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I actually dont watch MLP that much at all. I just like the characters and the established lores. Thanks, have a great day.

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Update July 2018 · 3:16am Jul 4th, 2018

Hello all.

I can finally say that I'm back writing again. I'm on vacation from work and school right now, visiting the ever beautiful South Carolina. So, I'm glad to say that I will be releasing the next chapter. With how much I've written for it already, I think it should be a long one and hopefully, a very well written one. I won't spoil much, but I'm definitely trying to make some big things happen in this one. Hopefully, you will all enjoy it.

Thank you for you wonderful patience.

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And thanks again for the favorite! :pinkiehappy:

May God bless you :twilightsmile:

from one taco to another, Have a glorious day!

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