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I looked around the area and noticed two things on the ground behind me, a small what seemed to be a weapon grip and- "Is that what I think it is?" I walked closer and picked it up. "HOLY SHIT IT IS!" It was a variant of Samus' arm cannon, burnished silver with ash grey undertones, cyan light seeping through slots close to the opening of the barrel. I held it reverently, thinking of all the different uses such a weapon/tool had, after geeking out for a hot minute I eagerly put it on, 'SSSH CLICK', it fit perfectly. Suddenly.

Furnished I think? Never heard burnished before

I'm definitely interested in reading this. Krystal being a futa is a definite plus in my book. I still regret not buying star fox assault at gamestop. I loved star fox adventures when I was younger

This oddly reminds me of silverwolfdemon's foxes of war. It was a good story very confusing the further it went till she rebooted it. That went well till she rebooted it again and again till it was cancelled entirely

That's very neet. I never knew that was a thing. Thank you

Foxes of war. I remember that one. tried to tell that author there was to many displace characters to maintain. should of just have keep two.

Mr authors of this story. Please learn what mistake of Foxes of war did. Just keep this displace character only for this story. If you do bring a displace from another story make it short. Dont drag it long.

Krystal will be the only displaced in this story.

Is one of the fetishes femdom? I want to know so I can add it to the All Things Femdom group.

If you think futas qualify, otherwise I don't think it'll be in the story for a while.



Shouldn't that be 'Bow of %^&^%'? You know, since the Bow of Light doesn't have arrows and instead makes its own projectiles?

Mmmm 🤤. This ticks off all the right boxes for me after I saw that kink list, also absolutely loving the cover art. I wonder if she can get herself pregnant? That be sexy and quite possible after blowing about 4 gallons worth of cum.

All those fetishes tho 👀👀👀
Can't wait for next chapter

So far I like this story, please can you continue?

A few of the kinks are a bit weird but most of them I like

F*ck this story is so hot!

I Need more! :heart::pinkiegasp:

Most of this is fine, but I refuse to let slide the fact that you said "dimensionally misplaced." That makes no sense, displaced is already a word, so saying it means something more has never made sense to me. Listen, if someone is stabbed and killed, you would be annoyed if someone told you that stood for "knifed ill." It honestly makes me think people don't know the word displaced, which is a sad thought for the English language.

I gave it another look and other than a few errors and changing a few words to flow better I didn't see any missing words, there was a spot where I made the mistake of hitting the enter key instead of backspace though, that'll teach me to write when i'm tired.

It's suprisingly well written, so far the only complain i have is the system allerts - the letters are too big.
Other than that? Well so far theres not enough material to write a proper opinion. And i'm looking foreward to Future chapters

Thanks for the compliment, I do the editing myself. How do you mean by surprisingly well written? No offence taken, just curious.

Well no offense but most stories with a powerful protagonist are just mary/gary stu very few autors can get it right and event Then the characters feel a bit flat, but here so far i see a lot of potencial, true Krystal IS powerful but not unbeatable and she knows it, just make sure to take her down a notch from time to time :twilightsmile:

That's kind of why I decided to go with the suit, like in the metroid games the armor can be damaged, even broken.


Anyone dumb enough to bet against Luna being Pregnant?:trixieshiftright:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I doubt anyone's that dumb, but I hope to be proven wrong.

I want to like this, I really do, but it sufferes alot of problems most displaced stories have, even ones I write, and that is pacing, not to mention this feels like a 15 year old's perverted wet dream. The last one I can live with, so long as the actual plot isn't forgotten. But the pacing and now that I mentioned it lack of plot kinda turn me off. I wish you the best of luck with this story and who knows, maybe I'll revisit it and love it. For now though, I can't favorite it and be honest.

That's fine, not everything is for everyone. I hope you find something you like.

Thanks for understanding. Some people get all bent of of shape when you dare show a different opinion.

I only hope you don't follow the same path as Hyrulequestria, withe the Fall of Equestria based plotline and excessive MC transformations.
Seriously, that fic went berko on the number of times the MC changed species, and it started to become tedious, not to mention the loss of their 'original' form, which is stupid, to say the least.

The body mods. will mostly be temporary, a few will be permanent. Any race changes will be contextual, like how traveling through the mirror turns ponies into humans in the show, and traveling through again transforms them back into ponies.

Okay, good.
Don't get me wrong, I like Hyrulequestria well enough, but it went overboard.

That said, you didn’t bring up whether or not you would use the FoE points.

I'm still fleshing out the story but I'm most likely not going to use FoE elements in my story.

That's a relief.
It would be too much of the same thing, if you did.

After the next chapter is out, I'm going to sit down and plan out the story and all the elements I want to use.

Well, I didn't get any notice of this chapter until just now, when I was double checking the barred-out fetish tags.
Not even in my Feed.
Didn't show in my unread chapters lists until I un-favourited and re-favourited.

It's happened a bunch of times to me.

I've brought it up to others, and been told it's happened to them, but no-one knows why it happens, nor how to fix it.




I posted a blog about which Pokemon Krystal should get first. Please vote.



I posted a blog about which Pokemon Krystal should get first. Please vote.

Same man, we really need to figure this out, it’s not even just one story or consistent for me

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