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Ah crap. He got it.. I have to ask. Was it a truck that hit him?

Nah it was probably a Hotdog mobile.

Shit. then he got dicked into a new world.

It's good to at the very least see a revamped version of A New Life, A New Adventure. That story was how I first found you, so it's good to see it living on.

Is there room for a Dragon Ball ( DBZ/GT/DB Super) Tag?

nice start i wish you didt delete the old story i would like to reread it to see how far you have improved

All good things must come to an end, so that the better things may take its place. Also I saved it all on a doc so it’s not truly gone.

So does this mean you stoping doing the old version and rebooting it with this one and if so are you going to still use the pictures you had paid for

So what made you delete the old version?

I was a rookie author and just wrote whatever I wanted without realizing that it was a tad cringey and rushed. I want to do the old version justice by remaking it and with much less cringey and rushed scenes.

Here we go on a new adventure

Did I just see a reference to 'A Wolf among Ponies'?

Ooooooooo! Nice! Love the art!

Well That's one way to make a entrance

Love the look our hero gives the what the hell look cant wait for more but I have to ask in you old work you were building up a plot of the story were his evil cult like family are after him and his mom is that still happening in this remake or is that been cut out for something else

It’s still happening, old and new ideas alike. Just no more rushed things like relationships.

And here we go with Ash blade again

“I…think I already am,” I half joked. “But I assure you all, I’m a pure-blooded human. The more scientific term would classify me as a primeape.”

What?! NO!!! A Homosapien. Not a Pokemon??!! :facehoof:


“I…think I already am,” I half joked. “But I assure you all, I’m a pure-blooded human. The more scientific term would classify me as a Homosapien .”



I'm confused? WHY would you include William's Evil Cult Family from his Dad side? I think that's why his "Biological" Father was a Asshole to him and his Mother. But, why include him and his horrible family?

William will surely One-Shot them all to Ash/Dust. Thanks to his KI Powers once he trains and masters KI Control, and having his Potential Unleashed later on, just like the Video Games of DBZ/DB GT/DB Super: Xenoverse 1 and 2.

I see were going for meeting the main six doing the first episode of season 1 storyline cool very different from you first attempt with this story all I can say is your off to a great start with this reboot I cant wait for the next chapter 10/10

I’m guessing there aren’t any hotels or inns in Ponyville. Ah, the old humans as precursors fanon. Been a while since I’ve encountered a fic with that.

Is he a Saiyan? I'm just wondering.

i wonder what will happen next?

I can't wait for the next chapter I remember when I read the original story I'm very excited to see the updates

Ah Lyra... i knew there would be a moment where she would have quite the introduction. You can't really have a human in Equestria without her having such a reaction. :rainbowlaugh:

Nice chapter man. I can't wait for more of this. Can't wait to see more of Will's powers and what can do. Who know. Maybe he can transform in the the myth.

Lyra is a staple in HiEs after all.

Wurky, while I am glad that you had William fight with Nightmare Moon, the fact that he so completely lost despite having ki usage is laughable. I believe that this could have been a good story, and maybe it still is, but OPing the MLP characters like that just doesn't work for me. Before you tell me that they can move Celestial bodies, that doesn't equate to very much in terms of raw energy, like ki. In the comics, it was stated that with all the magic in Equestria as Tirek's own, it was only enough to blow up the continent of Equestria. In terms of raw, destructive power, Nightmare Moon doesn't even reach Raditz. Actually, forget Raditz, I doubt if she'd even make it past Master Roshi in his full power form. He blew up the moon with a power level of only 139, and I'm pretty certain that the moon is bigger than a continent. Now granted, magic can be tricky, but in terms of raw power, William should have had this fight against Nightmare Moon in the bag. Now if she had decided to open up a portal to the DevilArtemis universe where power levels don't mean jack against a gun and/or Zarbon, then that would have most certainly taken care of William being a threat anymore. Then again, I don't know if anything in FiM is even capable of that other than probably Discord. Even then, all William had to do was grab her horn and put pressure on it, and her magic would have been useless, as well as her physical strength since the pain would probably be too much for her to even concentrate enough to use an effective physical attack in the first place. Maybe some flailing, but there would be no strength behind it. Hell, even I, as a normal human, could beat her if I was able to get close enough to grab her horn. As to how I know it would work, my answer is King Sombra. The barrier slicing his horn of most definitely wasn't a pleasant experience for Sombra, if his agonized roar was anything to go by. So as long as there's pressure, Nightmare Moon is going to be completely immobilized.

If you don’t like my story, don’t read it.

Hmm...I was trying to offer some constructive criticism so you could fix it and make the story better, but since you're kind of being an ass, I've decided to do that. Also, no need to bother stating the obvious.

Yeah honestly dude you have no room to criticize dude. First off all you clearly haven't watched any dragon ball, dragon ball z, or dragon ball super if you think someone who new to Ki can beat an alicorn who had centuries of experience using magic.

Also last I checked your own story has like 12 dislikes and one like. That one like being from you no doubt because you needed that to make yourself feel better.

You can come back and make all the criticism you want, when you write a story that has at least 100 likes, and isn't a cringy piece of crap.

First of all, I haven't liked my own story, and I don't need to because I've always felt amazing about myself. I've got a hot body, good looks, and I literally have everything else that I could ever want. Secondly, now if you want to come talk shit to my face, then I'll be more than happy to beat the fear of me into you. If you're too much, then I'll use an equalizer and win by fighting dirty. However, I have yet to meet anyone who can beat me in any type of fight, mainly because I just shrug off everything that's thrown at me. Against fighters that are actually trained in CQC and other skilled people, all I have to do is tank blow after blow and move after move until they eventually start to slow down. I don't slow down and/or get tired when I'm furious, so even though they're better fighters, they've fallen before me all the same. Things like broken bones don't mean anything if I'm too furious to notice them at the time.

Also, from my perspective, it is you who doesn't have the best taste in fanfiction, along with the other 12 who disliked my story. So screw you, I'll make criticism whenever I want, as long as I think it's necessary. Again, even if his new ability to use ki isn't enough, then he can still use speed, shock tactics, or deceit to get close enough to grab her horn and end it that way.

Lastly, I've written serious stories that have gotten over 100 faves, follows, and comments on a different fanfiction website, so been there done that. Now, are we done here?

Honestly I was laughing while reading this whole thing Lmao. You act like a Chihuahua barking at a Grate Dane. It's hilarious how you have to talk yourself up to seem even a hint threatening. I'm gonna screenshot this whole conversation and show it on social media, so everyone else can enjoy this.

Have fun with you sad, single life my friend.

Hope there will be more chapters in really loved this story

The story finally updated again...


All jokes aside though, glad to see this story's updating again.

I don't no why but when I look at the picture I think queen for some reason 🤔

Welcome back bro. Can't wait to see more of this story again

I have a feeling that this is related to team four star

Question, would you be using power levels? Considering none of them are probably stronger than final Form Frieza. So Power levels still kind of matter in a way as none of them are that OP.

Plus i noted the scouter in the cover art, would that be put into play in story?

Dude! Those Potara looking earrings are awesome looking

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