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Can't form any opinion since the first chapter only showed so much, though i can tell this is going to be quite good.

Liking it so far. But the question remains, what kind of evil will he become?

Let's see, since we got the Big D whit us, and we have a nice Devil Fruit [Akuma no Mi] picture, he gets all DF powers or he gets the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Satan.

I'm going to say devil fruit user based on the pic.

Can't say too much since not too much was shown but this was pretty good, and I look forward to next chapter. Oh and I hope lock gets to bring his alcohol since he's gonna need it and maybe the devil too

Awesome dude. I finally have something to look forward to.

I just read both chapters just now, and honestly...
This reminds me a little bit of a FoE version of the Ghost Rider but without the fiery motorcycle as far as how that played out in Chapter 2. Keep it up, can't wait for more. Now I have 2 stories to keep an eye out for update from. Loving both of them already.

There's going to be caribou chili tonight, boys!

Gluck-gluck-gluck yeah!
Gluck-gluck-gluck yeah!
Oooooooooooooooh caribou!


Well, this was pretty damn good.
Tho I guess it's time to raise HELL

Yes, every journey begins with a single step. And this, is step one: Save the city!⚔

Second story and your showing leaps and bounds in storytelling, action, suspense, the build up, and breaking point. I don't know where you came from but you have shown explosive growth. I love the pacing you have going forward with your stories. Stay focus and calm your gonna bloom from a simple flower to a field; Full-bloom across an ever expanding land.:heart:

So a mix of 'One Piece' and 'Fall of Equestria' I can't wait to see what happens next.

I think he needs a weapon of some sort, maybe a sword or something. Also, good job.

“Recently, that world seems to be in a spot of trouble and there’s someone who has angered me by cheating me out of his soul. I would go and collect his soul myself but it is not my place to interact with the living in the mortal plain.” he explains.

If he isn't allowed to interact with the living when on the mortal plain, then how is he interacting with our main character here?

Because like all main characters, Dimitri Lockdrom is special.

So, a fusion of "Mera-Mera no Mi" and "Gomu-Gomu no Mi". That's terrifying..........for the Caribou.
Looking forward for the next chapter.

What about a devil version of doom slayer's sword from new doom game?

Maybe a chainsword.


This is the kind of content I always hope to find. A wonderful anti-Fall story. Keep up the good work.

I look forward to more AWESOME!!! :pinkiehappy:

Congrats on getting your fan fiction out there. I don't know if you recognize the outstanding talent that you possess. Keep at it young man, you are brilliant. Great success is coming your way.

I'm afraid I'm gonna have to agree with this.


Shining Armor

I'll admit, you got me to shed a tear. :pinkiesad2:
Rest in peace shining armor.

Okay, well this chapter turned me off, killing Shining Armor off like that.

Slaughter every single Caribou and traitor with the fury of all the forces of Hell. Do so in the name of the fallen captain.

What did you expect? Three months of nonstop shield casting and all

I completely loved this chapter, the ending tho, damn Shining pasted away that's a hard hitter, well the hand of the devil is gonna be sending alot more souls to hell

What you said is true. Heroes can be remembered, but legends never die. Only your heart can, it can never go wrong.😌

Maybe he CAN interact, but not in the sense of "oh, lemme remove this living creature" or something. Like, can't kill or disrupt the lives of mortals, but can still talk/contact them. Or maybe, he's incapable of doing so only in Equestria, but this world is more lenient?

“You should know by now they aren’t just regular flames. They’re literally the Flames of Hell, more specifically my Flames of Hell. I choose how they work wether I want them to be used to burn all in its wake or they could used for a more practical like healing. Take this mares stump as an example, simply place your inflamed finger on her horn and watch the magic happen,” he instructs.

Wouldn't that be useful Oh I don't know last chapter.

Great story so far. I'm imagining the Devil as Lucifer from the TV show?

Keep it up

I have one question to ask where is Discord at

Well in the common cannon of the FoE he was tricked by Daimn into being sealed and his power used for the Caribou.

It aint the doom slayer, but he's still got the powers of hell, so I can still say this. *clears throught* RIP AND TEAR UNTILL IT IS DONE!

You are bad guy but that doesn't make you "bad" guy :pinkiehappy:

\m/ and there was a fire fight hahahahehehe

to live in a world so peaceful without any drama.

That made me laugh
First, there's no world without any drama
Second, after watching episodes he should know better and that there is the drama
Third, the devil literally told him that something bad is happening in Equestria, worse than before

You know I’ve noticed there’s no mention of the female caribou

That could be the price Dainn payed to get him Overlords, 666 females as Sacrifice per Overlord and the remaining females are all for Dainn's personal use to "Repopulate the Race with his Superior Genes".

The legions of hell. “Holy shit he told them” Devil “ hey... where did my prisoners go

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