me with pride that you have become such a fine stallion. You are free to return to your duties as a Noble when you see fit."

Fancy Pants bowed with a smile. "It is a privilege to serve Equestria and I do not say that simply because of the situation." He said as he approached the throne and took his place off to the side.

Celestia smiled however it quickly faded as she turned the next pony in the metaphorical chopping block. “Lord Petty Gold, oh how you live up to your name. In my investigation I read the documents of your family’s steady fall form the Noble house you once were and the depths you have fallen." Celestia sighed as she glared at Petty Gold. "Tell me Petty Gold, what was the duty entrusted to your family, what did I task your ancestors with?" She asked.

Petty Gold thought for a moment before sighing. "I will not have you drag my name through the mud princess but so be it." He growled. "My family was entrusted with monitoring and maintaining all finances for the crown."

Celestia nodded. "And what is it your family has done for over two hundred years?" She asked narrowing her eyes. Petty Gold growled and looked away. "Robbery, theft and grand larceny." She said angrily. "While your crimes are not as severe as the crimes of your fellow nobles they still are enough to have your status removed, or at least they would be if I had not found that it was you that more often than not financed their actions." She said angrily as she moved the next pony.

"Next we come to you Calling Card, you know your ancestor Terrell Card was a kind, caring and skilled stallion. He had such keen senses and intuition that he was often thought to be able to see the future, it's a shame you didn't inherit anything more than his skills. Manipulation of both foreign and domestic Politics, records of hiring mercenaries to antagonize other nations and instigate unrest and conflict I could have you thrown in to the deepest, darkest pit in the deepest cell of the deepest prison and I fear that those who you've wronged would still find you." She said with a sigh. "Due to your actions your trial will be the first where all nations’ leaders will be present for and I will not be lightening any sentence they decide for your twisted life."

"You would leave me to be picked apart by animals!" Calling Card roared in anger as he slammed his hooves on the ground. "I did Equestria a favor by showing the true nature of those beasts!" He roared. "Ponies are the superior race and all who see those animals are anything but are brainwashed fools that follow your will as thralls without will or soul!"

Celestia sat quietly till the foolish noble was done yelling due to being out of breath. Once he was done Celestias' horn glowed and a strap with a ball attached was fitted on to his mouth. "Now with you silenced we move to the next." She said as she looked at the next pony. “Lady Fallen Sunrise," Celestia sighed. "What happened to your family?" She asked.

Fallen Sunrise bowed her head in shame. "I admit we fell, we were tasked with protecting the entire country from the threat of dark magic’s and I admit even to this day we still do but somewhere along the way we became what we swore to destroy."

Celestia nodded. "I will admit since you became the head of House Sunrise things have become better and I truly believe that with time you could restore your families honor but even then I fear what would become if your decedents chose to return to this path. I truly do believe that your family has remained loyal to Equestria and I will take into consideration the actions of both you and your parents however I can't allow you to walk free due to the nature of these crimes, though know that you will be receiving the most lenient of all actions."

Fallen Sunrise bowed. "Thank you, your majesty." She said with a bow.

Celestia nodded as she turned to the next Pony. "Major Lupus Wolfhelm of House Wolfhelm; like Lord Fancy Pants your Family has remained loyal and performed the duties we first entrusted to you. "Your family has served as members of the Elite Guard for generations and even when the loyalty of your family has faltered it has always been handled quickly and efficiently snuffed out." She said with a sad smile. "I still remember many of your family being brought to me under charges of treason."

Major Wolfhelm bowed calmly. "If I have failed in my duties as they then I accept any punishment, all I ask is that the sins I have committed not be held to bear against my son." She said calmly.

Celestia lit her horn and the Major closed her eyes only for the chains to be broken. "Rise Major Lupus Wolfhelm, you have not committed any crimes." Celestia said causing the Major to look up surprised. "This is a trial of all thirteen houses, yours is no exception. No matter how much I searched I could find on true reason to remove your title of Nobility or authority, you are free to return to your duties as you see fit." Major Wolfhelm bowed before walking to her unit and taking her place in the front of them, many giving nods of respect to her.

Celestia smiled and turned to the next Pony. "Lady Surprise Wingshadow, You are perhaps the most difficult one for me to judge, my loyal guard dog. Your duty has forced you to walk many dark roads and for that I wish to apologize, even when my sister sat with me it was she who acted as the Hound of Shadow."

Surprise smiled. "I have no regrets princess, if I am judged guilty on this day I'll face my judgement with my head held high."

Celestia nodded. "I am glad, but we both know that even if I let you walk free this is merely a stay of execution."

Surprise nodded her smile not leaving her face. "I understand your majesty." She said. Celestia eyed her for a moment before lighting her horn and cutting the chains.

"You may return to duty when you feel prepared." Celestia said with a sigh. The Pegasus smiled and bowed before disappearing like a shadow.

"I live to serve Princess." Her voice whispered around the room before her presence faded.

Celestia sighed and seemed to relax slightly. "Totalian Imperia, It's your turn." Celestia said with a glare.

Totalian Imperia Smirked. "Go fuck yourself bitch." He said with a smirk. "Even if I die nothing will stop my ideals form spreading." He said.

Celestia smiled. "Well that was easy." She said as she looked to the next pony before looking back to Totalian. "Oh and your followers have been rounded up and are undergoing physiological evaluation and deprogramming. Your cult has been disbanded." She said as she moved on Totalians jaw dropping as he sat down in shock. Celestia smiled darkly as she turned to the next on to receive her judgement. "Duchess Shining Ruby, even in the early days of the nobility your family was always trouble." She said with a sigh. "I guess it's no surprise you ended up the way you did."

"You think I will cower in the face of your wrath?" Duchess Ruby snarled. "You and all creatures are no better than insects when compared to we Pegasi." She said with venom.

Celestia sighed. "Ah yes, I never forgot your stance on Pegasus supremacy." She said as she shook her head. "Each tribe was gifted a unique gift or if you look at where they came from, a curse." She said as she looked off into the distance. "A Punishment by the Goddess Faust for our arrogance and the destruction of Dream Valley, destruction brought about by the feuding of the three tribes of pony. I believe that Princess Platinum ruled as Queen during that time and I and my sister rarely had reason to involve ourselves in Pony affairs." She said.

Duchess Ruby frowned and opened her mouth however Celestia cut off what she was about to say. "In any case your crimes are on par with those of Calling Card however comparing the crimes themselves is like comparing a hill to the mountains." She said as she glared at the Duchess. “One thousand and seventy five confirmed murders of multiple ponies across Equestria of all three tribes, forty-three burned and destroyed cities confirmed in the Minotaur Republic, almost two hundred Griffon villages burned to the ground and over thirty Griffon Chicks rape and murder by your hands alone!" She said her main sparking and for a moment catching fire as her eyes slit becoming draconic. "What do you have to say now!?" She yelled angrily.

Duchess Ruby smirked as she looked at her fellow nobles however even they seemed to look upon her in shock and disgust. Calling Card muffledly cried out something and looked at Celestia pleadingly who sighed and undid the ball gag. "Thank you." He muttered before turning to the Duchess. "What were you thinking!?" He yelled.

The Duchess scoffed. "Please, like you have any room to talk. She said as she waked her hoof at him. "You committed the same crimes; my only regret is that I didn't get to those filthy winged lizards."

Calling Cards face turned red which was a feat in itself as he had red fur and exploded. "I was may have manipulated the governments, hired mercenaries to antagonize other nations and instigate conflict, I may see them as barbaric animals but even I would never stoop so low as to willingly commit mass murder! I never would kill ponies and even if I in sighted uprisings I proposed that the other races be used as slaves or treated like pets. I would never have done what you did ever!" He yelled in rage. "I may spend the rest of my life in prison but I did what I did for the betterment of Equestria, you on the other hand could only have done it for your own pleasure or some twisted beliefs!"

"And coming from him that's pretty fucked up." Celestia muttered before looking back at the Duchess. "Your fate will be decided the same day as Calling Cards' before a counsel of all rulers. I would recommend you enjoy your last days alive however as many are calling for your head." She said as she moved away her horn lighting as she placed a silence enchantment on the screaming mare.

Celestia smiled as she turned to the remaining Nobles. "The rest of you have remained loyal to Equestria and its citizens and I apologize for dragging you out as I did but I was forced to do this as a way to place judgement on all thirteen houses." As she explained this she broke the chains and returned to her throne.

Outside the ponies in the court yard watched with rapt attention as Celestia took several breaths and spoke. "And now with those who remain in their chains, excluding the former nobles’ Calling card and Shining Ruby." She said causing every pony to watch with excitement.

Celestia sighed as she looked at the condemned. "Ivory Blueblood the twenty-second, you are here by stripped of noble title and rights, you will spend a minimum of thirty years in prison for your crimes, there will be no chance for parole." She said in a tired voice. Blueblood began to scream however Celestia simply took the ball gag and shoved it in his mouth before fastening it.

"Petty Gold, you are hereby stripped of all noble titles and rights, sentenced to fifteen years to life, bail and or probation will be permitted, finally you are expected to pay all money taken in full from over the past twenty years." She said and the con man nodded.

"As you will Princess." He said as he hung his head defeated.

Celestia turned to Fallen Sunrise and said nothing for a time before sighing. "Under normal circumstances the crimes of one, Fallen Sunrise would warrant banishment at minimum however this is a special case where the duty that the crown charged the individuals family was at fault and as such this crime lies for the Crown to decide as necessary. Due to the fact that Fallen Sunrise is both aware of her violation as well as attempts to resolve the matter without interference of the law I see no reason to instate a banishment but rather rehabilitation." She said causing Fallen Sunrise to look up in shock. "As such I temporarily strip House Sunrise of authority and action but not Noble status, once it has been determined by medical officials that Fallen Sunrise is mentally stable and clear of all Dark magic's effects authority will be returned."

As Celestia said this, tears began to fall down Fallen Sunrise face and she bowed to the princess. "Thank you majesty, I will not let you down." She said in a shaky voice.

"I do not give out second chances often when magic such as what have been used are involved; do not make me regret granting you this." Celestia said as she turned to Totalian Imperia. "Totalian Imperia, while I would love to give you a much heavier sentence I must abide the laws set at present time and as such I sentence you to life in prison. I don't think I even need to explain that cults with plans to over throw the crown and instate a communistic approach to society are highly illegal and a form of treason that warrant at least this." Totalian Imperia didn't respond simply looking at the ground his life broken.

"With the sentencing of these four criminals I adjourn the day court for the remainder of this and the following day as well as cancel the night court." She said as she rose and exited the throne room while the four convicted were removed as well and the ponies outside dispersed many talking about the incident and what this meant for the future of Equestria as a whole.

High up in the rafters of the throne room a woman in her early twenties with long rust red hair and silver colored eyes, from her lower back sprouted two metal wings and her eyes have a cybernetic appearance with the left eyes pupal appearing to be a targeting crosshair. She wore a form fitting black suit with glowing blue electrical lines around it and on her chest was a black chest plate. Her boots were a pair of extremely light black ones and around her neck was a black camo scarf; a pair of goggles with night vision and heat tracking was on her forehead keeping the hair out of her face. The women silently dropped down and as she fell her body began to disappear as she activated her active camouflage.

Ecx calmly exited the throne room and walk to a balcony where she leapt off, her wings institutionally flaring as she flew home.

Her father would want to hear about this.

Author's Note:

Well it's been a while since we checked in on Celestia and her ponies so here's what's been going on. I hope you enjoyed the chapter and I will see you in the next one.