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Just a brony from Poland that happens to like books about as much as Twilight, mostly fantasy, post-apo and advanture with a bit of slice of life thrown in :)

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Thanks for adding Life of a Queen to your favorites. Glad to see you came back for the sequel.

I am happy to see just how much you enjoy Child of Two Worlds.:twilightsmile:

Sure did, at first i didn't really catch on to what was going on but after i did, well let's just see i'mam very interesting to how it plays out. Will Celly ever fully heal? How's Twilight doing? What of Thorax & co. Trying to covince other changelings that Chryssy changed? So many different strings in the grand web of the story left to be explored, and perhaps some new unknown ones.
As it is you told a wholesome, engaging story that i'm Very glad i found and read.
Sincerly hoping for a sequel.:twilightsmile:

P.S.: Sorry for gramma, i'm writing this on an old breaking down cellphone with autocorrect set to Polish, and for some reason into can neither turn it off or change the language :/

Thanks for the follow! Did the end live up to your expectations?

  • Viewing 34 - 38 of 38
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