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I work in the Navy and i am new to this whole writing thing.

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Needs a thorough grammar and spelling check, but interesting so far!

Good start have have to wait and see where the story goes before I can give my full opinion

yes, YES! more punctuation would be even fuckin better!!!

I have never seen a fic about a stalker on this site. My respect to the pioneers.

And the question is, are you (the author) from the post-Soviet space or not? If the former, then it would be appropriate for you to publish the fic on ficbook.net


Thanks I appreciate it, I always love the stalker series and had always wanted to write fan fiction in said setting.

But to answer your question I am not from any of the post soviet states, I am for the west. However I have never thought about posting in ficbook so I will give it a look

Now Before i could even get a fucking word out the rainbow cunt and country looking hick bum rushed me. The Rainbow one just flew into my chest full force while the country girl just lassoed my legs together. I hit the ground hard and the pack didn't help in that regard.

Rainbow and Applejack immediately hostile at first sight because cliche. Typical. Almost make me want to drop this story simply due to spite, but as long as he gets payback later I will stick around.

Hard liquor and tobacco are consider a class one controlled substance and such forth is banned in the country .

What does that mean exactly

Its based off the system the United States uses to classify control substances like medical use drugs down to illegal drugs like coke for example.

Schedule I drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.

Hard liquor and tobacco are consider a class one controlled substance and such forth is banned in the country .

Wait, wasn't he just smoking in the last chapter? He was, and the nurse said nothing about it being illegal at all, nor did she seem to report it.

Your are correct, and in the next chapter David will have to face some ramifications of such actions. I don’t want to spoil too much for now but it will be addressed

The next chapter should be ready in a few days, work has been delaying me a lot as of late.

Okay thank you. Also just watch the new top gun movie and let me see it’s so good

Comment posted by Zephy deleted Jul 31st, 2022

>In unknown land outnumbered by a species with magic.
>Relinquishes hold of his weapons with no argument.

Yeaaaah, no. Was a good run.

Well, his main ones anyway. I feel like if he ever has to use the handgun or nades its just going to cause drama which is just…blegh

Date: Unkown Location: Unknown Mission: Deliver Secure Laptop to The Client Locate Two VIPs for the former ruler of Equestria and ensure the assets wellbeing

not even a foot into equestria and he's already got a new mission, hahahaaa.

Alcohol and tobacco are a class one substance so they're illegal.

There's three things that keeps a man going.

1: Good food
2: Rage

Screw it, were doing moonshine shit now. Someone call al Capone, I got a whole new fucking market for him.

Bruh, he better at least stick his foot in someone's ass. You don't take away David's main means of stress relief without severe consequences.

It's not because even then alcohol hasn't that status. It was prohibited to sell\use alcohol for recreational use.

Class I for alcohol in modern time woud have meant that whole areas of industry would die. Including fuel production, aviation and big pharma.

I think I understand a bit, but thanks for clarification for that

Not that it wasn't all terrible. I did manage to learn quite a bit on how utterly ridiculous this world is and how there are some things that even that bullets can't touch.

I call bullshit and it depends on the type of caliber you use. Plus tech always beats magic. Just look at the GATE:Thus the JSDF fought there,

Plus if a bullet can’t then a nuke or bigger caliber will.

Anyways can’t wait for the next chapter.

But tia had better not destroyed his guns or anything to them and just leave them alone along with the ammo and anything else.

Also twilight do not go through a stranger backpack with them not looking or picking up things that might have potential dangerous things in there.

Sweet Luna twilight when will you learn.

"Well Doc human are Omnivores so we eat just about everything, and for life span if you life a healthy lifestyle you can live to about 100 or so, give or take"

I think this is the most common answer on this site. Its also no where near right. The average Lifespan for a Male is 60-80 years. While some can live into their 90's. its rare. (But my grandpa lived to 94. Good for him, but thats rare and not common.)

For women, its 70-90 years, with some living up to 10 years longer. But again, thats rare and not common.

(I work for a life insurance company)

I did not, I simply found a great reference image to use.

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