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Slow ? it was almost 6 months wait for a new chapter ... but anyway I am glad there is an update , in last few months more and more fics are dead and left forgotten which is very concerning for the Brony community we need a new (Good) MLP show . G5 Is just not doing soo hot , and its even more obvious when you look at FimFiction everyday like me there are almost none G5 fics , That just shows that people are not invested in G5....

Yes! It's back!

I hear you. Hope you can forgive the half a year long wait. I’ve just been suffering with lack of motivation. This story is something I have lots of plans for. Even if it’s not as read as much as the rest of my stories, I still would like to keep this story going. Thanks for your support.

lets go its its back

The look on Shaun’s face when I faced him after I betrayed him. It was like I had committed an unforgivable sin to him.

You can't betray a betrayer, nor sin against a sinner.. you did not betray him, HE betrayed YOU... you were the wrathful justice and vengeance against his unforgivable sin against humanity itself.

Fimfiction says our stories are similar do you agree?

At the very least he's being practical.

At first, I didn't know what to think about are psychopath going back to his normal self, but I'd say he finally just got out of his funk; Still on the path of world domination tho. I look forward for the next chapter!
And yes, that mare in that small cell was Pinkie.

Just a question but will Liberty Prime appear in this story?

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