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"many years ago, Gungeon mariners used wind to propel their bullets instead of combustion. The trips would take so long to cross a room that bullets would sometimes mutiny and change course entirely."


Return from the Brink · 11:30pm March 30th

hello its Me again i have been working on my emotions and have (somewhat) put my head back together. im much more hopeful for the future and ready to take it on, sorry about the edgy ass blog from before.... i loss a friend, a loooooong time friend over dumbshit. It all better now Thank you for reading have a nice day

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Thanks for the watch! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the favourite on Lord of humanity. Let me know what you liked and disliked. Make sure to check out my other books to.

I think you might have taken Apple Jacks parents death and twisted it making Applejack with them when they died and they died by the hands of a hostile Griffin and or carnivores something along those lines

Im glad to hear it! The next chapter shouldnt take too much longer!

Out of curiosity, and i wont confirm or deny anything unless you want me to, but whats your theory on why AJ is behaving the way she is?

I love the story, been following it since the first chapter than i mostly watch it like a hawk everyday to see if updated. ( im super glad its started to pick up also i think may have an idea of why applejack is so hostile at our pro)

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