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“All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain”


Bonus chapter coming up · 8:15am May 1st

Given the context of the next chapter and where we left off, it only feels appropriate I make this extra scene a bonus treat. While shorter then a normal chapter it will be exclusively CLOP. It has a little build up beforehand but I will not be putting a warning within the chapter as it would serve no purpose given the chapters intent.

This of course means next chapter will take a little longer to be completed so hopefully this bonus chapter will satisfy the savages

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Love your photo and name :rainbowlaugh:

Love your story I look forward to what comes in the future 💖


I'm not huge on the name calling myself but I have a great amount of disdain towards foalcon, so much so that I banned it in my promo group I run and one thing that made me happy was that the ban was received very well. I'd be all for a flat out ban on it rather than it only applying to underage anthro and human characters. You have a great day as well, oh and cute avatar.

I feel like I’ve been a little too harsh in some of what I’ve said to be honest. Rather than be helpful with their issue I resorted to name calling and shame which is not helpful for anyone plus I’m no perfect being so who am I to judge others? I still believe though that pedophilia is a mental issue that should be taken seriously rather then saying ‘oh well’. I’m especially disgusted by those encouraging it through pornography, at least give it some purpose, something like character growth or raising awareness! Sadly it seems there’s many who enjoy it as well, at times it makes me not want to be on this site anymore but, that would be giving up. Thank you for the follow and have a wonderful day :)

You get a follow for your stance on the filth that is known as foalcon. I've seen your comments on some blogs and I must say, I admire how blunt you are and how you don't make excuses for pedos.

  • Viewing 14 - 18 of 18
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