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I don't watch the show, but I love its stories - "Confound these ponies. They compel me to write," -Blank Page

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A good start to an interesting story!

You have caught my eye and now I'm interested into seeing what this story could tell!

Tracking this one. Keep up the good work!


Good story.

Starting her off with Pearl Harbor I see. I wonder if he will finish it out with the proverbial "bang", well two really, that ended that conflict for the Japanese. If his BS was in Chemistry in 1950 he'd likely be quite aware of nuclear physics too as that was a hot topic of the time. Might not want to bring that up too much, though.

One typo (elm I'd guess) or else the timberwolves have some friends.

A few maple and elk trees

My only nitpick is that Arles is a girls name both in Germany and where I live. Maybe it's different where you are from. Otherwise, this was a pretty good chapter!


Really? I didn't know. I thought Arles was a boys name that kind of fell out of use, so I figured it would fit! Interesting

It would still work, as my Great Grandpa was named Jean so that it looked like he was a girl on paper. His parent's were obsessed with the number of boys and girl being even in the family. Something similar would have been feasible.

Congratz, you got your 60th like and a spot in the featured box. 2/26/2021

Luna is going to need therepy after all this is said and done. BUT it is better that is her instead of just about any other Pony.

Hmmm, which carrier would that be, Hornet? [* think she was the fourth carrier in the Pacific*]

I think it was either the Hornet or the Enterprise. The accounts of the battle I read through didn't exactly provide a concrete answer, so I chose not to say in order to not be anachronistic

"It was December 8, 1941."

The bombing of Pearl Harbor happened on Dec 7 of 1941

I know, but FDRs speech to Congress was Dec 8 which is what they were listening to

Ya I realized that when I started the second chapter.

I'm really enjoying this story I can't wait for the next chapter and it seems to be pretty accurate to history

Glad to see this update. Really enjoy this.

Im loving this so far, alot. You are very accurate to historical knowledge, however It would be nice if you left historical documents in the desc, I feel it'd be pretty useful for anyone wanting to learn more about the battles.

Ask and you shall receive good sir! I'll leave it in the authors notes tomorrow for anyone who wishes to read it!

Just wanting to add that in your first chapter you should have had him remember a paper showing the Japanese ambassador to America giving us “Friendship medals” two weeks before the attack happened to show how surprising it was to the US for Japan to attack it should also be stated that 4 ships were sunk but only one of them (the “Arizona”) was unable to be raised and repaired meaning they only really destroyed 1 battleship and that the attack was a complete failure by what the Japanese objectives were.

Luna also strained her long neck

This is anthro, right? No long horse necks?

awesome chapter mate keep it up:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Just finished reading dang man you did a pretty good job on this story keep it up

"Rain... and ourselves."

Ah yes, if someone wasn't shooting at you, then there's those with you ... and their habits you weren't paying attention to ...

When he mentioned using his Bible as a journal, it reminded me of Eugene Sledge from The Pacific.

Oh my that poor guy. Great story telling! Please let there be more to come!

"I got critical patients here! Uler's got a tourniquet on him now and he's lost a lot of blood. If I don't get him to the aid station, he's done for!"

Depending on how long he took a properly applied tourniquet should allow him to be able to survive for a while with proper attention. A tourniquet works by stopping all blood to the limb

Yeah, I'd agree that in the real world he could definitely survive. I more was trying to describe that he was already experiencing severe blood loss and was close to dying already. If you didn't get that message, then I feel I need to add a but more to this section. So thank you for pointing this out! :)

Don’t worry it’s just something I noticed. You could say they are starting to go into hypovolemic shock which would make more sense due to the fact that is what happens when you have lost a lot of blood.

BRUH I def should have known that since I was JUST taught that in class a few weeks ago!

"Nah, I want to be a medic like my dad in World War 1..."

Most during this point in the war still called it, "The great War", or "The Second Great War". It wasn't until it ended did it become common for people to call it WW2.


I dare you to replace the Vs with the Z's.

Ah yes one of the many ways to get by all the bullshit around you. Embrace the suck.

I didn't notice that, but that would make much more sense! Thank you for pointing that out!

10756253 No prob. It was one of the few things that broke the immersion for me. Its a great read thus far, which is saying a lot as I never read anthro... Well, anything. Keep it up!

i'm fine with a fleshing out of the relationship.

"Yes, yes it is. I see much of the land from my tower, but it always hits me different when I'm out of the palace," she replied.

Was "hit me different" intentional? Or a typo?

More James and Luna romance scenes?

To quote JonTron..

A bit more focus on the romance won't hurt, however I do wanna see some flamethrower action, tho I'm not quite sure about American history when it comes to this part.

Peleliu is when they were in use a lot. Flamethrowers will show up in this story

Do my eyes deceive me? Or is there a possibility of a small herd forming?

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