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Just your average Brony here to read and write stories about the show the rest of us bronies and pegasisters have come to admire and still enjoy watching from time to time.

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Very nice! Surprised to see still an RDR2 story after so long but I can tell this will be good!

The game as a special place for me, as I named Arthur's horse after an mlp Oc of a friend of mine

I haven't wanted a new chapter to a story this badly in a very long time. PLEASE SAVE ME!

Now if Lenny was in Equestria too...

Love this chapter! So damn sad, If...If only Arthur knew what happened to John... he'd be both crushed and pissed off. Can't wait for more.

Ive never realised how much I needed a red dead fic in my life

Very nice! An honorable Arthur is a good Arthur. And I love that you added Pip in this, he deserves more, so brave and adorable as he is

PipBloom is a cute ship I will admit...

Now we need ArthurJack

Yes! Kind Arthur! So happy!

After so long? This is actually pretty early.

I couldn’t agree more

hmm it doesn't sound bad but if it was up to me I would give him 2 revolvers in black and with gold ornaments :/

This .... Puts a smile on my face - Thanos

This is a very unique and very great story i love Arthur and how he reacted to everything. Please keep posting chapters as i would be saddened to see a red rectangle saying canceled. I love it so far man. Keep up the work.

Nice, very nice. But in a matter of speaking; Don't you think you're biting off more than you can chew here with writing multipole stories?

? RDR2's story didn't really stick with me, but wasn't Arthur's story supposed to be about how he's past the point of forgiveness and all about redemption?

Time management, it’s a work in progress.

This is off to a great start! Keep up the good work!

A good start to this story, but one question that is in my mind right now is which season are we in MLP and where the heck is Pinkie Pie? I thought she could sense a new pony entering Ponyville or is she preparing the party for Arthur right now?

Well.. all l can say is....... I WANT MOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE

just stumbled upon this here story, pretty good story it is. hope for some more sometime in the future

Brilliant chapter, I wonder how Rainbow Dash will react to Arthur :rainbowkiss:

Nicely done! Rarity though, those stallions must have been really stupid not to recognize her. The better that they got beaten by Arthur.

That's actually something I like about him, that while he is a criminal, r has his own moral code, doesn’t believe in what he deems as unnecessary killing, especially if it endangers himself or those he cares about, aware that he is a “bad man” and clearly understands that his behavior is morally wrong. His relationship with Eliza also shows he tried to be a good father despite his criminal action


"Hubba Hubba, what a hunk!"

I would love to see an interaction with Arthur and Granny Smith... how he tells her his life story (losing his parents at a young age, his son being murdered, how he couldn't leave with the woman he loved, watching most of his friends and family die, witnessing Dutch's descend into madness, Micah's betrayal, saving John and his family)... and I could also see him and Princess Luna getting along well too...

🤔 I wanna say…a little bit after season 2. That seems about right, right?

Again i loved this chapter everything seems like its going well keep up the great work bud

I agree, and I can only imagine the looks on the mane 6’s faces (and especially twilight) if they were told too

They wouldn’t believe how Arthur’s closest friends (and basically family) ended up so divided and turning on each other

I like the story, but transformation stuff like Arthur becoming a pony but it's still a nice start.

I really start to like it, I really imagine in my head Red dead Equestria XD

Thanks for the chapter

So, a bounty hunter, huh?

The conversation between Arthur and the thief is pure gold and displays his character so well. Keep up the great work!

Love the interaction between the thief and Arthur. It was so poetic.

I've never played RDR2, but this makes me want to.

an amazing story so far man cant wait to see more

Excellent chapter
Didn’t expect one so quickly

I wonder when Arthur will show off his gun-skills?

Two chapters in one day, eh? Impressive as always.:pinkiesmile:

Well, Arthur, looks like you went to being a thief to possible the new sheriff of Ponyville.

You should, it’s a masterpiece

There's one thing Arthur needs to do...

Find Lenny:

I wonder if his satchel is magical and allows him to have unlimited inventory (ammo)? Not only that, I wonder if his gun is embedded with magic so it doesn’t need to be maintenance?

Arthur with magic powered guns....badass

Nice work dude. I loved the tale of Arthur Morgan, and glad to see you're doing your best to do this goodboi justice

Seconded, its been...God, two-ish years since the game came out? Damn. Time flies. Also, awesome about the horse

I'm just imagining the two of em reuniting in the afterlife, being bros.

Awesome job so far. I see you went with a high honor Arthur eh?

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