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Hi there! The names Kro! Hope you enjoy your stay!

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GODAMMIT! · 3:16pm Nov 4th, 2015

Seems like I am long overdue with a lot of my stuff.

Well....Shit. Anywho, I am finally back! And goddammit I am so freaking sorry for the huge hiatus on my part. My last major exam paper had finally finished and now I have a whole bunch more time dedicated to writing. So lucky for you guys!

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Ummm....Hi there

*Microphone is turned on*

"Now how do I do this...."

*Realizes that it's now turned on*

"O-Oh! H-Hi there! The names Krokorokok or Kro for short. Ummm....I do hope that the stories that I post will make you guys and gals laugh or just enjoy it in general. I hope I can get some feedback as well so that I can get better at making stories for you guys!"

"Anyways....That's all from me!"

*Microphone turns off*

A short bio

Username: You already know...What more do you want me to say?
Actual Name: Christian (I wont say anything further)
Age: Nope. Not tellin~!
Current residence: Singapore
Place of birth: Philippines
Birthday: 4th of Nov
Job: Currently still a student
Favorite Pone: Princess Purple Smart
Favorite Princess: Princess Sunbutt

Favorite non pone: It's a tie between


and Eris:

All these projects!

Everything is on hold for now. Please understand that I am going through some major stuff

Upcoming Project: A collaboration with Sir Crystal Stardust. Keep an eye out for that one!

Top Tier Priority
New Story, NSFW: Soarin x an apple pie

Romance: Eris x r63!Tirek
Solaris x Eris (Possible NSFW?)
Button Mash x Babs Seed (As per request)
Spike x All female villains and r63!Male villains (OH god)
ME (Oh god why?!) x Celestia/Luna/Cadance (FUUUUUUUU-!!)
Button Mash x Button's Mom (Milano) [Done]

Tales of Epic Fantasy: Chapter 7 [Done]

Mid Tier Priority

New Stories, NSFW: Human Male x A group of changelings
Human Male x Female Diamond Dogs (Oh dear me)
Lyra x Long Bon (...What?)

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Are you still active?

these's story's will be missed :fluttercry:


I'm assuming your name stems from Krokorok. Am I wrong?

1594889 "Kro-ko-ro-cock"

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Just some of the pictures that I have that have inspired me in writing the stories I have