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Reminds me of Song Of The Moon, seems like i'll be keeping an eye on this one.

Aside from a few awkward moments and references, Its pretty good! I think I'll watch it.

Are you Dutch? Zeeslang is dutch

EDIT: Yep je bent nederlands (of belgisch)
beetje te religieus naar mijn mening

A couple of things,

1. I didn't like the way he didn't react to the obvious Matrix reference.

2. Is he the size of Steven Magnet? Or human size?






...Like an arrow?

I like it! I really hope you keep up with this, it would be a shame to see it die. It's amazing so far.

I'm just glad to see Luna finally get a Chess Piece, though that one moment in the carriage was rather awkward...:pinkiehappy: Still, I'm gonna be following this. Any chance Zee will meet up with Knightmare? Kinda funny that both the Princess's got singers....I demand an epic sing off to decide which piece is the ultimate singer! :flutterrage:

Well shit
I used that song to
Lord of the Night

Gotta love Billy Joel, especially Billy Joel. So, where is he from?

the blue pill or the rainbow pill.....
i c wut u did thar :twilightblush:

871234 I, myself, am from good old 'Murica, but am of Dutch descent.
I thought I'd see what happened when an evangelist went to Equestria. Most HiEs are about Athiests.

871248 It says he's 14 feet from snout to tail.

871251 .........NO!

871677 I've been thinking anout it. This takes place before Tia gets Knightmare, though.

873852 ... Then... How does he fit in the carriage? It must be HUGE!

873858 It is. She's a princess, plus she was expecting to carry Zee back.

ಠ_ಠ <---- that right there cracked me up :rainbowlaugh:
Perfect way to explain :twilightsmile:

873852 Another thing, I should REALLY read this because your characterization of Luna may or maynot conflict with what's being done with both my fic and with the Draconequus fic, wherein both Luna becoems fairly important-ish[moreso in drake's story, seeing as he and Woona go the same path as Kngihtmare and celestia. Sitting in a tree.....K-I-S-S-I-N-G.....]

885979 I am sort of envisioning Zee as a behind-the-scenes kind of guy, doing his own thing.
Plus, he is her pawn, so she acts a bit differently around him.

886068 True.....but what do you know of 'The Lunar Forge'????

886099 Absolutely nothing. Should I look into it?

886101 It's a shout-out to the fanfic 'Scootamom', but it's nothing 'minor'. It's actually fairly important to several plots, both minor and major.

It's also Princess Luna's personal workshop where she creates magical miracles with metal, ranging fromt he CMC's magical armor, to Knightmare's 'Never take a life but cut through any metal' sword, amongst other things.

Plus, she's a friggin' badass for all her adorableness.

886612 long story short: The Lunar Forge is Luna's personal playground.

888266 Sweeeeet... I'll have to read it... done.

Water creatures I'm your opposite but I greet you warmly

896455 Heh.... Warmly.... I see what you did there.

Doesn't she (Luna) already have Ember...?
And who gave Luna access to the internet?

A patron groans, shaking the alcohol out of his system, wincing at the pain of resisting diffusion. He picks up a bag with a broom and hangs it over his shoulder. He sneaks through the back door and drops a green book beside it. He drops a small note before vanishing into the shadows.

The gold letters "Chess Game: Equestria" flicker gently under the moon light. Shadows curl around it as a new title was added to its table of contents, "A Voice Like ...

901077 Man, theres so many pieces it's hard to keep track of them all. I've actually read Ember but I couldn't find anything to suggest who brought her there. In the end, i don't think its gonna matter, shits goin' down either way.

Really like the story so far, keep it up. Good song btw.

Annnnd then Tia gets Knightmare as her "Mustang?"

903121 He's a Sea Serpent, like Steven Magnet, except smaller. His eyes are butter yellow, his scales are blue and his mane and mustache are blonde.


Knightmare: So I'm a 'Mustang' now? Heh...and if Zee's singing is 'intoxicating', then MINE must be downright addicting!!!!

903519>>902886 Mustangs don't serve one Princess or another, but the Royal Sisters as a whole. Zee would have to listen to Tia AND Luna equally. And, I'm afraid that my buddy Zeeslang may have a bit of a rivalry on his hands when Knighty comes into play...

903594 XD

I wouldn't be shocked. Both are kickass singers, but Zee's music is softer and more romantic.

This is what Knightmare sings when going A-capella

903628 Brah, you read my freakin mind. I was actually going for that, It kind of reflects their patron princesses don't you think?

903651 Aye, reflecting their patrons like a 'dark mirror'.

Zeeslang is a kind yet stern and patient man who sings soft and sweet songs, whilst Luna is a boisterous, short-tempered badass who spends her waking hours either studying or working in her forge, always keeping ready for battle.

Knightmare is a loud, slightly obnoxious, Pinkie Pie-esque party animal who sings songs that are loud, fast, and powerful, getting everyone's blood boiling, while Celestia is quiet, motherly, and patient beyond all measure, and an insatiable workaholic, who only 'cuts loose' on rare occasions.

Also, I'mma PM you something, I have a SLIGHTLY insane idea!


Shout out to Knight. Awesome.

this story is good.
make more of it please.

Not my most seamless music incorporation, but I'm trying to put at least one song in every chapter. :ajbemused:
Anyway, I have pie to eat.

So water equals power/roid boost? Cool. Get Pegasi to stick a rain cloud over your head and you'll be invincible.

921582 Water gives you wings! (Get it? :twistnerd: Red bull reference.)

Glad you worked in a brief mention of the Lunar Forge, also, heh, you got all three of the Captains damn good, though while brutally strong, Harbinger is the FAST member of the trio, whereas Barricade is the powerhhouse[most of Harbinger's muscles are in his legs, which he uses to run fast enough to keep up with Pinkie Pie, who's only that fast by defying physics].

Also, now I wanna see Harbiner take a cannon shot to the face and walk it off like a minor bruise.

When it got to the song, I was like "Hold the hell up!" got on youtube, and played it. I love the classics.

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