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he or she sod help protect the world please

You might want to include a message status in your story's description about if or if not there'll be cross-overs.

This looks like fun.:pinkiehappy:

For the love of everything just dont make him too OP please.
Story is good so far, keep it up.

Hmmm... Let's see how this will go *cast's tracking spell*... Had also crossover idea with this Overlord-series in the idea list...
Also hoping maybe peaceful things going, BUT with some high-level of payback for the alicorn&elements backstab...

How curious let's see where this road leads.

EDITOR! Other than that, please continue this!

Are you willing?

You could remove the first part that mentions the overlord anime and it wouldn't affect anything.

I have to ask. How the heck did they defeat Ainz plus his guardias? Yeah I'm a huge overlord fan and this confuses me. Well unless he was underequeped.

Were is Shalltear?

That is all in the next chapter so please wait. I'm a huge fan too so please just wait a week at best ok?

Comment posted by DR-Fluffy deleted Apr 18th, 2018

“You must be the wife and daughter he was talking about after I just the rviving crystal on him. I wish I still had some of my magic and my damn swords fucking Demiurge stealing them before I could I got to your husband's corpse. I could heal myself or at least get away from here before the guardians came after me.”

What? Work on the pacing, it's too fast

*See's you deleted my comment* well at least you fixed the problem... some what.

A fan overlord is displaced

Now it just sounds like the overlord of all fans has been displaced.


tel me if you have plan on next chapter and blaze will have plan on equestrian? also what he want the middle first child?

Your going to have to be more clear my friend.

what blaze have plan?

so, do you know what blaze is planning?

Yes it will be relieved at the end of chapter two.

Get a harem all overlords have one

you no he or she has a point make a herd or harem or whatever

hmm Evil but good evil... blaze should change his name to karma. hahahahaha. :pinkiehappy:
Cause thats what they're giting.

Great so far it has caught my inate interest

Oh, I'm loving this story:pinkiehappy: and a great chapter 2 boot

well, it seem now I understand what he planning. so how you gonna make Nidra fall in love with blaze?

This is getting good. I can't wait for the end result of his little ploy. Ainz' revenge will be glorious.

I'm not sure if I should call this delightfully evil or devilishly smart.
Ether way love it.:pinkiehappy:

good looking make blaze fake injure but his plan backfire and stage 2 is fail. any idea how his need plan on stage 2?

I dont like where this is going what is he planning that involves bringing back lunas husband

Incredible! Liked and followed.

Where has this story been. I even looked for stories like this.

Oh what fun can’t wait to watch the world burn.

There are some slight grammar errors but other then that it's just fine but you should get a proof reader.

what gonna happen next chapter?

The grammar in here is atrocious, but other than that it's decent.

so he gather hero. but how he gonna this world his?

not nagging or anything but if you have time, can you edit this story so it can be more readable. it kinda hurt my brain to just reading it and figuring out whats going on sometimes?? just a request when you have time. also will fav and follow this

If there are any Vanguard fans here, did you get a little hyped by the title and then deflate after reading the summary lol

I'm not bashing this fic, but I'm also not reading it- might some other time. I'm just wondering....why is this thing appealing? Turning some random human OC into a character from another series than drop into Equestria? Why not just drop the character into Equestria? Again, not bashing, this type of fic just confuses me.

I'm watching the anime Overlord right now. Season 1 that is. I will catch up with Overlord Season 1-3(Season 3 being from this year and broadcasted on my birthday, July 10th and it's still on-going right now on kissanime.ru. Page 5{Last page of the O's.})

I'm all caught up with Overlord except for season 3. I'm up to part of season 3 episode 2 of Overlord. Also, you need a editor very badly.

I have waited for overlord fic i love that anime series :D i finally found one!! Yey!

“I will you take my place?”

*cough* "will you take my place?" *cough*

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