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I actually dont watch MLP that much at all. I just like the characters and the established lores. Thanks, have a great day.

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A good start to an interesting story!

Ghost117 #2 · Monday · · · Prologue ·

You have caught my eye and now I'm interested into seeing what this story could tell!

DMDash71 #3 · Monday · · · Prologue ·

Tracking this one. Keep up the good work!

SRY #4 · Tuesday · · · Prologue ·

Good story.

Starting her off with Pearl Harbor I see. I wonder if he will finish it out with the proverbial "bang", well two really, that ended that conflict for the Japanese. If his BS was in Chemistry in 1950 he'd likely be quite aware of nuclear physics too as that was a hot topic of the time. Might not want to bring that up too much, though.

One typo (elm I'd guess) or else the timberwolves have some friends.

A few maple and elk trees

My only nitpick is that Arles is a girls name both in Germany and where I live. Maybe it's different where you are from. Otherwise, this was a pretty good chapter!


Really? I didn't know. I thought Arles was a boys name that kind of fell out of use, so I figured it would fit! Interesting

It would still work, as my Great Grandpa was named Jean so that it looked like he was a girl on paper. His parent's were obsessed with the number of boys and girl being even in the family. Something similar would have been feasible.

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