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Ok....let's see where this goes keep up the good work

Thank you I didn't think anyone would like it after seeing it get 3 dislikes

Comment posted by Pony addiction deleted Oct 3rd, 2020

Hey no problem just remember it's not the likes or dislike u get it's the views I have read some fanfiction that have less likes then dislike but still has tons of views some people just forget about it that all keep up the good work can't wait to see what you do next

Nice start dude!
I really liked the prologue
And, i just have to ask, why the specific tags?
Hope you can continue this story! :)

Keep in mind I am still new to posting stories here on fimfiction so I wasn't sure what tags I had to place here

It's good dude
Just thought i asked
I'm new too


Basically, if you're wondering about where some of your downvotes might be coming from... that's one of the potential reasons. Because when your sentences are lacking something that vital, over and over, the absence stands out.

Good luck with your story. You're going to need it.

"you're going to need it"
Damn dude

He meant you need commas more. Like this: ,

Comma: A punctuation mark (,) indicating a pause between parts of a sentence. It is also used to separate items in a list and to mark the place of thousands in a large numeral.

But you be fine. Heck, I only have just Read Stories, and comment them a lot all year. And I didn't even wrote a story ever, not yet at least. But your story is okay, so you do fine. :pinkiesmile:

Yeah though this story is what was driving me nuts since I was originally working on Crimson prince. Once I make a few chapters for frank I will continue the first story


I forgot to tell you about on how is this the "Spin Off" of the first story? Is the Crimson Prince Protagonist, and Frank are in the same Equestria/Universe?

Think of it as an alternate universe were a human is brought to equestria and that both human characters have the same face with some minor differences


Those two are the same??!! But Alternate Versions!

Like for example: DC Comics Canon Heroes Batman and Superman. And Injustice Universe's Insurgency Heroic Batman, and Regime Evil Superman.

Yeah something I came up with in Deviantart.com Dayman is the main one and the ones that look like him are alternate versions of himself from different universes. Frank being one of them


Cool. Reminds me of Goku and Vegata from Dragon Ball Z Series. With having their once Original GT Versions with Super Saiyan Four and Super Saiyan Five ( Fanmade). And the Recent DB Super with their Super Saiyan God forms ( SSJ God, SSJ Blue, SSJ Blue Kaio Ken, Mastered and Evolution) and Ultra Instant.

I’m confused about a lot of things.

Its a superhuman who comes to equestria only for him to experience something much more bizarre as he tries to make a new life here

Oh, I thought he was some sort of alien. Also, didn’t the story mention him being in a spaceship?

Well he is part alien and I will explain in another chapter and I didn't write anything about him being in a spaceship. He can fly thanks to his abilities and was brought to equestria through a portal

It said that he had to find a place to be safe from everyone on earth, so I assumed he went to another planet.

When I wrote that I meant that he went into hiding from the public eye on earth

So, he’s superhuman, and that’s why they want his DNA?

And, how long has he had it for? Because, when he uses it he seems nonchalant.

Yeah and he has had time to learn how to use them but prefers not to

Yeah though I can tell you things will get interesting very soon

Well damn that was a interesting hello. I love this so far till the next chapter peace.

"Use quotation marks to indicate speech"

After the human runs off with incredible speed Celestia simply watches in fascination as whatever was effecting her mind starts to fade as she shakes her head.

Was she under a trance?

My name is Princess Celestia ruler of the sun and co-ruler of equestria.

Is she the co-ruler?

First yes and second I got the idea from other stories since she rules of the day while her sister rules over the night so I figured that it be that way

Its also why I titled this chapter as WTF

Because she was in a trance or because of the co-ruler part?

I can't tell if your story already having 500 overall views is ridiculous, understandable, or just depressing.

I am surprised myself dude but then again something like this hasn't been done before. Which is why I figured why the hell not

Seriously, first Luna acts like a Rude Bitch to him. And DIDN'T Apologized! Then, Rainbow Dash acts a little rude, despite Frank Saving Twilight's Life. Now, the Guards are ACTING PURE IDIOTS by raising their Weapons to the Hero??!! :facehoof:

Frank should CALL out ALL their Racism/Xenophobic/Prejudice Assholes that he have just save the day. But, is TREATED like this??!!

And he is a Human, NOT F****** "Creature" Damn It!

😡 😠

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