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Greetings, my name is Walter D. Arceaion former <Redacted> of <Redacted>. I was a Human till I accidentally shattered myself across Time and Space.

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This is a good story so far, and I can't wait to read more of it. :pinkiehappy:

Other than some grammar problems, I have no real issue with this. Looking forward to where this is going.

I agree so then we can see what celesta is saying and you can use it as foreshadowing for the events in the past we have yet to see.

I choose C, because I'm that guy

Seriously though DeathPhoenix's idea sounds good to me

Since four people have voted an option C, then so it shall be! :trollestia:
The third option comes from deathphoenix, so congratulations deathphoenix!


The chance to vote is up the winner is announced in the next chapter.

Thank you to all for participating, also I will be doing this again so always keep an eye out.

This is a Diablo crossover, right? Where did you get your avatar?

No it's not Diablo. As for the avatar, I just typed in 'Images of Death into the search bar on google and this image came up . Honestly I don't really like it, to flashy for Death but I've yet to find a better one so until i do or am told buy a Admin to remove it, it stays.

Though if you can find a good Diablo story please tell me. That is an awesome game and It would be interesting to see a Diablo character in MLP. :rainbowlaugh:

if going off of the description of the story alone i do not have high hopes for your writing. will read it but i am not going to have high expectations.

Not bad. Looks intresting with no glaring grammar issues. Writing is decent. I'll keep an eye on this.

How much of a build-up are you going to do before you actually get to the story it was good but still


I guess this much can be said.
My plan is to do an interlude for all the Main 6 and by that time I should be at some point that is actually in the show. (Probably right before the founding of Equestria.) After all at the present the story is set at the Beginning and I do mean The Beginning (Time doesn't even exist yet). But if it's action you want then don't worry there will be plenty of action. including the next chapter. Unfortunately I had to put in this chapter for world building and future purposes.

W. D. Arceaion

thanks I just wanted to make sure that this doesn't turn into 20 chapters of nothing seen plenty of stories like that and then when the story actually start it is crap good luck see you next chapter

This is a very great story, keep it up.
P.s I love it.


I like the story so far but you need to work on your writing because some of the names are kind of hard to read or should I say understand but it's always good I like to see the next chapter.

Comment posted by Onepieceking1 deleted May 3rd, 2018

Alright, first off: there are numerous mistakes in just your story summary. Not exactly a promising start.

"... against the force of hell..." forces. Because a singular force of hell would be pathetic and kinda funny.

"... return of there king and an army if immortal warriors..." there should be their because we're talking about a person and not a place. if should be of.

The Names are actually Latin and Greek. They're the names of the actual Primordial Deities taken from the Orphic tradition and the The Iliad. so I can't change them there is a reason that the names are as they are.

This question has been asked before and the only answer I have is I really don't know any more. The term displaced stands for dimensional displaced and in a literal sense you could say it is as Aion is not technically from this world but a displaced human from earth. But on a broader scope since he had a literal hand in shaping the world and that's why I don't really know.
I guess it's up to your definition of what a displaced is.

Wondered how long someone would notice the 'force of Hell' thing, there is a reason for that that will be later explained.

Also thanks for catching the the there/their thing . They're really my only weakness when it comes to writing. If you see any other ones let me know.

∞ years later
When is this are they just hanging out in the time stream

I could never find the actual date in the show, but if someone finds it then please tell me so I can fix this.

W. D. Arceaion

Which goddess was it that did that test i dont remember which?

I understand that you probably didnt know a specific year set but just thought it would be clearer if used a character that is not quantifiable like or the word many instead of infinity which can be used as a quantity

You may be right. :facehoof: I'll try to add something, what it will be I don't know.

Please see my blog for a better update scheduled and some important information.

W. D. Arceaion

Why would anyone carry around ten G's in cash on the first day of a con?

I love it. Totaly different than what I was expecting, as I saw this and thought “Hey, a story was someone is displaced as Death and may become an edge-lord in the process.”, but that was blown away. I hope at least, there will be a happy ending or not get canceled.

He didn't want to go in the first place so he brought a shit tone of money and said fuck it. However he may have purposefully done it, expected to run into the Merchant. Unfortunately Aion's memories are so damaged that he remembers little of his life as a human so the answer will never truly be known

I agree with you and this story is so good IT has to keep going.
P.s can my persona be in this wonderful story plz.

I know him from somewhere...
Him at the end in your notes, I'll think ofbit eventually.

Nice can't wait for the next chapter

Aion groaned. "What have I gotten myself into. Ah, well. So you ant to create more?"

I take it that's meant to be want?

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