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Guess who's back? · 6:43am Feb 15th, 2019


No wait, that's wrong, it's actually me.

If you can tell, I've been away for a while, but not totally gone. I've kept up with some of the scoot and poots, and read alot. Now I'm back after what feels like a two year vacation, and I'm wrapping up a chapter for one of my stories.

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Back again and still checking to see how you are!

Don't know what's going on or if you'll get back but if do I'll let you know I'm still checking in on occasion.

Mmm - indeed. I am refreshed from my wounds. Also with a new story. We shall see


Interestingly enough, I am slowly getting better. Thank ya kindly for asking. It is just a bit of a nuisance getting writing done because half the time, either I can't write, or I'm to intoxicated with the kind of medication I am on to lessen the pain.

Sucks. But I hear I will be getting my casts off in a few weeks!

Hello! Thanks for watching me, on that note, I read your conversation with ItIsASillyLittleGame, so I'm just asking if you're feeling any better?

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I have my own Devian page!

But... so does everyone else on this site.


Anyway, I'm rather hesitant to use it, and even more so to try and ask for art. I draw, but I've never done like... really good - drawings.

If you are up on Devianart, just look me up! This is me!

Food for thought:

If you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be?

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