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Great story but i don't like anthro didn't know it was until part way thank anyways

Ooh I’m really liking where this is going

Pretty good first chapter hope you continue story not a game anymore

The Council shall observe your career with great interest.


A neat little story, though I'd offer you a tip or two. One, whenever you get the urge to write he did x, describe him doing that. Or he felt y, describe him experiencing that emotion. You do alot of "This happened, then this happened, then this happened." Try to create a narrative through line for it all.

This chapter was bad ass... I just finished a replay of the game and I'm so stoked to read more of this

I may ask for your assistance, come the next chapter. If you don’t mind?

Of course. I don't mind lending a hand and fight scenes are my favorite.

At first I thought that was a picture of a Space Marine, then I realized that the shoulder pads were way too tiny.

Nate becomes a man out of time again and just goes off. With how werid the fallout world is im not supprised that it became equestria. Im hoping there is something left of nates world and he becomes a good leader

That's a lot of raw meat in that tag salad.

Ayy, you're doing a similar playthrough to what I did. Sided with minutemen, wearing power armor all the time. Only difference is that I exclusively use the Automatic Laser Musket. Full on "Tally-Hoooooo!" haha. Definitely interested in seeing where this goes.

The story was spot-on keep up the good work

Please continue it's great

Can’t wait for more of this, tho I hope he regains some more control as he is being a bit of a dick when he doesn’t need to be.

Each time I read this I like it that little bit more

i can just imagine nate pulling the "im your elder card" on one of these old immortal types and that would be fun

Ah fuck, this ain't good lol

Awesome we got Grogar for Nate to deal with and if he’s anything like originally shows so far he’ll be Darkseid esqe at full power. A potentially million year old Lich with all the knowledge, power and threat that comes with it, albeit sealed for who knows how long. (Also love this story, darker and overt but really enjoyable please keep it up)

Two songs that would go well with this rampage
Left 4 dead/2 Tank theme
The Only Thing They Fear Is You

Mother F-ing Grogar. Oh, what a fun day this has been.

How's he going to the bathroom since he's stuck in his power armor

Well... things just escalated quickly. :twilightoops:

Though i am curious... Nate is being set up as a ruthless conqueror that everyone fears, but will he actually remain as such forever? Like for example will he get a trusted inner circle of confidants? Or will the Ponies under his rule eventually stop fearing him and grow to actually love his rule? :unsuresweetie:

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Sounds like he's about to change... wonder how he will

It's back! Oh it's back! Oh glorious day!

Yes, it's BACK! And now are main protagonist has his goal. I'll be honest with ya, I expected a stony hybrid looking Death Claw, which would have been both awesome and terrifying. But a colossal crocodile works too.

Bruh, I miss-read the title as The SWole conqueror...

Comment posted by Mar4erz deleted August 2nd

Well I'm going to be honest I don't like where this is going He's turning into no difference then Kellogg

I like this story. It's like a hit of jet.

After this one he needs to say some great one liners as he kills people like a space marine would, I don't see him as a man in power armor anymore. Fuckin great chapter

This is step one secure the keys

Now I'm going to be rather worried for the protagonist.

Sagusa Apex-sama!

Huh this version of Nate reminds me of how my oc Waldron run his Shades Vile but instead of ruling over innocents he rules over the wicked and near/pure evil.

How's he going to consume food and drink first?

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